"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

12 June 2009


I have 6 more full days of teaching! and then 2 half days...whoo hoo....
SO...that is my most fave thing right now...the fact that school is winding down!
My oldest took her first exam today. The district wrote it so it's tougher than the NYS Regents which is what she has all next week. Today was Honors English 10. She thinks she did well. She said it wasn't as tough as last year's Honors English class. Either that or she studied more! Oh wait...this is Courtney...she never studies and still manages to get in the upper 90's. sigh....so unlike me at that age! :)

Thank you to Susanne for hosting this wonderful way to end our workweek!

Here's my 5 favorite things from the last week.

Mady (Madelyn Grace),
my youngest sister's 2nd child.

We had fun at Mady's 1 year old birthday bash!
It was held last Saturday in their backyard up near Lake George.
Her big sister Emma Rose (6) is the little girl in the pink cap.

Dave, Claire, Courtney
at end of Pedestrian Bridge
looking out to the Corning Preserve and the Hudson River.
We enjoyed a morning walk last Sat in downtown Albany.
Something we hadn't done as a family since before Claire was born!

Courtney standing on the Pedestrian Bridge
in downtown Albany.
She is standing in front of a painting
of a violin
titled First Chair.
I joked with her that this is the closest
she'll come to
"first chair"
as she never practices her violin

and yet she continues to do well in orchestra....
go figure.
But...First Chair she will never be.

Another fave moment this week was being able to spend some time chatting with old friends from college. Lori, Paul, David, Jean.....and many more! We had some great times while at Roberts Wesleyan College getting our BS degrees. We hooked up again via Facebook. A marvelous tool for finding old friends! And there is something about the unity in the body of Christ, that even after 25 years of not seeing someone, you can just begin talking as though those years haven't occurred. What fun to catch up on our lives, see pics of our children, etc. If you haven't tried Facebook, I encourage you to! But beware....it can be very addicting! There are even some blogging buddies on Facebook so now it is fun to not only visit their blogs but to send them messages via facebooking! Of course the REAL reason I have FB is because I have a teen....a great way to see what they are up to, what plans they are concocting and to whom they are talking!

For my final fave item you will need to scroll down to the post beneath this one. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these sandwiches.....it is on the dinner menu tonite for hubby and I along with pasta salad. My daughters will have pasta salad and plain rolls as neither one of them care for tomatoes. Yet.

That's it for me! It's been crazy busy and next week I should have pictures to share of Claire's orchestra concert from this morning and Courtney's Spring Banquet at life::redefined. For now....have a great weekend..... and please tell me what your fave things from this past week are! Or leave me a comment that you played along and I'll come see yours!


ellen b. said...

Hello Faith! It looks like some fun family times this week for you. I'd be excited for the end of the school year too! Those sandwiches look great! It is interesting connecting with old friends via facebook!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great week. Great picture of your family and the party looked like a real good time. Boy your daughter is one smart cookie. Happy FFF ALoha

Susanne said...

I love the look on Courtney's face in that picture with the violin! Sounds like a wonderful family time.

We have finals happening over the next couple of weeks too. My youngest had her grade 9 grad yesterday. I can't believe I won't have any younger than high school next year.

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a great week with family!

On Facebook I connected with some friends from the church I was in as a teen 30 years ago. Much fun!

Robin said...

You sound like you have a very busy life! Good family, good friends, good food! Sounds wonderful!