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23 April 2009

Friday Fave Five April 24th

Happy Friday everyone!
Here in the capital region we are enjoying some beautiful spring weather....FINALLY!!
I hope to get some lawn work done with my husband this weekend and our deck floor re-painted. Somehow this needs to be done each year. I guess because of all the traffic we get on it from April through October! We do tend to eat almost every meal on the deck and we love to entertain on the deck with BBQ's, etc. So...if you are ever in the Albany area of NYS, call me! We'll have ya over!

This week brought me some fun favorite things: (and thank you to Susanne for hosting this each week!)

Coffee mug with logo from
Victorious Life Christian Church, Troy

We couldn't find a pic of our former church in Troy, NY so I took this image from the church website.
One of my fave moments in the last week was walking into our former church and hearing my oldest say "Hey....they got new carpet!". This was a huge joke in our family. The original carpet was, well, UGLY!
On a serious note: we took our children and 5 teens to a musical play that some teens from our former church put on in commemoration of the Columbine Tragedy 10 years ago. It was fantastic to see that they now have a youth group (they call it FFY for Forever Faithful Youth). We were so thrilled to learn that our dear friends Holly and Rob are the youth group leaders. They and the teens who performed did a very good job. It was fun to reconnect with old friends and we were not uncomfortable at all. Although most of my very close friends no longer attend that church, we are still friends and acquaintances with some of the ones that are still there. My youngest daughter really didn't remember anyone (she was only 6 when we left) but the rest of us had fun chatting and catching up on news. And...my husband and I got to see a dear old woman whom we hadn't seen in 21 years! Ruth was a dear friend of my best friend, Chris, who died of colon cancer in 2002. Ruth was my friend's mentor and because I spent so much time with my friend Chris, Ruth became someone I enjoyed as well! She had left the area about 21 years ago and is now back. It was just so great to see her and know she is still walking with the Lord.....it is hard to see people age (she is probably in her late 70's is my guess) but the light of God still shines in her eyes. A fave moment, indeed. And yes! We LOVE Vlcc's new carpet....much better! As the senior elder's daughter told me "now I can get married here!" And although we are finally settled into our church (Grace Fellowship) and no longer even think of it as our "new" church, we still have fond memories of our former/old one and wish them all the best!

Courtney, in her room April 2009

An absolute fave moment this week was when my oldest daughter came into the kitchen from the school bus and said "Guess what, Mommy!" She proceeded to tell me that her average in Math 11R (she is only a 10th grader but takes the higher level math courses) is 101.9 Now keep in mind that on her report card next week it will only read 100% but......I was so happy to hear her being so happy! She is such a dedicated student in all her classes. So unlike me at that age. I didn't become serious about grades until my junior year of college and I didn't excel until Graduate School! She loves Math and actually LIKES doing math problems. Weird. But I love her! (and I just found out that her little sis likes to do fractions in problems, too. Yeah, I have brainy kids..they take after their Dad)
It is fun to see my children being excited about education.

This is absolutely one of my favorite hand soaps for our bathrooms. It is made by Clean Well. Locally, I find this at Target. You can also buy it cheaper online in packs of 4. I prefer the Orange Vanilla scent. It is a foaming cleanser and I bought it for a little under $4.00 which is not bad for a good hand soap that does not have that nasty triclosan in it. It is triclosan free! It is 100% "green" and 100% biodegradable. It is not tested on animals. And the scent is so soothing. It really does take care of the germs and keeps the hands soft. This is now my fave hand soap over the antibacterial kind from Bath and Body Works. (which I still love but Clean Well is now my new fave!). Try it! You won't ever go back to the other name brands once you have used this!

Dave on Sunday, April 2009

Another fave was seeing my husband taking a much needed nap after our Sunday dinner company left in the late afternoon. I think having 2 four year old boys in the backyard tired him out! I don't often get the pleasure of seeing and capturing on camera my husband sleeping on the couch so...I just had to snap this picture! He is a busy man with his job, leading the junior high small group he does, and helping with JAM on the same nite as his small group. He loves those junior high kids but he really does put an awful lot of work into it! And he helps around the house when he can, he shleps his teen to places when I can't, he does alot of the yardwork, and is always doing something to the computers! I guess he deserved a nap!

Claire on Easter Sunday A.M.
April, 2009

I took Claire to my job (Inclusion Kindergarten) for "Take Your Child to Work" day. Definitely a fave for me this week!
She enjoyed her time and helped during Centers, and then at free play time. Unfortunately she didn't get to meet the student I work closely with as he was absent...most likely he was visiting his dad's law office. BUT..she did tell me that Nope, she doesn't think she wants to be a special education teacher, "no offense, mom." Nor does she think she wants to teach Kindergarten. ("teachers don't make much money Mommy"). Yeah....those were her words. Too funny. I told her I made more as a full time Master Teacher than I do now as an assistant of course. She said it still wasn't enough like Daddy's job. Sigh. I guess to a 10 year old girl the Education field just isn't glamerous enough or something :)
But...we enjoyed the morning together. She enjoyed watching a speech group and saw how the children do Library. Once my time there was done (it was my short day), I took her out to lunch at our very fave diner here in town. Then we went home to change into "non-work clothes" and ran a couple of errands together. Because, after all, my work is not just teaching! It is also managing the home and family! She ended the afternoon by watching a musical (West Side Story) while I caught up on answering emails and folding laundry. She was more tired than I was!

What about you?
What was one favorite thing from this past week that you can share?
A treat, Scripture verse, moment....let me know!



Jerralea said...

Another full and busy week! It is always fun to go back to my home church and see how everyone is doing, so I understand what a special time you had at Victory. Congrats on your daughter doing so well in math. My daughter is now a high school math teacher and I don't understand anything she does!

God bless and have a wonderful weekend!

Willow said...

We are homemakers who work! I teach Title 1 first grade (part time). I love my job, but I often wish I could just be home... BUT the job is a blessing and I get to bless kids. You know.

I have brainiac kids and love to just listen to them talk to each other.

Have a great weekend!

Brenda said...

Sounds like a great week, how wonderful to have a smart daughter and a helpful husband. I agree, its always good to see them rest a little, they work so hard!

Susanne said...

Wow, on the math grade. Way to go, Courtney!

Sounds like a wonderfully full and busy week, Faith! Having Claire at your class must have been so fun!

e-Mom said...

I love that photo of Dave... zzzzzz.

An Ikea sofa? We bought one that looks just like that! :~D

Kari said...

Looks like you had a great week. And well done to Courtney!

Matt said...

wait...you went to vicarious life?????

do you know the Smith's from there? 2 kids, a boy and a girl.....

They were our homeschool group's best friends!

Matt said...

wiat....you went to vicarious life????

do you know the Smiths??? 2 kids, a boy and a girl.

They were our homeschooling group best friends (back in like 7th grade....wow i feel old now) and we went there a few times for church.

This. Is. Freaky.

Faith said...

Matt: yes we did go to Victorious (um, not vicarious :) ) Life Church in Troy. We were members there for about 17 years. That is where Dave and I first met and where both girls were dedicated. Most of our close friends are gone from there now but we still have many aquaintances and a few friends left there.....the Smiths are awesome people! He is the dr who first treated me for the lyme disease!!