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07 March 2014

First March Faves

March is finally here!!

It's been a crazy, busy week, but I'm counting my blessings and gifts from God by linking up with others who do the same via Susanne's site.  How about joining in with us?

photo courtesy of Bed Bath and Beyond

  • RETAIL THERAPY!  Last Saturday, my 15 year old and I had so much fun trekking to the local mall to buy my niece her 11 yr old birthday gift...and while we were there, Claire saw a couple of sale items that I told her she could get....a new sweater and some shoes for spring.  We got such great deals!!  Then I found a shirt for work at this store...it's one of my very faves and the shirt was on the clearance rack (60% off!!!)....and then we  purchased some new towels, a new teapot and a shower curtain from another fave store. We chose the red teapot pictured above....to bring out some red accents in my kitchen!  It felt good to get some new stuff on sale for the house AND some new clothing for spring. Now we just need spring!!

  • FRUIT!  and I don't mean actual fruit that we eat.  But rather, the "fruit" we see from Claire's life so far. Her youth pastor at church, whom we really like, has encouraged all the senior high teens to get involved in some kind of service at the church.  She signed up to be a greeter for the junior high youth service at 5 pm every Saturday. We told her this is a commitment and that if we go away for a weekend, it is up to her to either find a sub or to inform the pastor that she will be away.  So far she has served every Saturday (about a month). She also attended a teen leadership meeting at the church and......she told Dave that she feels like she needs to become a member of our church!!   This is good fruit...we are very pleased!!  We praise God for her decision.  We aren't sure when all this will take place...possibly over the summer if the church offers the 10 week membership class at that time.  It's a blessing to see our daughters grow in the Lord.
photo courtesy of the Shaker High School Orchestra website
  • SPRING CONCERT:  yeah, it's not officially spring yet but the high school orchestra, chorus and wind ensemble had a concert Tuesday evening.  Claire plays 2nd violin in the orchestra and this is her 6th year playing in a school district orchestra.  (her first year at the high school level).  The performance was outstanding. We are so thankful for the orchestra teacher who happens to be a Christian and a member of our church and for the music department of our school district.

  • FLOWERS!  Our supervisor at work gave everyone on the special education team some treats for breakfast and a flower.  She had yellow and pink gerbera daises.  I chose this sunny yellow one as my living room walls are a cornmeal yellow (sounds weird but it's a gorgeous summer-y color).  The flower has brought a bit of spring to my home!  I'm so thankful for thoughtful colleagues.

photo courtesy of Susan Page Davis website

  • FREE BOOK!  I was notified by this author that I had won her free book giveaway!!  What a nice surprise.  She let me choose from any book on her website so I chose the next book in the series (from the Frasier Island Series).  After I wrote this book review, I visited her site and that's where I learned of her monthly drawing.  I'm excited...I can't wait to dig in to this book, right after I finish the other 3 books waiting for me in my basket! I'm so thankful for good books...and free ones!!!
That wraps up my five faves....what were some special things from your week?  please share in the comment section or do your own post and link up with Susanne!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend...I know I plan on it...my oldest gal will be home from college for a week of spring break...she is due in some time this evening!!!  Can't wait to cook and bake for her...and just love on her......the year is going by fast!


Hazel said...

What a lovely set of faves! Concert, shopping, a free book and a flower - ahhh... life is wonderful!

Deb said...

Happy Friday! I love this post! Hoping to join in later today, if time permits. I love that your daughter is serving God in the church. Good for her. We always rejoice when our children make good decisions. Sounds like you had a good week!

Joyful Reader said...

Yippee for bargins!
Fruit (that you are speaking of) is priceless!
Your Claire is a very talented young lady! Our Spring concerts are next Sunday (16th) and our choir director is also a Christian. So thankful for his song selections.
A little bit of sunshine in the livingroom! Good!
Free books are awesome! That is how I get most of the books I review. Hope you have a great weekend! God bless!

ellen b said...

We moms can't ask for anything better than fruit in our kids lives. Sounds like you had a fun and meaningful week. Have a great weekend.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Awwww--your college girl is coming home. How nice! Enjoy, enjoy. Love that Gerbera daisy. I'm sure that's a welcome sight in the midst of your winter weather. Hope you have a great, sunny week ahead.

Susanne said...

Love both those colors of teapots. I would have a hard time choosing! I love a good bargain. I usually don't shop anymore unless I do find a sale.

Isn't it wonderful when the kids start becoming mature and moving toward their own decisions to further their spiritual walks? So exciting watching kids grow in the Lord.

Sweet treat from the teacher. I lover gerbera daisies.

Enjoy your visit with your girl. I'm sure the week will be over all too quickly!

Jerralea said...

What a cute teapot!

Sometimes retail therapy can really lift the spirits. So can a pretty yellow flower! (and a free book ...)

The kind of fruit you have witnessed in your family is the very best fruit of all.

Kathie said...

It's true - there's no greater joy than to see your children walking in the truth. SO glad for you and your girls.

Love a bit of retail therapy myself! A nice cheery red kettle.

And a sweet yellow flower.

And now - spring - come!