"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."
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27 June 2014

End of School Year Faves


It arrived last Saturday according to the calendar and yesterday was my first day of summer vacation....no more going into the classroom until September 5th!  I have really looked forward to this season, especially after the very long NY-winter we had this past year!

I'm looking back at this week and finding many blessings...some big, some small...and joining in with others via Susanne's blog.  Come on over and check it out!


photo courtesy of colour box website
  • BACKYARD BADMINTON!  It's been glorious weather....no humidity, temps in the high 70s and mid-50s at night, and of course, last Saturday evening, was the "longest" day of the year...due to the summer solstice....it stayed light out until about 9:15 pm!!  The girls and I play after dinner on the deck...it's a great game to play in the backyard and is fun...we have always enjoyed playing.
Ready for the big game

  • DAUGHTERS!  These 2 daughters of mine...oh my goodness....they have always been great at making Dave and I laugh. They are just so much fun. The youngest (Claire, age 15, on the right) especially has brought much laughter to our home.  Courtney (age 20) has always been more of the serious one but her sense of humor is awesome, too.  They found their old Red Sox caps and dug them out.....came and showed me while I was in our bedroom on Sunday.  Next week, the 4 of us will be on vacation in Boston and we are heading to a game at Fenway.  We can't wait......and these 2 look adorable in their caps.  They had so much fun posing for photos. These daughters are true blessings. We can't imagine our lives without them.

Dave and I
22 June 
  • DINNER CRUISE! On Sunday evening, our church hosted a river cruise (dinner and dancing) for all the small group leaders. My husband was my guest as I'm a small group leader and he is on sabbatical from serving in the Youth Group ministry.  We had so much fun with our friends and met some new people, too.  The dinner was ok (the desserts and drinks were great!) but the dancing was the most fun. We also spent some time on the upper deck enjoying the cool breeze and river sights.  It was a fun 3 hours cruising down the Hudson River.  We are blessed to serve in our church.  I can't believe we have been there for 8 years already!!

  • THANK YOU GIFTS!  The classroom teacher where I assisted this year gave me the cutest little "thank you" gift.  I worked with the special needs children in her 1st grade class.  There were 5 children I worked with every day.  She gave me the little flip flop coasters (stemware fits under the flip flop straps) and a margarita mix.  Such a fun gift!  The special education teacher I worked with also gave me a "thank you" gift:  a nice bottle of Chardonnay which we will have with dinner tonight.  I'm thankful to have worked with wonderful students and colleagues this past school year.

photo courtesy of the website for futuro
  • RELIEF!  All week I have been battling heel pain. I've had it on and off for several years but usually, after a day of rest and no work-outs, it goes away.  This time it was very painful and the symptoms presented like plantar fasciitis. So I began treating it every day after work with the home treatments.  I finally found some good relief with these arch supports that I wore in the late afternoons/early evenings for 2 days. My foot is starting to feel better and I'm praying it is all healed up by Sunday when we begin our Plymouth and  Boston vacation....because we will be doing a LOT of walking in the city of Boston!  I'm thanking God for prayer, good arch supports and ice packs!

Those are the highlights of my week..........I hope you take the time to find some blessings in your week..........and happy weekend!!

20 June 2014

Mid-June Faves

It's mid-June...........

and I'm so happy that we only have 3 days of the year left!!  The elementary students I work with have 3 half days next week (Wednesday is our last day!!) and my teenager is done as of 3 pm today when the Geometry Regents exam is complete.  WHOO HOO!!  AND....tomorrow is the first day of summer!!! That alone is a fave!

Please join me in sharing 5 of our faves from the past week....blessings...whether grand or seemingly insignificant are important to look for......it is good to find the blessings from God in our every day lives. 

 You can join in by heading over to Susanne's blog to get the info.


