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14 June 2012

Fantastic End of the School Year Faves

Well, we have internet service again!!

Long story but last week I couldn't participate in the Friday Fave Five due to our home having no phone or internet service (at the fault of the company that begins with a V and has a z in the middle). But, for now, the problem is solved!

And....the school year is winding down. Today isour last full day of school at  all 6 elementary schools in our district. My daughter, at the junior high, has one final exam from today til Wed and on  Thursday morning I will say goodbye to 9 special needs 1st and 2nd graders and an entire class of 2nd graders.   And then one week from today is the first day of summer vacation!! 

Meanwhile, I'm linking up with Susanne from over here to share 5 blessings from the past week.


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  • FANTASTIC FIND AT FARMERS MARKET! My sister in law,niece and inlaws spent part of last weekend with us to see our ballerina daughter perform on pointe in her dance show. The next morning (Sat) we got up and went to the Farmers Market at our towne park. The above pic is the fantastic find I discovered from one of the vendors who have a store in our north end of town, very close to my neighborhood. My princess daughter found Banana Peanut Butter and bought it. I prefer this chocolate raspberry kind and even made brownies with some of it. It is FANTASTIC! (and only made with organic peanuts)
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  • FANTASTIC GRADES!  Claire, our 7th grader ballerina, had her first 2 Junior High Final Exams this past week.  She received a 100% on her Science Lab exam and 100% on her Oral Russian Exam. (as I type this she is studying for the Written Russian Exam).  She still needs to take the Advanced Math7, Written Science, Advanced English7, and Social Studies7 exams before next Thursday. We are so proud of her for being different from the rest of us and taking Russian instead of French!  And even though she does NOT like science, she has pulled all A's this year and was invited to take the more challenging high school science next year in 8th grade. Which she declined.  She IS sticking with Russian though and hopes to get another A for her final grade.  Fantastic grades are always a fave at our house........
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  • FANTASTIC TEXT MESSAGE!  I had a very special text message from my pastor's wife right after we departed from chatting together for 2 hours and quite frankly, it left me totally overwhelmed. In a good way.  I won't share it here as it's private but it totally made me realize just how blessed I am to know this woman and have the chance to talk with her. God knew I needed this.  It totally ministered to my soul and that's always a fave!
  • FANTASTIC FLOWERS!  My wildflowers are doing so well in this one area of our backyard. The yellow looks so pretty up against our neighbor's fence.  I love sitting on my deck with coffee and the Word in the late evening and just looking at the colors all around me. God's creation...fantastic and definitely a fave!

  • FANTASTIC FRIENDS!  I am blessed beyond my wildest imagination.  God has given me a fantastic circle of faith-filled friends at my church/small group. I never thought I'd be a small group leader of such spirit-filled, wise women.  And my pastor's wife is wise and trustworthy, too.  And I've needed that in a pastor's wife. This past week I've been spending time reflecting on women who are in my life and I am so thankful that, even though I've had a loss of one good friend and it hasn't been restored (although I've tried!),  I've been able to get to the point of forgiving the person, praying for her, leaving the restoration process in God's hands, realizing that I can't change the person but I CAN change the way I respond to the loss, praying that she someday know how much I care about her, and moving on.  All of my friends understand that we are not perfect....we just need each other to do life with...and we try to encourage, edify, and pray for each other. We accept each other. and that's fantastic to me!

That wraps up my friday fave fives.

I hope you have a wonderful, restful, refreshing weekend.


Susanne said...

Lots to be thankful for! Congrats to Claire, that is a wonderful accomplishment. The peanut butter sounds delish. Isn't it amazing how God knows exactly what we need and uses people to fill that need to show us His love for us?

Melanie said...

Wow, sounds like you had a FANTASTIC week!!! Yay for a fantastic week and hoping you have a fantastic summer!! I'll have to try those raspberry things ;)

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Congrats on a fantastic week! I just finished writing about fantastic friends, too. Enjoy your last week of school, Faith. I know you're looking forward to summer.

Bluerose said...

I'm a little jealous about your peanut butter find! ;) I'm going to have to search some of that out now.

It sounds like you had a very blessed week, indeed! Your circle of friends sound amazing.