"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

15 February 2008

I am now officially on Winter Break! (most of the schools in our area have the next week off) We had several students out this a.m. so I was able to leave the classroom a half hour early. I have a major headache and ear-ache and suspect I might have an ear infection. And of course....my dr. is not in. Her coverage is booked solid all afternoon so that will force me to get my ear looked at in Urgent Care after 5 pm. Not the best but....if it IS an ear infection I want the meds tonite!!
Have to pick up my 14 year old from school today as she'll have her violin for winter break so I am heading upstairs to neaten the house, do a load of laundry and read.
I read our pastor's latest post and it is excellent. It is about having balance in our lives.
You can read about it here.
Enjoy your evening!

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Connie Marie said...

I hope that your ear is feeling better. I hold a hot pad against my ear when it hurts, it seems to help it get better sooner.