  • ANSWER TO PRAYER:  Last week I was dealing with an infection common in women going through, or just past, menopause. I do fall into this category and was getting discouraged that I had to be on yet another antibiotic.  I had a visit with my new gynecologist as my regular one was delivering a baby and I learned that I won't have to deal with this issue any longer!!  I start the new method of dealing with it in July. I am so happy for this answer to prayer as my small group prayed specifically that I would be healed or that the doctor would be knowledgeable to more holistic approaches.  THANK YOU, GOD!!
3 Generations
my youngest sister Jill, with her 2 daughters (Emma, age 10 and Mady, age 6)
Me and my 2 daughters

 (Claire, age 15 on the left of Dad/Grandpa M, and Courtney,age 20 next to me)

Dinner Out!
Dave, Courtney, Grandpa M, Claire
  • FATHER'S DAY FUN!  On Sunday after the early service, we drove out to central NY to visit my dad, a widow now for 18 months, and take him out to dinner at this amazing restaurant. My youngest sister and her husband and their 2 little girls met us there.  We had such a great time treating my dad to a steak dinner!  We also spent some time taking photos of the girls with their grandpa.  It was a very special day. I thank God for the blessing of being raised by a godly Christian man who is a wonderful grandfather, and I praise Him for giving me a Believing husband who is hard-working, fun, smart, kind, and generous.  Thank you God for these men!
first fire of the season
  • S'MORES!  After the day with my dad, we headed home and Courtney requested a fire in the backyard fire pit. And of course, that means we HAD to have s'mores.  First of the season. I usually only eat them once a summer so that night I totally "pigged out" and had two. And now I'm done.  But boy....they were great!!  We didn't think we'd be hungry after the huge mid-afternoon dinner we had at the restaurant, but by the time we got back to the Albany area, we were ready for a snack.  It was so much fun sitting by the fire and chatting.  It was a perfect ending to a great day.  I thank God for these little things we do as a familly and I'm looking forward to what summer evenings are going to bring to us.
photo courtesy of all over albany website
  • BIKING!  On Tuesday, it was very hot (92 f) and humid.  The girls had the central air on when I got home from work and I decided that after dinner I would bike.  Well, my friend Carla came and picked me up and we took our bikes to the north part of the Colonie Bike Path, very near my house.  It was not bad riding the bike but once I stopped I was very hot and thirsty.  But what a great ride we had....I'm guessing we only did about 8 miles total but the exercise felt great!  I do enjoy biking and I usually do it alone so it was a blessing to have a friend along!  I'm looking forward to summer vacation (less than a week!) so I can ride every morning...I do prefer the early morning for biking. It's a blessing to have friends with similar interests!

  • MORNING SCRIPTURE:  For some reason, on Tuesday morning before work, I read this Scripture and it really resonated with me.  In fact, I wrote a reflective piece centered around my thoughts while meditating on this Scripture.  You can find it here.  I'm so thankful for the blessing of God's Word and the truths that are revealed.

That wraps it up for me. We have a busy weekend with a graduation party, some housework, organizing, church, maybe a quick biking trip,  and a dinner cruise on the Hudson River!  Claire is officially done with 9th grade and I'm down to 2 1/2 days of work in the classroom left!! WHOO HOO!!

HAPPY WEEKEND and be blessed..........

13 June 2014

Winding Down Faves

Only 8 more days of elementary school here in NY!  Yesterday was my teenager's last day of classes and today she has her Honors Global History exam and her Russian 2 exam.  She has the rest of her exams next week and then she is finished with her first year of high school!  My oldest daughter is in the midst of her on-line summer course she is taking and working many hours at the local amusement park.  Things are winding down here for the school year.

Winding down for us means the annual Dance Show is complete as well as running back and forth to ballet classes and club activities.  It also means the small group I lead is starting to wind down with formal Bible study evenings and just go to social events for the summer.  In the midst of all this end of the year stuff, I have found several faves from the busy week.  How about sharing some of yours?  Head over to Susanne's to link up and jump in!


Claire, on the right, with her ballet  friend Alyssa
ready to dance "Music in the Night" from
Phantom of the Opera

  • PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!  Claire and I went to see the musical at this place 2 weekends ago (I had neglected to include it in last week's faves!) with another mom and friend from ballet class.  It was phenomenal! If you've never seen the musical, I highly recommend it. The music and dancing were superb. The main reason we bought tickets is because the advanced ballet class was performing for regular ballet, the song "Music of the Night" for the Dance Show last weekend.  Sadly, blogger wouldn't let me upload the video of ANY of Claire's ballet numbers. My oldest took the videos on my iPad and they came out pretty good....she is going to try to tweak them so blogger will let me upload them. They danced en pointe as well to selections from the Ballet "La Bayadere".  Each advanced ballet student had their own pointe solo. Claire also did a surprise number which is another fave below.

Dave and his new toy!

Me in my new toy!

