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30 January 2009


Yeah! It's Friday. It is almost 2 pm. I am home from work and taking my oldest to her Math11R mid-term. Youngest is still in school but will be home in an hour and then off to a friend's for a playdate. As for me: I am happy to be writing my 5 fave thing from the past week and all set to begin a relaxing weekend (somewhat) at home with books, my husband, the Super Bowl, yummy food and a bit of housework.
Here are some of my favorite things from this last week. If you play along, I'll be over to check yours out, too!

What can I say? We are American Idol fans here in the T-----home. Well, my husband isn't really, but he will pop his head into the family room (where our tv is) if he is not using the basement tv/Wii! My 2 daughters and I have watched it this week and have had fun laughing our heads off at the young people who really think they can sing. I mean...really...can they not hear them selves?? It is just so funny. But it also has its endearing moments like the little boy from PR who so much wanted his sis to "make it to Hollywood". Or the young teen who lost both parents within 2 years and has been "adopted" by a friends family. It is stories like those and people like that whom you want to hear sing well so you can see more of them. And they did! Those 2 are going to Hollywood! And really, what makes this one of my fave moments this week, is the time spent in the family room, after dinner, showers, chores, homework, practicing, reading, with my 2 favorite children on the planet.....my daughters! (and yes...they both can sing. and well!)
This new product from the Coca Cola company. Simply Orange orange juice has been my favorite oj for the last few years. My husband will drink ANY OJ but I am very picky about real orange juice. Meaning juice that is 100% orange juice. This has fit my tastes though, although it does tend to be pricey these days. Therefore, for the last few months, I have only purchased Simply Orange if it is on sale or if I have a coupon for it. Well, this past week I discovered this new flavor: Orange-Mango and it is wonderful. It is like biting into a fresh mango or orange. The flavors are perfect together although a little bit sweet for me in the early a.m. SO....I have a glass when I get home from work or with my lunch. It has definitely been a fave drink for me this week....when I'm not drinking coffee, I mean! :)

This snack item.
I like Wheat Thins for a nutritious snack but I never really loved them.
The regular ones always taste kinda like, well, cardboard to me.
Then I discovered these about 2 weeks ago. I was saving them for when I was in my "hormonal week" which is when I crave salt. These are a bit salty but not as bad as chips. They have 5 grams of whole grains, 0 grams of transfat and no cholesterol. I like them in the evenings with cheddar cheese and iced water with lemon. It makes a great snack for right before bed which is what my ob/gyn told me to do during my "hormonal week snack attacks".
They also were one of my lunches this week: I put some crackers on a plate, added sliced cheddar cheese (my calcium source as I don't drink milk), sliced an apple, added baby carrots and iced water. Simple and delish!

Remember last week one of my faves was Kashi cereal bars?
Well, look at what I just discovered! (pic above). These fruit and grain bars are even better! For my taste anyhoo.
They have 4 grams of fiber and are made with real fruit. Of course, loving chocolate the way I do, especially with a steaming mug of coffee in the late afternoon, I had to buy these! The bars also contain 4 grams of protein, and include 7 whole grains plus sesame. And the chocolate is so rich and dark! There are 0 grams of transfat and there is nothing artificial in these bars. There are 7 grams of sugar though. But I just ease up on the sugar in my coffee if I'm eating one of these :) The shredded coconut is delicate and sweet and oh, so refreshing on a winter day....because it reminds me of summer!

My last fave thing is an article about teens and prayer that I saw online this week. I mention it in the short post below this so scroll down to get the link to the article. It is a very good read, especially if you have tweens (ages 8-12) or teens.

So...what about you? What have been some of your favorite things from this last week? Let me know!

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Robin said...

You have an awesome list this week and I love how you just "sound" so happy!
Enjoy your nice low-key Super Bowl weekend!

Brenda said...

Those wheat thins looks good! Sounds like you had a good week!

ellen b. said...

Hi Faith,
I'm a big American Idol fan also. It is amazing the really awful singers who really think they can sing! I too enjoyed the heart warming stories. Hey you are making me hungry! Have a good weekend....

Susanne said...

I'm adding those wheat thins to the grocery list for sure.

We like AI too but I don't much enjoy the auditions parts very much especially when those kids have already passed 3 sets of producers before they get to Simon, etc. It's no wonder some are so shocked and upset to hear the blunt truth from Simon. And I don't enjoy the crazies who are there for their 2 minutes of fame. I guess I'm just a dud. LOL. I do love it once they get to Hollywood though.

Anonymous said...

I don't care for Wheat Thins but the Kashi things sound really good.
Maybe I'll give them a try (if I remember!) Aunt Helen

Jientje said...

You sure seem to appreciate the good things in life! I won't be able to buy them though, they're not for sale here, but you made me drool!

Gombojav Tribe said...

I have not seen that Orange-Mango juice, wlthough we do buy Simply Orange. I'll have to keep my eyes open!!!

The Correspondent said...

I enjoyed your list, Faith. We're tremendous fans of Simply Orange as well as Kashi products.