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20 July 2012

Heat Wave Faves

Linking up with Susanne and other friends to reflect back on our week and find those five favorites from God.  An exercise in gratitude!

It's been HOT and HUMID here in eastern New York State but that didn't stop us from having some special moments this past week......I thank God for each special thing we experienced.....

image taken from the Albany Times Union blog

image taken from arts america blog
  • NEW YORK CITY BALLET!  Last Friday evening, my youngest daughter "the ballerina" and I went to Saratoga Performing Arts Center, about 20 min north of us, to see the ballet. They are only in town for 2 weeks so we made sure to get good tickets for Firebird, the ballet based on Stravinsky's music. (2nd photo pictured above).  The first 2 ballets of the evening were Russian Seasons. (first photo) That was a little more "modern" ballet than what we like.  The other one was more classical, In the Night, and featured 3 different pas de deux dances with a pianist playing Chopin's nocturnes. We were glad the evening ended with Firebird...by far the best ballet of the night!  My sister Joy met us there (she lives about an hour north of us) and the 3 of us had a wonderful evening out.  There really is nothing like the NYCBallet!  I'm so thankful we had this mother-daughter date that included the sister I rarely see.

Youth group friends!
l-r: Laura, Marissa, Rebekah, Claire, Meredith, Dani, Nichole
  • BONFIRE BASH!  My 13 yr old (the ballerina) wanted to have her small group from the church Junior High Youth Group (Epic Faith) over for a bonfire evening.  It was such a hot and humid day that I didn't think they would want to sit by a fire all evening. But...they did!  It actually wasn't bad once the sun went down and they had a blast making s'mores, eating corn chips, drinking soda and water...just hanging out. Claire really likes to have her friends over and we get so busy during the school year that it makes it so special in the summer months.  I loved taking pictures and just listening to them chat, laugh, sing, eat......thank you God for good friends and fun evenings!
image taken from Van Houtte website
  • A NEW FLAVOR!  This is a new flavor I discovered in a K-cup.  And Oh.my.goodness. does it ever have a wonderful scent and taste. The raspberry is just a hint with a chocolate undertone. It is sooooo good and because we had the AC on all week (until yesterday morning when the humidity broke); I enjoyed a cup after dinner a couple times.  I even got my oldest daughter to try it and she loved it!  A new coffee flavor is always a fave with me.......

  • FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT!  Because it was so darn hot and humid most of the week, we had a couple of movie nights.  We finally saw this movie....I'd been waiting a long time for the town library to have it and they finally did! Even though it was rated R (language in some spots) we allowed our 13 yr old to view it with us because of the history and the plot.  It was excellent!!  I enjoy family movie nights in the winter but it was fun doing it this week with everyone home and too hot to go outdoors. Central air and a good movie are always a fave!

image taken from goodreads.com
  • PERFECT DAY!  I know this sounds weird but yesterday was the perfect summer day.  We woke up to no humidity, no high temperatures and blue sky and sun.  Even the grass looked greener  as we had a good soaking rain one night and I've watered the lawn almost every morning during the hot spell.  I was able to mow yesterday morning, and after an errand with the girls and housework, I sat out in the backyard, under one of your new maples, and did some reading. That half hour was excellent.....I love just taking 30 minutes and relaxing!  Temps in the low 80s, bright blue sky and no humidity is always a fave...always!!
Those are just some faves.....there were many more special moments that God brought into my life this past week.....good worship at church, some good devotional times, chatting with a couple of old friends, and repainting the dining room with my oldest gal.  Painting isn't really a fave but the end result is! 
a new paint job "Honeymilk"

That wraps it up for me.....tomorrow we have a day away at a lake about 90 minutes north of here.  My small group and all the families are going to have a beach BBQ and do some boating.....let's hope this perfect summer weather continues!!

AND....This is the 200th week of the Friday Fave Five, hosted by Susanne of Living to Tell the Story (you can click on her name in my first paragraph).  She wanted to know what the FFF has meant to us and when we began participating. My very first one was in August 2008!  For me, it is a great writing exercise in looking back at the week, and whether it was good or bad, stressful or relaxed, calm or chaotic, there are always blessings to be found that God places in our lives. Always.  Simple things, simple moments, extravagant gifts, exciting dates, or just ordinary things that are special to you......we can always find something to thank our Lord for giving to us.  I don't remember when I first joined in on the FFF but I am so glad I did and I'll continue to do so for as long as she continues to host it!  Be blessed today, friends, and look for those moments!!


Susanne said...

I've always wanted a fire pit or oven in the back yard but the way it's set up now we have no place for it. Such a nice way for teens to spend an evening together.

What a special "date" at the ballet. It's so neat that you and Claire share something like that.

It's been hot all week. A lot of the days have been muggy too and we've had a few downpours. Weird weather this year.

Willow said...

I felt your humidity pain while I was visiting back east and can appreciate the 'perfect summer day'. I hope the weather holds for you for a while.
The ballet would be one of my faves too! One of my TAs from last year was prima ballerina at our local ballet this spring and now she's in Boston dancing :)
And oh--the fire pit! I want one!lid

Barbara H. said...

The ballet date and fellowship sound fun. I've been wanting to get a portable fire pit and to get our back patio set up to me more hospitable.

I don't know if we have experienced a day with no humidity here. :-) I've always lived in the very humid southeast, and when I first went to visit my husband's family in ID with 10% humidity, it was quite a difference.

Schotzy said...

Yes, the heat wave has been excruciating in many ways.. especially when the power went out.. I loved the King's Speech... No one of the best films put out in a long while!

ellen b said...

Wonderful moments for sure. So glad you had a day of relief with little humidity. Blessings...

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Your ballet evening sounds just lovely! And so does that perfect summer day.

I thought The King's Speech was fascinating. Your dining room looks great...we need to do some painting around here...someday.

Hope you have a great outing tomorrow!

Hope said...

Your dining room looks great! We have The King's Speech coming on Netflix. Looking forward to seeing if it's as good as everyone says!

Hope said...

Your dining room looks great! We have The King's Speech coming on Netflix. Looking forward to it.

Hope said...

Dining room looks great. We have The King's Speech coming on Netflix. Looking forward to it.

Donnetta said...

I haven't been to a ballet for years, but enjoy it when I can. How delightful that you were able to spend the time with family!

Your daughter's party sounds like so much fun. I'll bet those girls will remember that for a very long time!

New coffee, movie night and a perfect summer day thrown into the week as well... easy to see how they made the list of favorites. :-)

Happy Friday!