Moreau Lake
S Glens Falls, NY
  • KAYAKING!  Dave and I had a kayaking date last Saturday late afternoon.  We arrived about 3:15 pm and paddled the entire lake, exploring the back parts where the beaver dams are. We paddled for close to 2 hours and then went and bought iced coffees and sat and chatted for a few minutes before heading back home to grill a late dinner.  It was such a fun day.  And the weather was perfect.  Moreau Lake is located in Moreau Lake State Park.  It has been a fave park of ours for about 23 years.  We used to camp there all the time and every summer I take the girls and friends there, usually twice a week.  Because it is only a 40 minute drive from our home, it makes for a perfect day trip. I'm so thankful Dave and I share this activity together and I'm thankful we had the time to do it.  I really needed it.

  • PRAYER!  I am so thankful for praying friends. Last evening, I had my small group but as a leader I was dreading it because I knew I had to be honest and just tell my mom friends that I was not feeling well at all. I have been dealing with an e coli infection (UTI) and it is my 5th one in 18 months. I was discouraged, felt crappy and scared because it seems like the antibiotic was not kicking in as quickly as it should be. I was having chills, a low grade fever, pain...ugh. So I have an appointment with my gynocologist later today but I was very discouraged last night. Well, we all prayed for our teens and their upcoming high school exams and then I shared what I was going through and realized that it is ok to be weak and ask for help!!  My friends are awesome....the moms gathered and laid hands on me, just like we did to another mom at the last meeting.  And I did get some better sleep with less pain so Glory to God!!  I am SO  thankful for friends who pray and for the presence of God even in a little group of intercessors.  My fears are ones I have to keep bringing to the Cross and leaving at the feet of Jesus but today I am not as fearful or anxious because I am trying to lean on Him. 

  • ENCOURAGING NOTE:  Our 15 year old, Claire, volunteers most Saturday evenings at our 5 pm church service, in the junior high room where they have their own service with one of the youth leaders.  Well, someone from the church youth group sent her a very encouraging note worded as a thank you for her service.  It is so encouraging to be in a body of believers where even the little things are appreciated. It is good for our daughter to see that even though she is just a greeter for the younger teens, that her volunteer work doesn't go unnoticed.  We have no idea who sent it, other than the return address said Grace Fellowship Youth Group. It was very special to me to see her receive such a thoughtful and kind note.

  • "AMAZING GRACE"  Claire totally surprised me with her lyrical ballet solo.  I found out at dress rehearsal that she was dancing to "amazing grace" for the Dance Show.  It was breathtaking. Again, I can't get the video to load...blogger is saying it's too big....as soon as my oldest gets a chance, she says she can edit the video so it will upload.  Dave and I were so proud of Claire for this solo. She was the only one on stage...the dance mistress doesn't usually choose spiritual type numbers so it was such a pleasure to have on the program 2 Christian songs. (the other one was a Negro Spiritual that one of the advanced tap students...a teen boy...danced to). The surprise was also that Claire ended the program. The dance academy usually reserves the last number for the most advanced group of students or student. This was an honor that she chose Claire to end the show (before the Finale where all students come out to take their bows, etc.) by performing a lyrical solo. Hopefully I can post it soon.  For those of you on FB, I do have it on my page but you would have to friend me as I keep it private for just my friends' list.  I am so thankful for the gifting Claire demonstrates and that God gave us the gift of dance.
That wraps up my week....I am home sick today to try to get this infection under control.  It is also Father's Day weekend so we are driving out to see my dad on Sunday and take him out to an early dinner.........prayers are appreciated that I will be well soon and can be with my dad.

I hope you all have a restful weekend!

06 June 2014

Beginning of June Faves

It's June!!

Which means here in New York State, we will be saying good-bye to the school year in just 3 weeks!! YIPPEE.....er....I mean, I will miss the students but I will NOT miss the hectic days and evenings.....the summer season is beckoning to me......as well as to my 15 year old.  The school year has flown by and it's been a good one, but we really are ready for a slower-paced 10 weeks.

This week was exceptionally busy but I managed to find some blessings in it........how about finding some in your week and link up with us......head over to Susanne's to learn how!

