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18 April 2014

Spring Break Faves

I can't believe Spring Break is almost over.

What a wonderful week of various activity!  As you read this, I am in the Boston area with Claire  and we are visiting my oldest, Courtney, at college.  We arrived yesterday afternoon and plan on staying until tomorrow.  Easter Sunday we will go to church with Dave and then out to dinner. Dave is back at home in NY due to work. Today we are exploring the village of Rockport, MA on the north shore.  It is so much fun!  and then it's back to school on Monday.  Courtney is heading into prep/exam time and Claire and I are heading into the final quarter of school. Our last day of school/work is June 26th.  I'm rather glad we had a late spring break  this year.....even though we did have an inch of snow surprise us on Tuesday evening!  But....I can still find 5 blessings from the week.  

  • TULIPS!  Nothing says "Happy Spring" than a nice pot of tulips.  Dave surprised me with my Easter gift a week early...he came home on Palm Sunday with this delightful pot.  They are in the family room waiting for the ones in the front yard to open up.  Hopefully the snow from Tuesday evening hasn't killed them!  For now I am enjoying the blessing  of fresh tulips...my very favorite flower!

  • SHOE SALE!  On Sunday, Claire and I went to one of our favorite shoe stores.  And just about every spring and summer shoe were on sale!  These are the ones I chose...and Claire chose a super cute pair of sandals.  The blessing is that they were on sale AND we had fun together!!  We even stopped for iced mocha lattes afterwards because we were so warm.....the temps on Sunday got up to 77(F)!  Whoo hoo!!  A triple blessing:  shoes sale, iced lattes and warm temps!

photo courtesy of hymnary 
  • Palm Sunday Hymn:  our church has a "rule" given by the pastor that there needs to be at least one traditional hymn each worship service. Oh how I love music...especially all the good contemporary worship songs...but I love the classic hymns even more!   This one is one of my very favorites from my childhood and college days.  It is perfect for leading off to Holy Week.  The way our worship band led us was just amazing....I was in awe at the concept of Jesus taking on ALL of our sin.  ALL OF US.  Everyone ever born.  It is truly amazing.  "Oh how marvelous, oh how wonderful, and my song shall ever be...how marvelous, oh how wonderful is my Savior's Love for me"....what a true blessing to be able to  sing this classic song. 

  • NEW DECK FLOWERS! Over this past week, Dave and I have cleaned up the yards, and set up our deck furniture.  We bought 2 pots of purple phlox and I re-potted them into the bigger pots shown above.  The scent is delightful.  They are supposed to bloom all summer long.  I did bring them in Tuesday night as the temps dipped below freezing.  I'll put them out again once the temps stabilizw above 40 degrees!  It's a blessing to have my husband's help with these outdoor projects as it freed up my time to do some much needed spring cleaning in the house. We all had chores to do over the last week and it feels great to have much of the work done.

photo courtesy of Courtney E T 

  • DAUGHTER TIME:  Since Claire and I have been on break all week, we have had lots of time to do things together which doesn't happen while school is going on.  Between her 3 ballet classes a week in the evenings, and youth group, and my small group ministry, and her homework load, plus her 3 clubs afterschool, I feel like we only really see her at dinner time! (not counting the weekends). So this was a good week because she was earning money to use in Boston by helping me do some spring cleaning and she totally re-organized her closet and dresser/desk.  I loved that! We've also had some good talks. And we took part of Monday to go shopping for some new spring/summer clothing.  We had a great time and I treated her to the first soft ice cream (fat free fro yo for me!) of the season at one of our favorite ice cream stands here in town.  What a fun week we've had...it's blessing to have a 15 year old who still likes to hang out with mom :)

That is my week in summary.  I also enjoyed some talks with my husband, our carpets were professionally cleaned and all set for summer entertainment, I had a brunch date with a dear friend from my small group and I enjoyed a lot of reading time!  I hope you all have a wonderful Easter celebrating the Life we have in Jesus our Savior-Redeemer.

If you have some faves from your week, how about sharing them and then linking up with Susanne?



Melissa R said...

Sounds like a busy but fun week! Glad you're having some extra time with your daughters, and that your husband has blessed you repeatedly this week. :)

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Love those shoes, and the deck flowers are beautiful! It sounds like you've had a WONDERFUL week! Have a Happy Resurrection Day on Sunday.

Gattina said...

Nice week ! Our terrace is also ready for use ! we cleaned it and the garden furniture is out !

Susanne said...

Love the tulips. I have never thought to buy them in the pot rather than cut ones. I'll have to do that!

Sounds like you had both a fun and productive week off. I sure wish I had a week off to do a blitz of spring cleaning. Mine is done in spurts whenever I can get it in.

Enjoy your time wit Courtney and have a Happy Easter!

Deb said...

I love this post! Your deck looks so inviting. That is so great that you were able to have some quality time with your daughter this week. God bless you this Easter!

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith,
We visited one of Grace Fellowship's satellite churches for the first time for their Easter service...the worship team is wonderful. Was quite surprised that the sermon was video streamed in from the "main church"...didn't realize they did it that way! All in all, we enjoyed the service and hope to visit again.

Faith said...

Hi Janet....do I know you?? That is great that you had a chance to visit the East Greenbush site...am assuming that is the site you went to. Yes all of our worship teams are excellent, yes, pastor Rex is the senior pastor and each campus has a campus pastor or lead pastor to help with organization, overseeing that particular congregation, etc. Rex preaches and all 3 sister sites get the live feed. You can also view GF live online!! I hope,you continue to visit and possibly make GF your church! Our SarAtoga campus is now open as well😄

Anonymous said...

Hi Faith, you might remember me from visiting your blog...I also won your cookbook giveaway some time ago. Yes, we're excited that GF has opened a church in our area...we've been waiting to find a home church after the one we attended disbanded several years ago. We're looking forward to visiting again and seeing how God leads!

Jerralea said...

Sounds like you had a delightful week!

I love tulips, new shoes and daughter time, too.

We still sing hymns, too, and I love the one you featured - especially that chorus!

Faith said...

Oh yes, Janet!! well, so glad you found GF/East Greenbush :)