"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

07 February 2014

February Faves

What a week.....definitely has NOT been an easy or fave one.

I'm ready for spring as I'm sure many of you are.......

and it took some doing to find the blessings in this week, to be honest.

It's good for our souls and spirits though, to have an attitude of gratitude so I'm linking up with other bloggers over at Susanne's to list 5 blessings from our past week.


  • HOUSE HELP!  This daughter of mine...our baby.....age 15....it's turning out to be much easier than age 14 was!  She has seen me dealing with a sinus headache all week that nothing the doc recommended is touching, so she volunteered to fold some laundry and it wasn't even her own laundry!!  (she did do her own, too).  Then she offered to bake cookies, and offered to do a couple of other things around the house. She is a blessing. My heart was so proud of her and so grateful!  And she even let me hug her as a thank you!

photo courtesy of the Boston Globe
  • ROBINS!  We had a mild weekend last weekend with temps climbing to the high 30's (F) and then another cold spell with a snow day on Wednesday.  BUT...weirdly, at work, outside the special education classroom window, there were some robins. I counted 6.  And then on Wednesday morning while having quiet time in my living room because we had a snow day, I saw TWO robins in our cherry tree.  Hmm...seems like they are migrating back early....maybe this is a sign that spring is almost here?  It was fun to watch them.....wish I had had my camera handy. 
photo courtesy of Amazon
  • GREAT BOOKS!  This past week I've finished 2 very good books.  I did a review on both. The first one can be found here.  This book, in the photo above, is my favorite so far this new year. I love to read in the evenings because I am not a fan of TV other than Downton Abbey, sometimes the evening news, and Law and Order SVU.  So, while I'm waiting for Claire to be done at her ballet classes, I sit and read or read while spinning on my bike, or in the late evening, when all housework is done, everyone is home and we are curled up with books/homework.  This book was fantastic and I highly recommend it if you like historical fiction.  The review is here. I love reading on these snowy winter nights, curled up in my fave living room chair, with my fave fleece blanket over my legs and a huge steaming cup of coffee. Simple, but a real blessing to me.
my word for the year
  • WORD BRACELET!  I was so excited to get this bracelet in the mail this past week. I had ordered it a couple of weeks ago.  I chose "Still" as my word for 2014 based on Psalm 46:10 ("be still and know that I am God").  I'm purposefully building "still" moments into my day.  Each day of the week.  For the entire year.  Even if some days can only be for 10 minutes. It's a time to read Scripture, journal, meditate and/or pray.  It's my way to go deeper with the Lover of my soul. The neat thing about it is that this silver sterling bracelet is made by Caleb, the son of Ann Voscamp.  Check out her post about it here. Now I will wear it each day.  I think it will be a good conversation piece, too, especially for the unbeliever.  We all need to be still in God....to know God.....it's a blessing  to have a relationship with the Living, Breathing God who loves us unconditionally.

photo courtesy of christian book distributors
  • NEW STUDY BOOK!  The small group of moms that I lead twice a month, is starting a new Bible Study book.  Our new semester began last evening, and the first lesson was awesome.  The entire book looks great, with some thought-provoking questions and some amazing truths to be learned through the Scriptures.  The thing I most like about it, is that it only takes about 20 minutes to do each lesson, so you can then reflect and journal your thoughts about the verses or questions and it doesn't take up a large chunk of time.  I have loved going to past Women of Faith conferences and this is now the 2nd study from them that the group has done.  I'm looking forward to seeing what the book has to teach us about living a life abundantly and with balance.  It's a blessing to me to be a small group leader and have a close-knit group of mom-friends.  And as an added bonus, I had to attend a small group leaders meeting at church last weekend and I learned about some new projects that are church wants small groups to be a part of. I'm excited for these changes.  I might be able to share more on that at a later date!
That wraps it up for me.  What were some of your faves this week?


Susanne said...

I haven't heard of that study. I'm definitely putting it on the list for when we finish the one we're doing now.

Your daughter was very sweet helping you out! I hope you are feeling better and have a better weekend.

Haven't seen any robins around here. Waaay too cold. Right now it's -13*F with a wind chill taking it to feeling like -27*F!

fruitfulwords said...

I'm also going to check out "Living a Life of Balance." What a great topic for he majority of ladies I know, myself included. Living in balance is something I am trying to do.

I am interested in knowing what your small groups will be doing. I am in charge of our church small groups and am always looking for new ideas. :)

Thanks for your book reviews. I put them both on my "To-read" list for someday. Right now I come home too tired to read and my allergies are BOTHERING my eyes too.

I hope you feel much better this week, Faith.

Gattina said...

It's nice of your daughter to help you, when I was that age we always had to help, that was taken for granted, lol ! Times have changed !

Barbara H. said...

So glad you had a willing helper there this week. That can be such a blessing. Hope you're feeling better!

How sweet to be seeing robins already!

I love reading in the evenings, s well, with a throw blanket and a cup of coffee.

That study sounds neat.

Jerralea said...

Hey, you have to take hugs when you can get them! It's nice when kids help out without being asked.

I was just saying on Susanne's blog that I love hot drinks and curling up with a blanket and a book. Looks like that is a favorite activity for most of us.

I need to check out your study book. Balance is something I struggle with often.