Claire and Courtney
  • MY DAUGHTERS' COOKING!  Wow....Dave and I were pleasantly surprised when the girls actually agreed to cook dinner for us on Sunday evening.......Dave had been busy all afternoon finishing up the kayak rack and running errands....and I was doing some Bible Study lesson prep for my moms' group and wanted to complete it.  The girls decided to make homemade white pizzas.  One was with tomato and garlic and the other one featured green peppers and tomatoes.  I had a slice of both and they were PERFECT!!  It really was the best crust I've had in a long time.  I just had to share a photo! Claire, the 15 year old ballerina, is the one with her back to us and the long loose hair.  Courtney is our almost 21 year old, home for the summer from college.  These two are the greatest blessings in my life next to my husband and Christ.
Dave's new kayak as of 6/1
  • SALE!  I received an email message from this place saying that all their kayaks were on sale for 20% off until midnight June 1st.  Dave decided to go buy himself one on Sunday.  AND...the good news is, we have a buyer for our 2 old kayaks....my brother in law (married to my youngest sister).  He will come pick  them up after church this weekend. So now we each have a new kayak which is something that was on our bucket list of things to accomplish......I'm thankful we can enjoy this sport together!

Daisies in my backyard
  • FIRST WILDFLOWERS!  I discovered on Sunday afternoon that the first of our wildflowers have bloomed.....I love these daisies! They look so "country" up against my neighbor's rustic fence...who says you can't do country in suburbia?  Thankful for flowers!

color for the deck
  • CHORES COMPLETE!  Rather than hike again this past weekend, we decided to get some much needed work done around the house.  I had errands to run for last minute items for Claire's dance show costumes.  I also had to make a run to get some fresh fruits and veggies.....and then I saw these pretty flowers at the farm place where I bought the veggies so I picked them up and placed them in this white pot.  The little ceder table on our deck needed a spot of color and these look perfect there against the trellis.  I got all the vacuuming done, laundry caught up and Bible study notes prepared.  It felt great!
photo courtesy of p base
  • SCRIPTURE!  I needed this Scripture this week....I was feeling a bit unsettled about something and was questioning my self as well as the other person. So, I turned to the Scriptures and this just kept leaping out at me......it  kept popping up in my mind so I turned to that place in my Bible and re-read that chapter.  And it showed me that yes, only God loves us the way we need to be loved.  Unconditionally!  He rejoices over us!!  I have people in my life who rejoice WITH me over the blessings and triumphs of the journey...and who quiet me when troubled, etc.  BUT...only God really loves us with no conditions or strings attached. It is awesome to think about Him singing over us.  There is someone in my life who tends to be a complainer and I determined in my heart I am no longer going to let that get to me.  I will always say positive things over the negative. And I am learning to let negative people go.............Or people who don't see the whole picture...or the real truth.  It is very free-ing! And it's a blessing to know that God is with us each step of the way.
Those are just some little things that blessed me this week.

What is something that blessed you?  It can be a big thing or a simple thing.....it all comes from our heavenly Father.

Tonight is Claire's ballet show.....if you think of her, please lift her in prayer....she is dancing in 3 numbers:  ballet, pointe, and lyrical. Her lyrical is a solo to "Amazing Grace". I will hopefully have a video to show next week.  Her ballet is to some music to Phantom of the Opera and her pointe class and pointe solo is to music from La Bayadere.  Last evening's dress rehearsal was long but it did go fairly well.  

I hope you have an enjoyable weekend!

30 May 2014

Busy Week Faves

Wow! After our 3 day weekend (due to Memorial Day), our week took off at a fast pace!

I had obligations every.single.evening.  But it was all good and I can find some faves....more than five but I will just share 5.  

How about joining in with your own list of blessings from the week...you can find out how by heading over here.

Dave on the trail up Red Hill Mt

Red Hill Firetower
Southeastern Catskills

3rd Catskill firetower checked off the challenge!
Only 2 left in the Catskills!!
  • WEEKEND GETAWAY!  Dave and I left last Friday after work for a weekend away in the Catskills.  We were only about 70 minutes away but it felt great to be in the mountains....er....technically, geologically, the Catskills are not mountains, but I can't remember why. My smart and "pays attention during science" daughters could tell you why.  Dave and I checked into this place, and then had a simple dinner out at this place.  On Saturday we were supposed to hike the 2nd highest peak in the Catskills to check off yet another fire-tower from the Challenge I am doing.  Well, it was RAINING and NOT good weather for climbing a mountain.  So we explored the villages around the area and did a flat hike in the afternoon as the sun came out in the valley area.  We never did get to hike Hunter mountain as we had to be back on the road for home by 3 pm on Sunday. And it's a 4 mile mountain one way.  BUT...Sunday after breakfast, we did hike Red Hill to that fire tower as the day was perfect and the hike was much shorter....only a little over 2 miles.  It only took about 45 minutes to get to the top.   Saturday evening we went to a wonderful little concert with a violinist, cellist and pianist. Before the concert, we ate a wonderful dinner at this place.  I had the salmon salad and a very nice Reisling...YUMMY!  What a blessing to get away and be refreshed with my best friend/love of my life.
photo courtesy of the NYS music association
  • EXCELLENT!  Claire came home from school with her NYSSMA score for her violin solo competition (from 2 weeks ago) at the state's regional level. She performed Level 4 music (Level 6 being the highest) and earned an "excellent" (Outstanding is the top win).  We are proud of her even though she wasn't thrilled with her score of 23/28.  It's a blessing to have a good strings program in our district and for our  children to have these kinds of music opportunities.

