"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

31 May 2012

Refreshing Faves


Time to reflect back on the week (a short work week for us in the USA due to Memorial Day) and find five favorites.  I call these blessings from God.

Mine were faves that refreshed me.  I needed refreshment for my mind, body, and soul this past week and God totally provided what I needed. He is a GOOD, personal God. I love how He meets us right where we are!

My family with our nephew Adam
on his college graduation day!
LUNCHEON ON THE WHARF!  On Sunday, while we were at the beach house, my oldest nephew, Adam (my husband's brother's oldest child) graduated from UMA/Dartmouth.  We didn't attend the graduation but we did go out to lunch with him and almost everyone else in the extended family at his favorite restaurant in the town where he is living.  It is right on the waterfront and we had an amazing meal! My oldest daughter and I had the fresh Atlantic salmon, my youngest had baby back ribs, and my husband had lobster ravioli.  It was a refreshing time with all the cousins (minus one) on my husband's side of the family plus his siblings and parents.  There is nothing like fresh seafood right off the boat and time spent with family! Refreshment for body and mind!

  • LEMONADE!  We returned to our part of New York State to very hot and humid weather. It lasted until Wednesday!! After work on Wednesday, I picked up this lemonade to have with dinner...it was so refreshing to drink with lots of ice! Refreshing to the body!

Beach behind house c. GoldintheClouds-faithe.2012
  • LISTENING TO WAVES!  The weather was so perfect for our 3 day mini-vacation last weekend.  We woke up Saturday and Sunday to perfect weather, very low humidity (it's always somewhat humid at the ocean!), and bright blue skies with golden sun.  I took solitary walks on the beach and loved every minute. Had some great meditation and prayer time and time to just stop and be still!  My youngest daughter swam with her youngest T---family cousin, Debi on Sunday morning....they had a blast swimming from high tide into low tide!  My oldest daughter walked the beach with Claire on Saturday afternoon while Dave and I took a biking trip on the new bike trail in Falmouth (Cape Cod), MA called Shining Seas Bikeway.  On Monday, we woke to cloudy skies so figured we head home early. WRONG! The sun came out, the temps were in the mid-70's and we decided to stay a bit longer and visit Dave's bro and his wife in their new log cabin style home.  It was so much fun and my last walk on the beach was just so refreshing, listening and watching the waves.... It was hard to come home! Refreshing for mind and soul!!

  • LOVING FRIEND!  Sunday morning at the beach house was very quiet.  My 20 yr old niece Hanna had come in from Scotland the afternoon before and was still sleeping, as were my 2 girls. My husband, Hanna's mom (his oldest sister, Karen), and I were all drinking coffee in the kitchen waiting for the fog to lift so we could drink it on the deck in the glorious sun.  My cell phone informed me I had a text. It was my pastor's wife! I loved hearing from her as we haven't connected in awhile and it meant a lot to me to have her text that she had been thinking of me.  She has been helping to pray about something and it is good to have a pastor's wife who stays in touch!! She is a true blessing.....refreshing for my soul and mind!

 Claire and Courtney (with her glasses on!!)
at cousin Adam's grad luncheon
c. GoldintheClouds-faithe.2012

Dave and his brother's wife Kathy
at Adam's luncheon
Karen (dave's older sis), her daughter Hanna(20), Claire(13), Courtney(18), Pete(dave's bro)
  • LAUGHTER!  We had so many laughs over the weekend, especially on Sunday when most of the T---family was gathered. I hung out on the beach and deck for the entire morning. Laughed with Dave's youngest sister Paula, Dave and his older sister Karen. We watched some of the graduation (the part where Adam got his diploma) online, and then drove out to the restaurant to celebrate. While there we all laughed, ate great food, had amazing cocktails,and conversation. It was good to see some other extended family as well. And we are VERY proud of Adam.  (The only person missing was his younger sister Beth who graduated from UMaine a month ago and was away.  We'll try to see her in July. She'll be going to vet school up on PEI in the autumn).  My inlaws headed back to their year round house, Adam went back to his apt and the rest of us headed back to the beach house for a huge bonfire so the cousins could make s'mores. It was so much fun! The adults ended up in the house after about an hour and Paula and her children drove back to their home in RI. That left just my daughters and their cousin Hanna on the beach with the fire. My youngest thought it was GREAT that she got to stay out on the beach until close to midnite with the fire. Lots of laughter with loved ones is always a fave!! Refreshing for the mind and soul!!

How was your week?? was it refreshing in any way??
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Susanne said...

Your weekend and grad celebrations sound wonderful. A little getaway is always a refreshing thing.

Iced tea and lemonade...definitely signs of summer coming. I've never bought lemonade like that and have wondered if it was good.

Melanie said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful week!! I especially like the beach stuff. And I LOVE Lemonade!!!

Have a great weekend. Great pics by the way!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Look at your family all together -- both girls. How nice!

The beach picture is beautiful! Sounds like you've had some great celebrations this week. Family laughter is the best. Take care!

Mom24 said...

I feel refreshed just reading this. Seriously! Thank you.

I am loving lemonade this summer too, so delicious.

Have a good week.

Willow said...

What a great weekend away! My fave place for refreshment is the beach too. I can walk and walk and walk on a beach. It was great that it coincided with your nephew's graduation--congrats to him!