"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

07 November 2008

Fave Five #6

Today I am showing some pictures of my favorite things from this last week.
If you'd like to read more fave fives just scroll down my sidebar and click on the fave five link to Susanne's at Living to Tell the Story.
My absolute favorite part of the week was last Sunday morning. Here is what part of my backyard looked like. It was a mild, sunny day. Our sugar maple (a young one, just planted 2 springs ago) looks so pretty with its yellow color. My husband was still in Pittsburgh but my teen daughter and I attended the 11 a.m. service while the youngest was in her SS class. The time of communion during the service was especially sweet to me. There was a reverance and awe for the Lord that was just powerful. Definitely one of my favorite moments.

The 2nd favorite thing from this past week is the fact that my family room stayed fairly neat and clean. Well, that is until my husband came home from Pittsburgh...now this coffee table in the family room has a load of youth group resources spread all over. Dave assures me he will get it picked up and sorted sometime before Sunday. But....here it is with the dried autumn wildflowers, a spiced pumpkin candle and a candy dish that needs to be replenished with Hershey kisses. This room gets the morning sun and is a favorite place for me to sit and read the morning paper on the weekends. In the evening it is where we watch family movies or chat.

My 3rd favorite thing this past week was getting my entire dining room cleaned and organized. Here is the armoire that holds our "company" dishes and stemware. Our house is decorated with a Shaker theme and simple pine furniture for the most part. Since the rooms are small as it is a small colonial, I find that using corner cupboards is a great way to utilize the space.

My 4th favorite thing this week was getting out this Thanksgiving decoration. It sits in the center of our farmers style dining room table where we eat all of our meals. It's one of my very favorite decorations!

WOW! Here is my last favorite thing of the week and it really made my day! E-mom over at Chrysalis awarded this to me. How cute is this award?! Many thanks, E-mom! So.....I choose the following blogger friends. The rules are: choose 5 regular followers of my blog and one has to be in a different part of the world. Here is who I am passing this award on to:
  1. Kimberly of Planting of the Lord. She is a true encourager.
  2. Susanne of Living to Tell the Story. She makes me laugh, is an encourager and teaches little ones in her home....what an amazing woman!
  3. Sandy of Jesus and Dark Chocolate. She is a fellow special ed teacher, her blog makes me laugh because her family life sounds like mine sometimes, and she loves Jesus and chocolate!
  4. Karen of Sower's Corner. She and her family have been friends of ours for many years. She is a person of prayer, a strong Christian, and a good role model for married couples.
  5. Tali of Not About Us. She is a Christian mom of 2 little ones, loves the Lord and lives way over in Australia!

What are some of your favorite things from this past week?

We have a fairly quiet weekend planned for once!
Tonite we are just doing family game night here at home unless my husband decides to go with me to the XStream worship time at church tonite. And NO...I didn't spell that wrong. I'll explain it another time.
Tomorrow is just a stay at home day or do some biking depending on the weather.
My oldest daughter is helping to clean out the church bus tomorrow afternoon and then attending her life::group and Emerge, the senior high youth group event at the Youth Center.
Sunday is church and then Claire has a 3 hour dance rehearsal in the afternoon.
I plan on finishing up the book Sacred Pathways...at least that is my goal.

What are your plans for the weekend??


Kimberly said...

Thanks so much for the award! :) I truly do enjoy coming by your blog!

And I love all of the pictures of your home and your fall decortaions! Beautiful! Your kitchen table looks like ours!

Have a wonderful weekend!
K :)

Homemanager said...

Faith! You made me cry...
thanks so much for the award, my friend.
This weekend will be a busy one for us. Tomorrow we will try to finish up a few more outdoor projects. Still a bit to do! and do our grocery shopping. Sunday, we will have a special service with prayers for healing and prayer for a filling or re-filling of the Holy Spirit.
Afterward, we will take our children Christmas Shopping. They have been asking to go soon so that we can make some homemade items and buy some others. Then we will spend some time with K and then bring her back to her apartment. So that's our weekend!
Thanks again for such an encouraging description. Glory to God!

Susanne said...

Faith, thank you so much for that special award and your uplifting words. I'm very humbled.

I loved your Fave Five. Every part of it. I really like your yard. It seems to go on forever. And that pumpkin is adorable.

Denise said...

Such lovely pictures.

Pop Quiz Giver said...

Hi Faith, thanks for visiting my new blog. I'm new to this & was encouraged that you & Sowers Corner also left me comments within my first 24 hours on the web :~)

My weekend will be a busy one with my brother-in-law bringing my sister-in-law (in town for the weekend) & probably Mother-in-law over to visit the baby (see today's post for an explanation there). The house is nowhere near as neat as I like things when the in-laws stop by... but folks will cut me slack 'cause there's a newborn in the house, right?

Church Sunday should be great. The sermon will be about the Holy Spirit & they are planning a time of prayer afterward - for folks to get right with God, be helped in their walk & for healing. I'm excited about it & will likely have a few things to say in my next blog about it too :~)

Best to you & the family!

ellen b said...

Fun fives. I really enjoyed your photos. I really love corner cupboards! Have a wonderful weekend. We had a wonderful service on Sunday which included communion too!

tali said...

Thanks Faith, I've never had an award before. My little girl has gone to sleep so I have some quiet time before I close my eyes...it's been a day filled with family and tonite I have two extra little ones - my niece and nephew are staying the night while their parents have some quality time. They all grow up so fast!

Thanks again

Willow said...

I enjoyed your fave five this week. My plans for the weekend? More housewifey stuff, lesson plans, knitting!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Thanks Faith for the sweet award, and kind words. :) :)
I love the pumpkin, I just saw a similar one, and have been checking it out for about a 2 weeks now. I think I might have to break down and buy it, especially since you have one also! :)
Enjoy the weekend.