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05 July 2013

Beginning of July Faves

What a week.

Sizzling, scorching sun when it wasn't down-pouring.

High humidity levels all across the state...even the mountain areas are experiencing hotter than normal temps!

This is summer in the Northeast this year, so far and I am fervently praying that the wet weather will disappear and the humidity levels will drop and we can all enjoy a beautiful season.

Even with a heat wave, we can find some faves........I'm linking up at Susanne's to practice finding Five Faves from the past week...blessings from God......how about joining in?


Family Room Makeover, north-east walls

Family room, south wall

west wall
  • FINISHED!  Last Saturday, I was able to get the family room finished from the painting project.  Everything was put back in place and I added or took away some accessories.  I love this room now!!  I can't wait to entertain in it this autumn!  We do game nights, movie nights and family nights and this is the room that gets used the most.  It's a good feeling to have it completely done.  All I need is a mirror for over the couch. I'm still looking for the one that says "buy me!". It's a blessing that my family helped me out with this project and we saved money doing it ourselves!

  • SUNSHINE AND A BREEZE!  On Sunday, Dave and I went out to the central part of New York, to help my dad deal with the mud situation from the flood he experienced last Friday.  What a mess.  The good news is, that my sister Hope and her husband Donny were there too and Dave and Donny got the garage all cleaned out.  We are going back today to clean the stuff in the basement which was still underwater on Sunday.  The sun did come out while we were there and that helped to dry up the mud on his lawn. There was also a nice breeze which helped us deal with the high humidity.  What devastation but the blessing is that Dad's church men have formed a team to help with clean-up, the sun has stayed out, and his power has been restored as of Monday evening. He just got his hot water back as someone helped him buy a new hot water tank, since his was ruined in the flood.  And his car is totaled.  He is waiting to hear back from the insurance agent about coverage and getting a new one. For now, his mechanic of over 40 years, has given him a loaner. And things are starting to improve in the Mohawk Valley. Please keep those folks in your prayers.

Claire gets ready to serve

Courtney taking a break
  • BADMINTON!  The evenings in the backyard are not too bad, even with this high humidity because the sun is in the front of the house from 2 pm to sunset.  Which is a real blessing!  So in the evenings, after dinner, for some exercise, the girls and I have been playing badminton together. It's been a lot of fun!  We've always enjoyed this. I think it's a blessing that my teenagers still like to have fun with their older mom! 

our dinner table
note: the sea glass in the jar is from Buzzards Bay, MA
oh how we miss the beach house :(
  • SUMMER DINNERS:  I love cooking in the summer months.  I love trying new recipes any time but for some reason, I especially like grilling and cooking new things in the summer months and even into the autumn (well, until November anyways!).  I think part of it is that I don't work outside the home from the end of June until late summer (early September) so that does give me more time and energy to peruse new recipes, shop, etc. One evening, I tried a new Veggie Spiral Salad. I paired it with Italian Beef Circles (recipes will be posted later this weeknd) and a fruit cup that I just kind of made up.  It was a hit with everyone!!  The fruit cup was so pretty.  I took cantaloupe and balled it with a melon baller.  Then I added some diced, fresh nectarines and some fresh, local blueberries.  Oh my.  It was so pretty that we took a picture. Claire set the table and when Courtney and Dave came home from work, they were so happy that dinner was almost ready. The real blessing is that we all were together for a meal at least 3 times this week!! YAY!

deck container of basil and cherry tomatoes
  • DECK GARDENING! Well, my tomatoes were getting a slow start this spring but all of a sudden this week they have really grown!!  I have no idea what I'm doing....I'm just going by the advice of my sister Hope who has a mini-farm.  Her blog is here.  And the only other time I tried to grow tomatoes was when Courtney (now almost 20) was 3 and we grew them on the south side of the house only to have rabbits eat them!  So, I tried this deck container thingy and so far, so good!! I am so happy!!  The basil is really growing too and I am now at the point where I need to start giving some away because it is growing fast!! The blessing is fresh herbs and tomatoes will be abundant this autumn and I won't have to buy these items at the farmers' markets.  I am also finding it a blessing to find something new I like:  gardening!! Now we just have to find someone who is willing to water for us when we go away for a week later this month!!
That wraps up my week...nothing exciting but definite blessings.

I hope to have a good report when we return from Dad's and I plan on posting those 2 recipes I mentioned.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


Susanne said...

Love the new color on the walls!! And doing it yourself does save a lot of money.

I love every moment my grown kids will spend doing things with me. Badminton in the backyard is so fun.

I gave up on the deck tomatoes this year. I kept getting this rotting thing on the bottom of them that went into the tomato. When you know what you're doing right let me know. But the fresh herbs are awesome to have!!

Barbara H. said...

The family room looks so great! How neat to have it done.

That's good that your dad is getting so much help with his flooding situation.

Your table setting is so cute!

Heather said...

Your room looks so cozy! I love decorating rooms,it's always fun!

It's wonderful having a church family to help when one is in need. We have a wonderful one also.

I love cooking in the cooler month. Soups,stews,baked goods! I am ready for Fall and Winter!

Kara said...

Your family room looks lovely. What a great room to entertain in. I'm glad to hear that your dad is getting things cleaned up. Lucky that he got a loaner. He really got hit hard by that flooding! Great idea to use sea glass as a centerpiece. I'm going to do that the next time I have people over for dinner.

Mrs. C (Paula) said...

Hope all goes well as you help your dad out this weekend. The paint job in your family room turned out nicely. I like the blue plates; very chic.

susan said...

Folks coming together to help is a blessing (no matter whether it's the men of the church or family members). So glad y'all experienced this.

Your checkerboard plates are so cute. It is nice to have the energy and time to pursue cooking. When I have energy and time, I am also more creative in the kitchen. How special to have family dinners 3 times last week.