"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

09 October 2008

Do you see the blessings God gives us in our daily life? Sometimes it can be hard, but if you look closely, they are there! Even simple, little things that you might not consider a "blessing". All good things come from God. Look around you. Reflect on your week. What has made you thankful? This week I am thankful for several little things that help to make our family life run smoother and gets us through the work week.
A big Thank you to Pam for hosting this!

  • Online Shopping with Free shipping and Handling: yes. I am thankful for the LLBean online store. Our local LLBean store is nice and the only one in NYS. But....they don't have a huge selection since they are in the mall, and I rarely have time for a jaunt to the mall during the school week. So....I went online Sunday afternoon because Claire, my preteen, showed me her slippers from last year. They were falling apart! She only wears slippers in the colder months so.....to the website we went....and found....the most adorable fleece "clog-style" slippers you ever saw. They arrived in the mail yesterday. They match her LLBean fleece bathrobe perfectly and the cost? After free shipping and handling, only $16.50. Aren't they adorable? and she'll get at least 2 winters out of them because they sell them as a 3-4. This year she is only a 3. So....a great deal!
  • Canned pumpkin: yeah. Sounds simple. Why am I thankful for a can of pumpkin? Because who really has time to scoop out, and cook a real pumpkin from the pumpkin patch? I mean seriously. I was craving a nice, nutritious, seasonal snack for my girls and I as an after school treat. So...I opened up a can of pumpkin and made home-made pumpkin chip muffins. They were a hit; not only are they a nutritious after school snack, they make a great, quick breakfast! They taste especially good if heated in microwave for about 10 seconds.
  • A day off: Ok this just came from my pre-teen's mouth but she is correct. It is nice to have today off. Although it is a bit cloudy and overcast, the temps are mild. It feels like the beginning of September rather than the beginning of October. We are having a leisurely morning. The teen is still sleeping, the hubby left for work an hour ago, and the preteen is waiting to use this computer. (not sure why she can't use the other one!). As for me: I can get some extra housework done and work on my personal Bible study all while enjoying the scent of my pumpkin candles and enjoying the mild breeze that comes through the open windows. Thank you God for days off from school! It has been 5 full weeks of busy-ness and getting back into a routine on top of re-starting church activities and ministry duties.....we are thankful to have a day to relax!
Gotta keep this short.....God is good!

What are you most thankful for this week? Is it the little things? Or do you have something huge?? whatever it is, leave me a comment and I'll come check your Thankful list out!


Susanne said...

A lovely list. I think finding the simple things sometimes and being thankful for them is such a real, honest way of seeing God in your life. Sometimes when all I'm looking for is the huge blessings I miss out on all those ways that he provides throughout my everydays.

Kimberly said...

Today I am so thankful for friends who pray for me. Not just saying they will pray for me, but the ones who stop right then and there on the phone and pray. :)

I love your list. Your blog is always so refreshing. :) And I now also have a hankering for pumpkin chip muffins. Yum!

Blessings! And have a great weekend!