  • DONE!  Courtney had quite a few things to accomplish this first full week home from college.  Two things were getting her car's oil changed and the car inspected.  We told her she was on her own for these chores this year.  We do still pay for her insurance as she doesn't make enough money at her 2 part time jobs on campus to pay it herself.  But she is now in charge of filling her own gas tank and paying for the upkeep.  I was happy to come home from work and find that she had taken care of both of these issues and that the car passed inspection!  What a blessing this used car (a gift from my dad) had been for her this past year.  It really helps her to get to her summer job and to do things off campus.  God is good and we thank Him for His provision.

photo courtesy of the coupon challenge
  • SAFE TRAVELS!  From Thursday May 22 until Sunday evening May 25, our youngest daughter Claire, was on the Orchestra trip to Williamsburg, VA.  Our high school has one of the best rated music departments in the state of NY...we are truly blessed and the Orchestra teacher happens to be a Christian from our church!!  In fact, his wife used to be a part of the small group I lead.  Well, this year the Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Senior Choir traveled down to perform in a competition held at Busch Gardens.  The orchestra earned 2 trophies for excellence in performing and for best orchestra overall!!  The wind ensemble and choir also won trophies.  Claire had a blast with her group of string player friends and we are thanking God for the blessing of safe travels to and from Virginia.
photo courtesy of the Shaker Music Dept
  • SPRING CONCERT!  Last evening was the final spring concert of the school year (they also played at Xmas, and in early spring (March).).  The award-winning Orchestra played 2 very difficult pieces and we are so thankful Claire has decided to stick with violin.  It was astounding.  The added bonus is that our oldest daughter got off work at 5 pm so she was able to attend the concert this year!!  She was also a member of the orchestra all through high school and still will pick up her violin from time to time.  I love having a musical family :)...now I gotta make time to get back to my piano playing!!
That wraps up my week......we are now facing the Dance Show coming up next weekend which means this last week of ballet classes will also include rehearsals.....and trying to find last minute items for the costumes.

Tonight, Claire and I are off to see Phantom of the Opera which is appearing in a city near us............we can't wait!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this beautiful spring weather!

23 May 2014

Small Moments Faves

This has been the kind of week where I had to look back and just find small moments.....little things....

it wasn't a great week. Once again, on Tuesday,  I came home from work to discover that a very dear friend is now in heaven.  It wasn't as shocking as the suicide we dealt with last week, but it was still sad and more sudden than we expected.  She was my "spiritual mentor" during my high school years and I used to babysit for the 2 children she and her husband had.  She was one of my favorite Sunday School teachers in Junior High school and was only 10 years older than me so as a teen I thought she was really "cool".  She and her husband were/are talented musicians and used to help me out with some of my piano and vocal studies. She played the organ in my wedding and made my wedding gown as well as several items of clothing when I had my oldest daughter. She died of stage 4 ovarian cancer after dealing with it for a little over a year. She will be missed. 
However, there ARE some wonderful small faves from the week that I can share with you....how about joining in by linking up over at Susanne's?
Pretty in pink
from my lilac bush in the backyard
fragrant, delicate, beautiful

A raised bed, dark sod, bright green poking through...
by mid-summer, many blooms

safely home from college in Boston
our Courtney is back..........
relaxing in the late afternoon sun
little sister studying.......
mama and dad happy to have both chicks back in the nest

chirping morning and evening
mama bringing worms, darting and swooping into the juniper bush
reminding me that there isnew life in a week of death.............

photo courtesy of 50 birds website

Those are small blessings....but special to me.........

I am off for a few days.......my husband and I have a 3 day weekend...here in the States it is Memorial Day weekend where we pause to remember the fallen soldiers and other armed forces protecting our great nation...........the ones who've gone before us, and the ones currently serving........

