"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

29 November 2013

End of November Faves

It's time for the Friday Fave Fives, hosted by Susanne from over here.

Although I am writing this a couple of days early to have it posted by this morning (we are at my in-laws' beach house for the Thanksgiving holiday with all of my husband's siblings and their families minus 2 nieces who couldn't get away from Scotland or Canada where they are in college/vet school), I am hoping all of you who are US citizens had a wonderful holiday and are finding time to rest, refresh your soul, and re-charge for the next month and all that it contains. The beach house no longer has internet service which is why I am writing this Wednesday after work before packing for the trip.


  • SAFE TRIP:  My husband flew home from Colorado last Friday afternoon and Claire and I picked him up at the airport very late Friday night.  I am so thankful he had an uneventful flight and that everything went according to schedule...in fact....his plane was about a half hour early!  We were tired but happy to see him.

  • BAKING DONE:  I had 3 things to bake this past weekend for the T-----Family Feast.  I had to bake zucchini bread, pumpkin bars, and banana chip muffins.  Everything was done by Sunday late afternoon and I was so thankful to pop everything into airtight baggies for the trip yesterday.

  • BALLET CANCELLED:  Although my youngest daughter just loves taking three ballet classes per week (and an occasional one on Saturdays!), it can get overwhelming for me, the taxi driver. She has a class on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Wednesdays and on Mondays and Tuesdays she also has an after school club (LIFE and Russian).  So that means I am picking her up at school once my school gets out, rushing us home to do homework/work-out/prep dinner, cooking and eating early, and then rushing off to ballet and then while she is in class I either run errands or come home to do some housework or small group prep.  I was thrilled when the dance studio owner emailed me Monday afternoon saying that the Tuesday and Wednesday classes were going to be cancelled.  I am thankful for this little blessing during a hectic week.

  • SAFE ARRIVAL:  my oldest daughter just called me (Wed afternoon 5 pm) and said she is safe at my brother in law's home down in Plymouth Co, MA.  She and her college friend Ken made it ok and she said the traffic wasn't too bad getting out of Boston.  There are strong gusty winds at Buzzards Bay so when we get to the beach house tomorrow we have no idea what we will find....but...for now I am thankful that she made the drive ok with her car coming down from the north shore of Boston.  My husband, Claire, and I will leave on Thanksgiving morning for Buzzards Bay where 14 family and friends will gather for the feast and a good time.  I am so thankful my daughter is safe tonite!

  • THANKSGIVING BREAK: All of us are off from work/school until Monday and I am so glad!  What a busy month!  We did have a couple of days off due to Veterans' Day and a couple of parent/teacher conference days but overall this was a hectic month.  December is busy but it's all stuff that is related to birthdays (me, Claire, a sister, a nephew, and 2 friends), a Xmas Tea, the Russian Ballet, concerts, small group fellowship night, company Xmas party, baking, gift shopping and wrapping...and a cookie swap! Whew....it's a busy, fun month.  So for the next 4 days, we are going to welcome the slower pace, the extended family chit-chat, the good food and walks on the beach (even though the weather report says it will be cold....but at least we will see some sun!)....and just reading and relaxing and of course loving on my oldest girl.  I am sooo thankful for Thanksgiving Break!
Whatever you are doing this Thanksgiving weekend, please do take a moment for reflection on the things and people that God brings your way....and take a moment to pause in prayer.  Take some time to hug your child, your husband, your parent, your friend.  Take some time for YOU......to recharge, refresh your soul, and rest in Him.  


Joyful Reader said...

Faith, I hope you enjoy your family and the time off!

bj said...

i am thankful to know that all is well with my loved ones, including Faithe and family <3, my niece Bethany and her husband and children along with my niece Emily were unharmed in the recent tornados in Indiana ; and my little sister is safe back in her room after surgery and the rest of the family is doing ok too! i am beyond thankful for what the LORD did for my sons, such a glorious deliverance, Hallejah! they are in their right minds now, and helping others. i am a grateful mom.

Dianna said...

You have had a busy month, Faith. I loved that all of your faves this week someway involved family. That just makes me smile! I trust that you will have a wonderful remainder of the weekend!

I am thankful today for a patient loving husband. :)

Susanne said...

Hope you had a wonderful, relaxing weekend. It's always a wonderful feeling to see when family has arrived safe and sound whether travelling by air or car!

Willow said...

Wow, your December is going to be really busy. I'm glad you have had a restful prelude.

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was wonderful despite the crazy weather. (Landing EARLY on a Thanksgiving week flight is truly an unexpected blessing!)