"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

23 May 2014

Small Moments Faves

This has been the kind of week where I had to look back and just find small moments.....little things....

it wasn't a great week. Once again, on Tuesday,  I came home from work to discover that a very dear friend is now in heaven.  It wasn't as shocking as the suicide we dealt with last week, but it was still sad and more sudden than we expected.  She was my "spiritual mentor" during my high school years and I used to babysit for the 2 children she and her husband had.  She was one of my favorite Sunday School teachers in Junior High school and was only 10 years older than me so as a teen I thought she was really "cool".  She and her husband were/are talented musicians and used to help me out with some of my piano and vocal studies. She played the organ in my wedding and made my wedding gown as well as several items of clothing when I had my oldest daughter. She died of stage 4 ovarian cancer after dealing with it for a little over a year. She will be missed. 
However, there ARE some wonderful small faves from the week that I can share with you....how about joining in by linking up over at Susanne's?
Pretty in pink
from my lilac bush in the backyard
fragrant, delicate, beautiful

A raised bed, dark sod, bright green poking through...
by mid-summer, many blooms

safely home from college in Boston
our Courtney is back..........
relaxing in the late afternoon sun
little sister studying.......
mama and dad happy to have both chicks back in the nest

chirping morning and evening
mama bringing worms, darting and swooping into the juniper bush
reminding me that there isnew life in a week of death.............

photo courtesy of 50 birds website

Those are small blessings....but special to me.........

I am off for a few days.......my husband and I have a 3 day weekend...here in the States it is Memorial Day weekend where we pause to remember the fallen soldiers and other armed forces protecting our great nation...........the ones who've gone before us, and the ones currently serving........

Dave and I are away for a much needed rest at a little resort in the Catskill Mountains.......and yes I will be doing 2 mountain hikes, Lord willing........

Whatever you have planned, do enjoy it and spend some time in nature....your soul will be uplifted and your body will be refreshed!

Have a wonderful weekend!!


Hazel Ceej said...

Robins and children home! How delightful! Sorry about your friend. I love your lilacs.

Karen said...

I'm so sorry about your friend. The picture of the baby robins reminds me that I don't have a place for them to nest this year. . . I'll miss them! Thanks for sharing yours:)

Joyful Reader said...

Sorry to hear about another loss. It certainly was a week of searching for those little bright spots.
Hope you have a blessed Memorial weekend with YOUR nest full! :)

Dianna said...

I am so sorry for your loss, Faith. Glad that you and your husband will be able to get away for a few days to be refreshed.

I enjoyed your blessings this week through pictures. The lilacs have been especially beautiful this year.

Jerralea said...

Oh my, so sorry to hear you are experiencing another loss. I'm glad you have such great memories of your friend.

The lilacs look so delightful - I bet the fragrance is heavenly.

I hope you enjoy your weekend. I agree with you, being out in nature just rests your soul.

LivingforGod said...

I'm so sorry for your losses. I like lilacs (we have purple and white ones). Hope you have a blessed and refreshing Memorial Day Weekend!

Deb said...

So sorry for the loss of your friend. That is tough! God bless you with peace and comfort. Do enjoy your Memorial Day getaway. Glad both of your babies are back home for a while!

Susanne said...

I'm so sorry for the loss of a special person in your life. May God carry you through the sadness of the last couple of weeks.

It must lift your spirits greatly to have both your girls at home for the summer. I always feel great when all my kids are gathered back home even if it's for a short while.

Enjoy your weekend getaway.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

So sorry, Faith, for the loss of your friend. And on the heels of last week's tragedy! Praying for you to have an awesome getaway weekend. I know you're enjoying those signs of spring at home -- which include having your oldest chick back in the nest. Have a great week ahead, Faith.

Melanie Lopata said...

How ADORABLE are those baby birds????? OH MY GOSH!! Love!!

I'm sorry about another death :(

I love lilacs!! I have to get some lilacs from my gram's tree quick because they don't last long!! Some day I'd love to have a tree of my own.

Great pic of the girls!!! I hope you have an awesome summer!!

Barbara H. said...

I am so sorry about the loss of your friend.

I know it is nice to have your daughter home.

The lilacs are lovely and the birds so cute.

Hope you have a refreshing time away.

Willow said...

So sorry about your friend--it's hard, always.
I'm glad your girls are home together. Now just to get through those 26 days and enjoy your summer with them!
Re: my hats. I can whip one up for you. Any size, any style, any color. $10 plus shipping. Let me know. willowknits at yahoo dot com