"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

15 April 2014

Spring Photo Challenge: Days 17-24

I'm participating in Peggy's Four Seasons Photo Challenge.

I try to post the previous weeks photos on Saturday or Sunday.  I'm running late for April 6-13th (days 17-24 of Spring).

Here are my photos from last week:

Day 17 (6 APRIL)

reading corner/drinks corner of the deck

Day 18 (7 April)

the spring/summer welcome mat is ready!!

Day 19 (8 April)

the book I've been waiting for......I enjoyed it
on the chaise in the next day's photo..............

Day 20 (9 April)

the backyard in the late afternoon sunshine
Day 21 (10 April)

spring shoe sales!

Day 22 (11 April)

tasting and splurging on the new Pizza Hut Chicken, Tomato, Bacon Garlic Parm Pizza!

Day 23 (12 April)

"Happy Spring/Easter" from my husband!!

Day 24 (13 April)

the eating area of the deck is now ready!

Are you participating in the Spring Photo Challenge?  if yes, leave me a comment and I'll come by to visit your pics!!


Susanne said...

I'm not but I'll leave a comment anyway. ;)

I love spring flowers. I bought myself some colorful, cheerful looking gerbera type daisies that have made me smile every day for a week and a half.

So is that pizza any good?

Anonymous said...

Love this weeks pictures, especially the welcome mat and the shoes. :)

Faith said...

Susanne, the pizza was delicious!!!! I had 3 pieces!!! And had to work out the next day! Lol

the simple woman said...

Nice deck...we just got ours cleaned off. Now, all we need to do is wait on a warmer day to wash the floor..brr today.