Dave and I are away for a much needed rest at a little resort in the Catskill Mountains.......and yes I will be doing 2 mountain hikes, Lord willing........

Whatever you have planned, do enjoy it and spend some time in nature....your soul will be uplifted and your body will be refreshed!

Have a wonderful weekend!!

16 May 2014

Mid-May Faves

What a week.

Had some faves until Wednesday........when we received some very devastating news....but even with the horrible news of suicide by a well loved extended family member from my husband's side of the family, I still need to rejoice...because God is good.........and that never changes. We will never understand His ways while with our human minds..........but we can cling to the promise of Comfort and Peace He so freely gives.

I'm linking up with other bloggers to share my five faves from the past week......do you have some?  You can link up with Susanne over here.

Claire and I on Mother's Day 2014
at church

My new toy (the kayak, not the Honda)
  • SPECIAL DAY!  Sunday was Mother's Day and yes I was feeling a little sad last Saturday evening thinking about my mom, now with the Lord....but my family gave me such a special day on Sunday.  We went out for breakfast to one of my fave places.....I had the Swedish Crepes (made with fresh lingonberries).  It was awesome!  Courtney is still at college in Boston so she sent me a lovely message via Facebook which made my day.  And after breakfast, we went to church, then home for a quick snack and out to get what I thought was just a replacement kayak rack. Turns out my 15 year old and Dave had concocted a plan for me to choose a new upgrade in kayak form.  I was THRILLED!!  I've had my eye on the Calypso kayak from LLBean for about a year now but didn't think it would fit our financial state.  Dave said it did and because we bought the kayak, we received a discount on the new racks!  Now I just need time to actually get it into the water!!  For the rest of the day I did things I enjoy:  read a book, listened to music, did some power walking, worked with my flowers, and cooked a BBQ dinner.  It was a beautiful day. God is good.
Cherry tree in front yard
  • CHERRY BLOSSOMS!  Our two cherry trees in the front yard have blossomed this week.  They are  gorgeous, especially in the afternoon sunshine. This photo  didn't come out too well and I didn't have time to "edit" it. It is so pretty even though the falling blossoms make a mess of the driveway.  I think it is a blessing to live where we experience all 4 seasons, and enjoy different plants and flowers throughout the year.  I love what God created...He is good.
  • MESSAGES!  I'm not on  this social media site as often as I used to be, but it was such a comfort to our hearts, to read all the messages of support and prayers going out on behalf of my husband's family when our friends found out about the tragedy.  Even people we rarely see in person anymore due to distance sent us messages of condolences and prayers, love, and virtual "hugs".  It's a blessing to have the prayer support of other family and friends. I love all our friends and family....God is good.

  • SAFE TRAVELS!  My husband left early Wednesday morning for Boston because he wanted to bring back the bulk of Courtney's dorm stuff.  He arrived at Gordon College safely and made it back home safely.  He was stuck in very heavy traffic on Route 128 (for those of you who know the Boston area, we refer to that highway as the highway from hell) but he took a break once he got on the Pike, and arrived home about 8 pm that night.  This was after finding out about his cousin's tragic death.  I prayed for him the entire day I think!!  I was anxious but God replaced that anxiety with peace after I prayed.  God is good.

  • SCRIPTURE!  This Bible verse brings a lot of comfort to people when in the grieving stages.  I am hoping and trusting that this Scripture will find its way into M-----'s heart as she prepares to bury her husband. We can trust in the peace of God that our human brain just can't comprehend....when things happen that our human brain just can't comprehend.  God is good. All the time.  And all the time, God is good.
That wraps it up for me.  If you think of my husband's family over the next few days, please do lift up M and her family. M is the wife of the cousin who hung himself Tuesday night.  They are very beloved of my own family....my 2 daughters had so much fun with "uncle" R and he spoiled them with candy kisses when we did part of our spring break with them a few years ago in Hershey, PA which is near where they live.  Our hearts are breaking for M as this was so unexpected and sudden.  Yes, he was a Believer and no he did not leave a note or any indicating factors that he was contemplating taking his own life.  Please do pray for us as we attempt to say "good bye".  They are the only Christians, that we know of, on my husband's side of the family.  We love them dearly. It is so difficult being so far in distance from M this weekend......please pray God's comfort and peace will surround her heart, soul, and mind.  Thank you.