"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

10 May 2013

Refreshing Faves

The week flew by.  

It was another busy one...and it will stay busy until the end of school, I think.  We have 6 more weeks of school and then summer vacation!! 

I'm linking up today at Susanne's where we share our FIVE FAVEs from the past week.  Join in with us! 

I managed to find some fave moments throughout my week.......I don't have any fave foods, drinks, or books this week but  I do have 5 moments that stick out as real blessings from the Lord...they were moments that totally refreshed me.  I needed that as every single day had very busy moments.

Claire practices her ballet split
  • SARATOGA SPRINGS!  My 14 yr old ballerina girl had a late afternoon appointment in our fave city for a pointe shoe fitting. Her shoes we bought in February are already worn through so new ones are vital for her June performances.  We got the new shoes and decided to walk to dinner at one of our fave places. YUMMY!!! Then we enjoyed another walk and a trip to another shoe store so she could get new sneakers and I could get some new lacy linen flats. (Think Tom's but much less expensive!!).  We both found shoes we needed ON SALE and the blessing/fave is that I had this time with Claire enjoying classical music in the car and talking at dinner with this girl who is just growing up too fast.  Each day is precious as is each moment I'm with her.

Waterfalls on the Bozen Kill in Christman Sanctuary
  • SHORT HIKE!  The Family Hiking Club I organized went on our first outing last Saturday morning.  We went to Christman Sanctuary which is only about a 30 min drive southwest of us.  It was great!  3 other mom-friends went too as well as 2 other teens and a pre-teen.  The hike was relatively flat, a nice loop trail with 3 waterfalls and the creek to cross.  We had a snack near the waterfalls pictured above while the girls explored the water for frogs, tadpoles, and salamanders.  It was a gorgeous day and some great fellowship and exercise. The whole hike only took about an hour so we had the rest of the day to do our housework, homework, etc.  A real blessing and so refreshing!
  • PARK RESPITE!  On Monday evening, after I dropped Claire off at ballet class, I did a half hour power-walk workout in one of  our town parks. The weather was lovely so it was crowded on the main biking trails.  I walked around the pond and then headed past the playground into what is known as The Ramble (a wooded area), coming out on the other side next to the area known as The Meadow. I did a little over a mile in 20 minutes and then slow walked back to my car, enjoying the late day sunshine and the slight breeze.....so refreshing!  The blessing was the small respite it gave me from a hectic day and the energy to do a load of laundry once I got home.  I love just escaping to this particular park.....right in the middle of suburbia!

  • CHERRY BLOSSOMS!  This past week our 2 cherry trees in the front yard blossomed.  I  took a few moments to just sit on the front stoop one morning and snapped this picture.  I love the tulips and other flowers under this tree.  The house is to the left of this tree. The other cherry tree is closer to the street and has hosta just starting to fill out under it.  I love the colors of Spring and it's such a blessing to be able to pause in a busy day and enjoy the scents and sights....it's refreshing for body, soul and mind to just pause and savor.
image courtesy of SJHS website
Our school district's Music Department symbol
  • FINAL JUNIOR HIGH CONCERT! Last evening was Claire's 3rd and final Spring Concert at the junior high. Bittersweet. The Select Chorus was outstanding and today they are competing at the Great East Music Festival in central MA.  After the select music groups perform, they will stop for a much deserved fun afternoon at this place.  How refreshing it's been to see Claire grow as a singer and violinist for these 2 years at the junior high.It was refreshing to sit with friends and listen to some other music groups last night as well: Chamber Singers, one of the 7th grade bands, and the Jazz Ensemble.  It's a blessing to have a daughter so dedicated to the music program....and the teachers involved in the music department are a huge blessing as well. We will miss her junior high music teachers but look forward to the awesome groups at the high school.
Well, the weekend is upon us.............

I want to wish all of you who are moms a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY....enjoy every minute with whatever your family has planned for you...........


Kathie said...

Wonderful blessings Faith! Your girl is very flexible :) my daughter is in the performing arts program at Holland College here on the Island and she's been practicing her splits all year. She's finally down to the ground. it took a lot of work.

You're getting some great exercise in - you're an inspiration. I'm trying to do the same.

Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day weekend!

Willow said...

Your two outdoor excursions would be ones I'd love to join. The hike to the three falls sounds great.
You are indeed fortunate to have such a wonderful music program available in your area schools. I'm sure Claire's group will shine at the competition today!

Gattina said...

How nice to do some shopping with your daughter ! Sons are not so keen on that, lol ! Here too nature is in full blossom finally !
To answer your question on separate holidays, Mr. G. doesn't want to travel anymore he says he had traveled enough in his life, and here he only went to Italy to visit his sister.
That's the reason I travel with friends, because I don't have enough yet, lol !

Barbara H. said...

The cherry blossoms look lovely.

I love parks anywhere but especially right in the midst of suburbia or a city -- what a respite.

Hurray for new shoes on sale and fun times together.

susan said...

How wonderful to have cherry trees on your property. I LOVE the look but am unfortunately allergic to them. Are these ornamental or will they produce fruit?

What a great example you are week after week to share your walks with us. After last week's posting, I finally decided to organize a few walks with friends. I will post pictures when that happens.

Hurray for special time with daughters.

Susanne said...

I'm trying to work some power walks into my weekly schedule too. It's so nice to get outside and enjoy the weather and those lovely parks would make it very enjoyable.

Your trees are lovely as is your lawn! It looks so thick and lush.

It's a blessing to get some time alone with one's children. They do grow up way too fast. I'll be holding onto every second I can get with my youngest over the summer before she leaves for school.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

You know your faves resonate with me, Faith -- all that beautiful nature! Hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day.