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03 February 2008

This morning I woke up early, as though it was a school day, so I made coffee and dove into the rest of my study book on Colossians. I have my first small group meeting on Thursday night this week and we will be discussing Chapter 1. Here is a portion of what I read this a.m. that really spoke to me. Although I have known this to be true my entire life, it really hit home today for some reason! It is from Cappuccino with Colossians by Sandra Glahn, pg.22
"Each person is a member of Christ's body and collectively we make up the body, the church.
Christ does not need the church to do His work in the world,
yet He has chosen to use the church as His body---
His own arms reaching out to hug the hurting nations;
HIs feet through us taking the gospel to the world
and "walking" worthy;
His eyes weeping through us as we weep with those who weep;
His hands offering through us a cup of water to a weary soul."

Verse 18 says: "He is the head of the body, the church, as well as the beginning, the firstborn from among the dead, so that he himself may become first in all things."
Sometimes we think of the head as being the top of the organizational chart like as in the "head of the household" or "head of the company" but Glahn reminds us the word 'head" that Paul uses also is being used with the word "body". The head connected to the body by a neck! This gives us a picture of oneness and interdependance. It's a beautiful thing! And how much easier it is to serve when we think about all the various ways we all do the work of Jesus in the body of believers and in the world. We are all important.....we are all needed. Our roles may be different but we all have a place to perform that role. It is a beautiful thing!
What do you think your own role is in the body of believers?
What about your role in the world?

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tali or myles said...

Hi Faith

I love catching up on your posts and reading a few at a time.

I have set myself a challenge to focus on the LORD more and at day 3it's proving very hard, but that's ok, it wouldn't be a challenge otherwise :)

Hope your cold is better. And yip, i don't like ads either, that's why i love pay tv, i can record programmes and fast forward!