"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

20 February 2009

Faves for February 20

It's Friday already! This week went by fast....but...I am very ready to go back to the classroom on Monday a.m. and have my children get back into a more normal routine. We have had a good week off, did lots of housework, played on the computer, worked out on the Wii Fit....even my hubby worked out most evenings! And....I definitely had some fave moments this week.....but hey...I think this is my first fave five post that doesn't feature food or drink!

This seastar is from Acadia National Park(Maine)
And the reason this makes my fave list this week?
Because my hubby and I are discussing
a possible 2nd trip there this summer!

Only this time it will be without the camper
and with all 4 bikes and both kayaks....whoo hoo!
For those of you who know me.....
this is my kind of vacation!

We are just in the discussion phase as we also are discussing
a trip to Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island...and trying to work around
the HizKidz Praise summer camp, my oldest daughter's wisdom teeth removal schedule, and ortho appointments for my youngest....but...at least we are thinking summer vacation and.....
and we just might combine all 3 places into one trip!

I came across this pic when I was organizing my computer files.
This was the autumn of 2006.
Claire, (age 7 at the time) Courtney (age 13 at that time) and Dave were
on the bocce court at the beach house.

Claire seems very intent on playing this game!

Emma will be 6 in March.
She is the oldest daughter of my youngest sister, Jill.
They live about 1 hour north of us in the Lake George area.
Claire, my youngest, turned 10 in December.
Emma is holding her American Girl Doll, Kit.
Kit represents the Depression era.
Claire is holding her AG Doll, Kaya.
Kaya represents the Nez Perce Native Americans of the 1600's.
It was great to see the 2 girls playing dolls together!

I also had a fave moment regarding the worries about future college choices for my oldest daughter. Please scroll to the post below this one to read how the Lord calmed my fears with His Word...a fave moment of my week!

And another fave: the Christian singer, Michelle Tumes and one of her songs.
Here are the lyrics:
Break Through

Love, Love will make the distance
It's song riding through the moors
of all that's lost

Hope, the flag that leads the mission
Flying over rain and foe
to rescue me from harm

I see my Love, see my love
with might to save
Scale the walls of yesterday
Break through
Be my joy, be my joy
Charge this path and
Storm the tower of my heart
For only You can break through
to me

Love, the banquet for the famished
Its song rising through these halls
to fill my heart
Hope, the banner in the anguish
Writing words of faith
Erasing thoughts of a darkened soul

I see my love, see my love
With might to save
Scale the walls of yesterday
Break through
See my joy, see my joy
Charge this path and
Storm the tower of my heart
For only You can break through

Let the choir sing
Listen to the angels

Fill the chapel
Singing adulation
Let the bells ring

What are some of your favorite things from this past week??

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Pam said...

Such a great list this week, Faith. I especially enjoyed the lyrics to the song you posted. Beautiful. Have a blessed weekend!

Brenda said...

Sounds like a great week. Its always wonderful when God speaks to us.

Jerralea said...

Enjoyed your list. I loved the picture of your niece and daughter with their dolls. They grow up far too quickly!

God bless!

Willow said...

It's fun planning vacations, isn't it?

Enjoyed your fave fives this week-- it must have been so sweet to watch the cousins playing together.

Susanne said...

Wow, a Nova Scotia/Prince Edward Island trip is one of my dream vacations. I hope to make it one day.

What a great list Faith. Cousins playing together always blesses me as I grew up far, far away from any of my cousins and have only seen them once in my life.