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22 January 2013

2013 Book Review 3: Zero Day

I finally finished this book.

I say "finally" because it dragged on for me!  I almost didn't finish it but I just HAD to find out who the "bad guy(s)" were

When I saw this novel at the towne library, I was excited because I know this author and I really enjoy his Camel Club series which are set in or around the Washington, D.C. area and feature the same characters in each novel along with whatever the latest mystery or crime is that the "Camel Club" is trying to solve.

I discovered that this book is about a totally new character not connected to the Camel Club series. I have a feeling this particular book is the springboard for a new series featuring the character John Puller, Jr.

I thought it would be an enjoyable read like Baldacci's other novels.

I'm not a fan, however of this one.

Here's the Story Summary

John Puller is an Army veteran and a CID (Criminal Investigative Division) for the United States Army. His father was a legend in the Army.  His older brother is in a federal military prison, serving a life sentence, for treason. Puller has a determined drive to find out truth.

He gets called out on a case to a remote part of West Virginia....coal country. A military family has been slaughtered, and 3 other people turn up dead as well.  A local homicide detective, a woman named Sam Cole, has her own personal issues, is a headstrong, independent woman, yet ends up helping Puller with the investigation. Deception after deception follows them through the tiny town of Drake.

Is the US government hiding something??

Is there a conspiracy going on??

Whom can Puller trust??

He is a man on the hunt for justice against major forces....what are they??


It was an ok read.  I much prefer the Camel Club series like I said.  The main thing I did NOT like was the detailed information about nuclear weapons, assault weapons and how to make a bomb.  I realize one can find this information off the internet but I'm at the point in life where I just don't want to read about the promotion, or usage, of assault weapons.  It really wasn't necessary for the storyline. The author could have stopped with just giving the reader a description of the uranium and plutonium....just describing the chemistry behind them would have sufficed.  I was VERY disappointed that there was that much "violence" description in a mystery book. Totally unnecessary in my opinion and very disturbing in light of the recent tragedies involving weapons in our country. 

I most likely will not read any more of this author's novels featuring John Puller. It just didn't grab me the way his other novels have done.  It did have some good points...his character development is excellent and I loved his description of West Virginia coal country.  

I wanted to see who was going to end up being the evil force and I was surprised at the ending.....it wasn't who I thought it was going to be which is always a selling point with me. I like to be surprised and I don't like predictable mysteries where you can guess by the middle of the book who the "bad guy" is.  So in that regard it was good.

This book is appropriate for ages 17 and older in my opinion.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I rate this a 5.

I'm now reading an EXCELLENT book by a writer that I've heard many people talking about.  Her name is Karen White.  Stay tuned for that book review......I hope to be done with the novel by the weekend!

Are you reading any mysteries or good fiction right now??

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Susanne said...

It's a bummer when a favorite author writes one that doesn't appeal. I've never heard of Karen White. Looking forward to what you think of that one.