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16 August 2013

Mid` August Faves

My goodness this week flew!

We are in mid-August which means my oldest daughter returns to college tomorrow on the north shore of Massachusetts and I have only 2 1/2 more weeks of summer break.  It sure starts to go by fast once mid-August gets here!

I'm joining in with other writers in finding five of our fave moments in the past week and linking up at Susanne's.  I'm so thankful that we have the freedom to express our thanks to God for the things, people or places He gives us.


photo courtesy of the product website
  • TEA TIME!  All 4 of us came down with some kind of throat and cough virus. Claire had brought it home from camp. It didn't last long and we discovered via our oldest gal, this tea that one of her college friends had recommended.  Oh.my.goodness. This is now our new "must drink when feeling a cold coming on" tea or even if just a scratchy throat from teaching/talking all day.  It is made in Appalachia (Kentucky) with all natural herbs, etc.  It has a slight licorice taste and is just so soothing. I thank the Lord that this virus didn't last long and that our throats were soothed.
photo courtesy of lake hume new england website
  • YOUTH CAMP!  Our 14 yr old daughter, Claire, had the opportunity to attend this Youth Group Camp with our church's youth group. Our senior high youth group has about 60 teens when everyone is there. Only 9 were able to attend the camp but the youth pastor and chaperones said it was great.  Claire loved it and came home with many things to tell. She went with her friend, N and also met some new friends. She actually went the week before our family vacation to the Adirondack Mountains but we just started hearing more feedback this past week.  The camp is located about an hour and 20 minutes east of our town, in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of MA.  We are hoping she wants to go again next year. There was a lot of spiritual growth which I thank the Lord for.
Courtney in the backyard
  • BONFIRE!  Wednesday evening was one of those "we must do a bonfire, it's a perfect night" kind of evenings. So, after an early dinner (Dave had a ministry duty so didn't join us until a little before 9 pm), Courtney got a fire going, I took out the s'mores stuff, and the girls roasted marshmallows.  It was Courtney's last day of work at her summer job, and her last chance to enjoy a fire in our firepit.  We will be helping her move back into her dorm tomorrow evening.  Please pray that we have safe travels because she will be driving her car (with me as passenger!) and Dave and Claire will be in his car and most of her loot.  I am a tad bit nervous as she has never driven the NY to north shore Boston route before.  It is NOT a fun interstate to navigate.  I'm thankful though that she now has a car for doing her internships, etc. and that we have had such a  nice summer with her at home. How I will miss her!!

  • HIKING QUOTES! I spent some time er... wasted some time on Pinterest one evening and was looking at a bunch of quotes. I found some hiking quotes I love and this is one of them. It is so true!!  Working out, no matter what the form...but especially in nature, is soo good for us!! It's good for us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. There is nothing like a great hike!  Even if it's a flat one on a nature center trail.  Try it...you'll be glad you did! I'm so thankful I've been able to kayak and hike this year!

Claire getting settled for an afternoon at the lake
15 August
  • LATE DAY AT THE LAKE!  On Thursday I had a colleague over for breakfast and then Claire and I headed to this state park which is about a 35 minute drive north of us.  It was a bit chilly but the sun was glorious and the blue sky was just gorgeous!  We arrived at about 2 pm and the beach was not full at all!  We enjoyed a snack, did a lot of reading, walked around to see the Pavilion where our family party is going to be later this month, and just relaxed in the sun.  We both had fun watching the little children (in the background of the photo) make an elaborate sand castle and another family trying to fish.  It was a really special time with my 14 yr old.  We stayed until the beach closed at 6 pm. On the way home we stopped at this place because we hadn't been there since she was about 5 years old!  They make their own ice cream on the premises...fresh daily, and their soft serve is 90% fat free!! It was so much fun.........even though we needed sweatshirts to eat it.....it was downright starting to feel like autumn. But it sure beats the high temps and high humidity from early July. I'm thankful I can be home for most of the summer months and enjoy the time with my children.
That's my week.....

We'll be Boston bound tomorrow for a long weekend.........I hope whatever you do this weekend, that you will pause and spend some time in nature, enjoying the last days of mid-summer.


Hazel Ceej said...

First time to see that - throat coat. Looks like something I would love to try. I love tea. Camp that the daughter joined sounds great. Ahhh 'late day at the lake' wins too!

Susanne said...

We have to take our daughter to school in two weeks. I can't believe how fast the summer has gone! She also has to learn how to navigate a crazy roadway through a major city. She's a bit nervous about it but her Dad will be with her in her car and I'll be driving "the loot" vehicle. He's much more relaxed in those situations than I am.

What a nice way to celebrate the last day of work, with a fire and smores. Yummy.

Annette {This Simple Home} said...

Some days finding just the right thing through the internet...even a quote or ten...is so good!

Enjoy the final days with your daughter before sending her off!

Barbara H. said...

Glad you found a good solution for the and scratchy throat.

I'm so glad your daughter got the chance to go to camp and that it was spiritually profitable.

Hope Courtney has a great year at school and a good trip getting there and getting settled in.

The day at the lake sounds just lovely.

Gattina said...

Nice week you had ! I love tea times too, good occasion to chat together !

Willow said...

I will definitely be looking for that tea in my stores out here! Thanks for the tip.
When I clicked on the youth camp link, it said 'humelake.org' and my first thought was, "What? She was in central California??" which is where Hume Lake Camp is (the original, I guess).
LOVE that hiking quote. I'm going to 'steal' it!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Cute hiking quote! I'll definitely be looking for that tea here. Sounds great.

I know your house is a little quieter today...I know the feeling. Thinking of you, Faith.

Have a great week ahead.