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28 June 2012

Family and Friends Faves

It's Friday......

and time to reflect back on the week as we celebrate the Friday Fave Fives. Link up with us at Susanne's and share your blessings from God this week.

Mine center around family and friends:

image taken from life123.com
  • PARTIES!  We had 2 high school graduation parties to attend last weekend. On Saturday, the girls and I drove up to a town about 30 min north-west of our town to meet my cousin's family.  Her oldest son was having his party and I had never met any of her children.  My daughters got to meet my cousin and her husband and their 2nd cousins!  My aunt and uncle were there as well and we hadn't seen each other since 1999 when my 13 yr old was just 4 months old!! It was a special afternoon.  The next day, after church, Dave and Courtney and I attended the party of good friends of ours from church. (Claire had a pool party to attend) I actually had time to sit and chat with another friend whom I rarely see......it was such a blessing!  I love getting together with family and friends we rarely get to see.....thank God for grad parties!
Courtney won!
  • FAMILY DATE NIGHT!  On Sunday evening, we had a family date night.  And we didn't have to pay for it!  Dave's company treated employees and families to this place.  It was a fabulous evening for mini golf.  Claire had had dinner at the pool party she attended earlier in the day and Courtney and I had lunch after church so didn't eat at the grad party. Which left us hungry that evening.  We had some dinner there and then played a round of golf followed by ice cream.  It was a really fun evening and spending time with all 4 of us together is just a blessing.

  • COFFEE DATE!  I had 2 errands to run early Wednesday morning which would put me out of the house until about 11.  I spontaneously texted a friend from small group to see if she wanted to meet at our fave coffee place (DD!!). We met and had iced coffees.......mmm...the hazelnut iced is sooo delish! We got caught up on each other's personal lives since we often don't have time to get into too much during group time.  We talked for over an hour and it was great!! We are covenant prayer partners too which is awesome. She is praying for me regarding a situation and I am praying for her. Together we are praying about our marriages......it is such a blessing to have friends who are not afraid of "doing life together" and can share the deeper things of God.  I love these spontaneous coffee dates and now that I'm off work for the summer they are a true blessing!

My bike!
  • BIKING!  I've been enjoying some early morning bike rides.  One was with my husband and then all week I've either power-walked or biked.  The mornings have been cool and sunny and just perfect.  I do a 3-5 mile circuit and it feels so good! Biking has always been a fave with me....and it's a good way to fit in some prayer time! Biking outdoors in the fresh morning air, talking to God....all what this Naturalist needs!
our outdoor reading and conversation area
  • DECK TIME!  All week I have been sitting outside for either breakfast or lunch or both; reading in the early morning or late afternoon, having coffee, and chatting with the girls or with Dave.  Basically we live out here most of the summer (unless too humid). This area gets the morning sun so by mid-afternoon it is in the shade.  And I love the morning sun but I love reading in the afternoon shade even better! I've read some good books lately and plan on doing a lot more reading now that I'm on vacation.  Reading books outside is always a fave!
Those are some of my faves from the week.  God is always bringing us blessings....look for the simple things and not just the big things......enjoy His handiwork this summer and give thanks for all those things He surprises us with......and now.....

Dave and I are off for a "romantic weekend getaway"...our first weekend away with no children in about 10 years!  We celebrate 22 years of marriage tomorrow and are escaping to the mountains to a lovely Bed and Breakfast.  Come on back Monday to read the adventure!



Susanne said...

Happy anniversary to both of you! May it be extra special!

I love all your faves. Such wonderful blessings each one of them are. I wish I could take the summer off but I'm looking forward to a little bit more relaxed summer this year with a few less kids in the dayhome.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Grad parties ARE fun! I need to find time for one of those coffee breaks...

And you know I'm all for reading, deck or chair, bed or couch, beach or whatever! Have a great weekend.

Barbara H. said...

Happy anniversary! Hope you have a great weekend!

Neat to have so many parties and dates all together. We still haven't had a grad party for our son -- I'm glad others are having them now as well. I don't feel quite so late with ours now.

ellen b said...

Your getaway sound lovely. Congratulations on your anniversary. How fun to meet up with cousins and celebrate. Have a great weekend.

Donnetta said...

A list centered around family and friends. Doesn't get much better than that!

Sounds like you enjoy the outdoors! I enjoy being outside as much as possible, also. And oh yeah, reading too. :-)

Happy Anniversary! Hope you enjoyed your weekend away!

Annette {This Simple Home} said...

Happy anniversary, indeed! I just loved your family/friend-focused favorites...truly blessed