"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

01 March 2013

"Winter's Almost Over" faves

It's time for the Friday Fave Five! (and can you tell I'm "thinking spring" by using the tulip logo?) This is a time to reflect back on the week and find 5 blessings that you know God brought into your life......sometimes they are just little things and other times they are significant events.  Sometimes they involve other people, other times it's just you and God.

Join in with other bloggers and link up over at Susanne's site..........it's fun to see how God blessed all of us!


Claire at Faith's parents home in central NY
Summer 2011

  • VISIT WITH DAD/GRANDPA!    Last Friday, because my youngest and I were on Winter Recess from school, we went out to visit my dad in central New York State. It's only about an hour's drive from the Capital Region so we got there in the morning and had lunch.  We talked, went up to the attic to look through some of my mother's things and then went out to dinner to his fave Friday evening place in my hometown (the next town over).  It was really good to see my dad doing so well....and even making jokes about my mom. Claire was happy to see and talk to Grandpa, too! It is a blessing that my dad, at age 81, is able to be on his own....and that he has always been such a godly, wise man and excellent father and grandfather!

Family room is ready for Game Night!
    Claire arranges cookies for the party
  • COUPLES GAME NIGHT!  Last Saturday evening, my small group (all moms of teens) hosted all the couples at our house for a game night! This is becoming a tradition.  It was our 2nd annual Couples Night and we had a blast! Due to Winter Recess, there were 3 couples who couldn't join us. I had also invited 2 women (and their husbands!) who used to be part of the group but had to drop out.  In total, it ended up being just 3 couples but oh what fun we had!  My friends Carla and Jeanie brought their husbands Bob and James and Dave enjoyed that.  We had food (Claire, my "acts of service" child, arranged the food that I contributed), fellowship and FUN!  Dave and I are thinking this is going to be a definite annual event.  It's a blessing to have good, close friends in Christ to do life with...and have fun with!  And it's a blessing that Jeanie and James allowed their daughter R to join Claire for a sleepover! Good friends are a real blessing that I never want to take for granted!

  • ORGANIZATIONAL KITCHEN TOOL!  Every winter I get something new in the way of an organizational tool. This past week I was doing my weekly run to this store and found the Keurig Carousel for under $25.!! I had seen it last summer in another place but it was closer to $40!  So I decided this was a good purchase for my small group meetings and now Dave will be able to find his decaf at a quick glance.  There's a flavor for everyone by just giving it a spin! And it doesn't take up much room on the kitchen counter!  It's a blessing to find a good purchase at a decent price!

  • SUNNY, WARMER DAY!  On Tuesday, I had to take a sick day due to starting new antibiotic for an infection.  The doctor told me to stay home and rest and check for side effects (praise God, I've not experienced the dizziness she thought I might).  Anyways, in the morning, the sun was out, the temps were  warmer and our deck is in the morning sun. I had on a thick sweater, jeans, and my fuzzy socks so carried my mug of coffee out to the deck and just SAT in the sun for about 15 minutes to pray and think. IT WAS A HUGE BLESSING to do this! I even saw some nuthatches, blue jays and a black capped chickadee flitting around the bird feeder. What a blessing the sunshine is!

Long Lake in Long Lake, NY
Central/High Peaks Region of the Adirondacks
image taken from menupix website
  • COTTAGE FOUND! This was probably my favorite fave of the week simply because this has been an ongoing search for the last 5 weeks. AND because we haven't stayed for an entire week in the Adirondacks since we camped in 2008! We've only done day trips.  If you have come to this blog before, you know by now that I have a passion for the Adirondacks, especially the South Central and Central regions.  And I'm a huge fan of hiking and kayaking.  In fact, those are really the only sports, besides biking, that I engage in.  Dave and I decided to rent a cottage this year for a week on Long Lake.  It's an area I love, yet we've only done a couple of hikes up in that area. After calling so many places and reading tons of reviews, we finally booked with this establishment.  Our cottage is Houghton House.  We will be vacationing with our youngest, possibly our oldest (depending on what her summer job is) and most likely Dave's older bro and his wife who are from MA. I'm sure I'll be sharing more about this cottage in the future! The real blessing is that when I spoke to the proprietor on the phone, she told me the price and it was LESS than our first choice cottage (which has been booked solid since last summer!) AND it's bigger!!  And yes....we will be close to the trails I want to do AND we are allowed to keep our kayaks on the private beach! What a blessing to have our vacation plans set.
That wraps it up for me......I am looking forward to this weekend to get some projects completed, some housework done and some early planting started!  I am going to try to grow some cherry tomatoes in deck containers......and I need to go talk to a gardener about the kind of soil, etc I need to purchase. I'm going to try to grow some herbs again this year too......it's almost SPRING!!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!


Heather said...

That is wonderful about your Dad!! Praise be to God! So glad you both got to visit him.

We are starting a game night at church. We'll have our first this month. It should be fun!

I got a new coffee maker today. I was delighted! :)

The cottage and trip sounds so wonderful! God is good and I know you can't wait to enjoy and relax! Have a blessed weekend!

Jerralea said...

Looks like a week full of good things!

We are considering having a game night at our church fellowship hall. It's great when you can get couples to participate. I love to fellowship over a good board game!

The cottage sounds awesome. You are blessed!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

My mom is older than your dad, and she's still doing okay on her own. It's a real blessing.

Friends are a real blessing, aren't they? Sounds like you've had a great week, Faith. Hope your week ahead is a good one.

Susanne said...

That's wonderful that your Dad is doing so well on his own. That's always such a concern when they start to get older. My Mom's in her 80's and still on her own and its wonderful but a bit nerve wracking at times for me.

Games night sounds like such fun. Unfortunately my hubby is so NOT into board games at all.

Vacation plans done already? Wow, you are really on top of things. We tend to be decide at the last minute kind of family.

Anonymous said...

"finishing the financial aid forms! Hallelujah!" from Diane of capital region NYS

Barbara H. said...

Love your new header!

Glad your dad is doing so well and you got a good visit with him.

The couples' night sounds fun.

I love finding organizational aids at good prices.

Hope you're feeling better!

Your vacation plans sound nice!