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08 April 2009

A couple of people have emailed me asking me where the picture was taken (from the post below this)
It was taken at the summit of Chimney Mountain, in the Central Adirondacks. It was August 2006 and we were camping for a week in a campground on Sacandaga Lake (not to be confused with Sacandaga Resevoir, a.k.a. the Great Sacandaga Lake). Our oldest daughter took the picture. Our neighbors, Paul & Melissa joined us along with their 2 daughters, Morgan and Meredith.
It is named "Chimney Mountain" due to the natural rock "chimney" structures you see in the background. There are also caves to explore near there but although my oldest wanted to do this, we did not have the proper equipment.

And yes...we were hot and sweaty although the summit area was cool. The climb was strenuous in parts.....loads of fun!


Matt said...

When are you (as a family) going hiking? I really need to get out into the woods.

Faith said...

Matt: no idea. I have to BRIBE, BEG and BUY STUFF to entice Dave and the girls to accompany me! maybe a sat in May if it ever gets above 60 degrees!