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05 January 2009

Marriage Monday: January

This month's topic is "The Humor in Christian Marriage"
I would love to have pictures of what I am about to write. (we do have pics but I can't scan them into the computer as they are in a scrapbook)
Unfortunately, it happened in 1996, before we had digital cameras.

My husband, Dave, is a funny guy.
He makes me laugh.
He makes our daughters laugh.
He is fun to be around. He has a great sense of humor and sometimes it is a sarcastic humor but usually it is just wacky. His jokes are ones you groan at but they do make you laugh.

I need to keep this short due to being back at teaching after our 10 day holiday vacation.
So...I'll share with you one of our many funny times during our last 18 years of marriage.

Laughter is good for us!
The proverb "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine" came to my mind when I first began to fall in love with my hubby. I still feel that way. He can make me laugh even when I am stressing out about crazy things or even when I am going through a hard time with something. We have had many moments where we have just had to see the humor in something. But we also have had many, many times where we genuinely just laugh at life. Or with each other!

Setting: our house (it is now 14 yrs old): it was just 3 years old and we were in process of building a deck off the family room, with partial wrap-around-seating and 3 sides of steps (to meet town code).

Time: July 29, 1996

Event: a surprise 30th birthday party for my hubby (I had just turned 36, our first born was just 3). We had couples from our small group coming and some friends from the church & music ministry we were both in at the time (our former church, VLCC of Troy, NY)

Problem: Dave and his dad and my brother in law, Mike (married to my youngest sister Jill) had been building the deck. They did most of it in one weekend. However, there were some finishing touches to be made. Dave had said he would get to it. Meanwhile, I had been planning a surprise birthday party for him. He was turning 30 on July 29. The deck wasn't done by July 11 when Courtney turned 3, which wasn't a problem as that day was rainy so we had her birthday party (along with 5 playgroup friends) indoors. The rest of July was beautiful......I believe we fit in a camping trip that month so Dave's time was limited as to when he could finish the deck. It was a matter of finishing the floor boards.

The day of the party arrived.
I was losing it. The deck floor STILL wasn't done. I had about 16 adults coming to this party which was to be an outdoor barbeque. I had a teen sitter coming over to entertain Courtney and put her to bed so I could be hostess with ease.
Halfway through the day (the party was to begin at about 7 pm), I had to tell Dave that I was throwing him a surprise party that nite.

He laughingly agreed to complete it.
At about 5:30 pm he nailed the last nail in.

A close call.

Funny now....not so funny then although we both were good sports about it.

I have learned over the years to not stress so much about details.
I have learned that as long as my house is presentable, I can focus on the more important things: food, family, friends, fellowship.
And have fun in the process!
I have also learned to not throw surprise parties.

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Wife of Rob said...

That is great! I can certainly think of a few similar times myself. Dave sound's like a great guy and a good sport!

Susan said...

Ahhh, that's a cute story!! Glad things worked out after all.

I'd be stressing too!!

Blessings to you Faith♥

e-Mom said...

I'd love to meet your DH some day... sounds like great fun to be around!

And thanks for joining us for Marriage Monday today, Faith.

Hugs, e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Amydeanne said...

ahh the joys of marriage! thanks for sharing!!

MiPa said...

That's so great! When my brother and I were almost 6 we gave my dad a surprise 30th party, but since we were too little to set up all the needed chairs we had to tell him so he could help. The non-surprise surprise party always brings laughs.

Thanks for sharing.

Mrs. C said...