"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

28 March 2014

Almost Spring Faves!

Well, here we are for another Friday of Five Faves....and it's still feelin' like winter here in the Capital Region of New York State. So many of us are just so weary of the cold temps and bitter wind.  But..the sun has shone often this week and today is supposed to be downright balmy at 50 degrees F.  So....here's to another week of March and the end of the month...hopefully April will bring us some warmer temps so the lingering snow will melt!

  • ICE PACKS!  Last week while teaching a special needs boy how to jump rope at recess, I did something to my Achilles tendon. Oh.my.goodness. The heel pain was awful and once that went away, I could feel the pain in my ankle and calf. The ice pack was my best friend last Friday and Saturday while I iced, rested, elevated, and iced again. Needless to say, I can't hike for at least another week. ugh. But..the blessing is that my husband helped out a bit more with household chores and I  got to finish an entire novel while resting my foot!
Birthday celebrations at Circus Cafe!

our niece Emma (the birthday girl!), our youngest daughter Claire,
 and my husband Dave

  • BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS!  On Sunday, my youngest sister's husband Mike had a birthday.  It was also their oldest daughter's 11th birthday! For some reason I didn't get Mike in the photo!  Emma was allowed to choose where she wanted her birthday dinner..she chose Circus Cafe.  This is a fave restaurant of many of us in the family. Their food is phenomenal and the prices are just right for a family celebration. There were several of us at the dinner besides my husband Dave and I and Claire.  My sister Joy was there with her college-aged son Luke and Mike's younger brother and his wife and toddler girl were there as well.  Jill and Mike also have a 5 year old daughter, Mady who was excited to see her big sister open gifts...she also loved playing with her baby cousin.  It was a great evening of fellowship, fun and tasty food.  Note Emma's cotton candy dessert! I'm thankful we could see Emma open her gift from us and have this fun evening together.

photo courtesy of Mr Peacock blog

  • SILVER MEDAL WINNER! Claire (along with 4 other high school freshmen and several upperclassmen) was chosen to represent the high school at the Russian Olympiada held at the University of Albany on Wednesday. Our suburban high school along with one other area high school was there along with several high schools from the NYC area.  Claire was competing at a level 2 as all the freshmen Russian students are in their 2nd full year of Russian language.  She won a silver medal!!  Her very best friend Suzanna, won 2nd place in the state!  The placement is based on a numerical score.  Each student goes into a room with a panel of judges and must speak in Russian on a topic chosen by the judges.  They also must demonstrate, in Russian, some knowledge of the Russian culture and literature. She will receive her medal later this spring.  We are so thankful for the Russian department at our high school as most NY school districts do not offer this language as part of their curriculum.  

photo courtesy of $tarbucks 
  • CARAMEL MACCHIATO:  Wednesday evening, after dropping Claire off at a ballet class, I had to run a couple of errands. The temps and wind were bitter.  The store where I was doing some shopping has a $tarbucks......I decided I just couldn't face that bitter cold wind again schlepping back to my car, with out getting a small caramel macciato. YUMMY!  It was worth the calories. I don't buy those very often but wow....it sure warmed me up. What a blessing it was when I discovered that I had money left on a gift card that a student bought me for Xmas!!

  • SPRING/EASTER DECORATIONS!  This past week I started getting out my spring and Easter decorations....this little sculpture is new this year....it sits on the wall shelf in our family room reminding all who enter the reason we celebrate the season:  the cross is empty...because He lives!! I like that the crosses are mounted on a rock....another reminder that the stone was indeed rolled away and He lives forever and because of this, we can too!  How grateful I am for the salvation, mercy, and grace of our Savior Redeemer.

That wraps up my week of five faves......head on over to Susanne's site to join in with us..........if you leave me a comment, I will be sure to stop by your post to share in your faves!


Melissa R said...

Hi, Faith! Good to "see" you again. :)

Wow, that huge mound of cotton candy jumped out of the screen at me. So much fun. The Circus Cafe looks like a fun place, overall, anyway.

Congratulations to Claire! That's a wonderful accomplishment!

I like your new Easter decoration. We see chicks and bunnies everywhere, but in our homes we need to remember what we're really celebrating.

Hazel said...

Birthdays are fun fun fun! Yay to Claire. The only Russian words I seem to be listening to these days is when Putin is on CNN. Russian must be a beautiful language. Thanks to ice packs and caramel macchiato too. What a very charming Easter sculpture!

Barbara H. said...

It's in the 50s here too and feels so nice, though we're told we might have snow again on Sunday - and that's in TN! Can't imagine living farther north where it is even colder.

Congratulations to Clare! That's phenomenal!

Ow, sorry you hurt your foot! But glad you had some help at home and some time to read.

Love birthday celebrations with the family! And that Easter sculpture!

Jerralea said...

I don't know that I've ever seen a bigger cotton candy than that!

I think a hot drink definitely helps one face the cold. You deserved it!

Kathie said...

Congratulations to Claire - quite an accomplishment! I would think Russian would be a challenging language. In our school system they only teach French.

A belated Happy bday to your niece and bil. Looks like a fun place to celebrate!

Hope that foot of yours is improving every day - it must be hard not to get out hiking. I know you love it!

Rest up - get well soon! God bless your helpful hubby too!

Susanne said...

Looks like the whole table could have shared that enormous dessert! Sounds like a really fun type of restaurant.

Sorry you injured yourself. But it was nice of your hubby to pick up the slack and let you get that foot rested.

It is still colder here and we have much snow after 3 days of snowing this week. Today is supposed to be nice enough to get that snow melting. Just in time for more snow predicted tomorrow. But it's definitely a more spring like snow, heavy with lots of moisture so I'll try not to complain too much.

Melanie Lopata said...

Yay Claire!!!! And by the way, in all the pictures of her, I think she looks like a model. She just has the "look" and sits so perfectly and naturally! Very beautiful :)

That coffee thing looks yummy!!!!

I want to go to circus cafe for MY birthday!!!

Willow said...

Congratulations, Claire! I'm very impressed.
That birthday celebration looks and sounds like a great time was had by all. You are blessed to live so near your families.
I hope your foot and ankle are healed now and you will be able to HIKE again soon.

Mia said...

Oh dear, I hope your foot is fully healed by now! Glad you got some rest and some family celebrations as well.

Love that cross decoration and all that it symbolizes! Such a triumphant time of the year, to reflect on our great Savior. My pastor always say, "Rejoice, for you are a far worse sinner than you ever feared but are far more loved by your Savior than you ever dared imagine." Whenever I see a cross, that rings in my mind.

Hope this month brings you warm weather!