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30 May 2014

Busy Week Faves

Wow! After our 3 day weekend (due to Memorial Day), our week took off at a fast pace!

I had obligations every.single.evening.  But it was all good and I can find some faves....more than five but I will just share 5.  

How about joining in with your own list of blessings from the week...you can find out how by heading over here.

Dave on the trail up Red Hill Mt

Red Hill Firetower
Southeastern Catskills

3rd Catskill firetower checked off the challenge!
Only 2 left in the Catskills!!
  • WEEKEND GETAWAY!  Dave and I left last Friday after work for a weekend away in the Catskills.  We were only about 70 minutes away but it felt great to be in the mountains....er....technically, geologically, the Catskills are not mountains, but I can't remember why. My smart and "pays attention during science" daughters could tell you why.  Dave and I checked into this place, and then had a simple dinner out at this place.  On Saturday we were supposed to hike the 2nd highest peak in the Catskills to check off yet another fire-tower from the Challenge I am doing.  Well, it was RAINING and NOT good weather for climbing a mountain.  So we explored the villages around the area and did a flat hike in the afternoon as the sun came out in the valley area.  We never did get to hike Hunter mountain as we had to be back on the road for home by 3 pm on Sunday. And it's a 4 mile mountain one way.  BUT...Sunday after breakfast, we did hike Red Hill to that fire tower as the day was perfect and the hike was much shorter....only a little over 2 miles.  It only took about 45 minutes to get to the top.   Saturday evening we went to a wonderful little concert with a violinist, cellist and pianist. Before the concert, we ate a wonderful dinner at this place.  I had the salmon salad and a very nice Reisling...YUMMY!  What a blessing to get away and be refreshed with my best friend/love of my life.
photo courtesy of the NYS music association
  • EXCELLENT!  Claire came home from school with her NYSSMA score for her violin solo competition (from 2 weeks ago) at the state's regional level. She performed Level 4 music (Level 6 being the highest) and earned an "excellent" (Outstanding is the top win).  We are proud of her even though she wasn't thrilled with her score of 23/28.  It's a blessing to have a good strings program in our district and for our  children to have these kinds of music opportunities.

  • DONE!  Courtney had quite a few things to accomplish this first full week home from college.  Two things were getting her car's oil changed and the car inspected.  We told her she was on her own for these chores this year.  We do still pay for her insurance as she doesn't make enough money at her 2 part time jobs on campus to pay it herself.  But she is now in charge of filling her own gas tank and paying for the upkeep.  I was happy to come home from work and find that she had taken care of both of these issues and that the car passed inspection!  What a blessing this used car (a gift from my dad) had been for her this past year.  It really helps her to get to her summer job and to do things off campus.  God is good and we thank Him for His provision.

photo courtesy of the coupon challenge
  • SAFE TRAVELS!  From Thursday May 22 until Sunday evening May 25, our youngest daughter Claire, was on the Orchestra trip to Williamsburg, VA.  Our high school has one of the best rated music departments in the state of NY...we are truly blessed and the Orchestra teacher happens to be a Christian from our church!!  In fact, his wife used to be a part of the small group I lead.  Well, this year the Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, and Senior Choir traveled down to perform in a competition held at Busch Gardens.  The orchestra earned 2 trophies for excellence in performing and for best orchestra overall!!  The wind ensemble and choir also won trophies.  Claire had a blast with her group of string player friends and we are thanking God for the blessing of safe travels to and from Virginia.
photo courtesy of the Shaker Music Dept
  • SPRING CONCERT!  Last evening was the final spring concert of the school year (they also played at Xmas, and in early spring (March).).  The award-winning Orchestra played 2 very difficult pieces and we are so thankful Claire has decided to stick with violin.  It was astounding.  The added bonus is that our oldest daughter got off work at 5 pm so she was able to attend the concert this year!!  She was also a member of the orchestra all through high school and still will pick up her violin from time to time.  I love having a musical family :)...now I gotta make time to get back to my piano playing!!
That wraps up my week......we are now facing the Dance Show coming up next weekend which means this last week of ballet classes will also include rehearsals.....and trying to find last minute items for the costumes.

Tonight, Claire and I are off to see Phantom of the Opera which is appearing in a city near us............we can't wait!!!

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this beautiful spring weather!


Dianna said...

It sounds as if you had a lovely weekend away with your hubby! I'm so glad!

Enjoyed reading about all of your blessings of the week!

I don't know if you found it or not, but I did leave you a link for that cauliflower pizza recipe. Just in case you didn't find it, I did a post on it yesterday. :)

I've not had success finding the Triple Omega by Nature Made. Do you order yours?

Susanne said...

Those weekend getaways are so nice on the occasion they occur. It looks like a lovely villa that you stayed at. And good job knocking another firetower off the list!

Congratulations to Claire on her musical accomplishments. Music is such a beautiful thing to have in one's life. My daughter misses playing violin though she was just a beginner.

Gattina said...

You don't have to go far away to feel on holidays ! How nice for your daughter Claire that she earned an "excellent" !

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a great getaway!

I'd love to see Phantom of the Opera in person some time.

Congratulations to Clare and her orchestra!

Jerralea said...

Your weekend getaway sounds wonderful. Those are my favorite kind of trips.

It also sounds like a musical week for your family!

Enjoy your time at seeing Phantom of the Opera. Hope you and your daughter have a wonderful time.

Karen said...

Wow, you had a full week, but lots of good stuff. The weekend away sounds lovely. We're going on one this weekend and I'm sooo looking forward to some mountain time.

Enjoy Phantom!

ellen b said...

A good week and a weekend getaway sounds great. Congrats to your daughter and the orchestra!

Willow said...

That weekend getaway sounds great even though you didn't get to hike the trail you had hoped. But you did get one hike in :)

You are indeed fortunate to have a great music program in your school district. Those are few and getting fewer all the time.