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13 June 2014

Winding Down Faves

Only 8 more days of elementary school here in NY!  Yesterday was my teenager's last day of classes and today she has her Honors Global History exam and her Russian 2 exam.  She has the rest of her exams next week and then she is finished with her first year of high school!  My oldest daughter is in the midst of her on-line summer course she is taking and working many hours at the local amusement park.  Things are winding down here for the school year.

Winding down for us means the annual Dance Show is complete as well as running back and forth to ballet classes and club activities.  It also means the small group I lead is starting to wind down with formal Bible study evenings and just go to social events for the summer.  In the midst of all this end of the year stuff, I have found several faves from the busy week.  How about sharing some of yours?  Head over to Susanne's to link up and jump in!


Claire, on the right, with her ballet  friend Alyssa
ready to dance "Music in the Night" from
Phantom of the Opera

  • PHANTOM OF THE OPERA!  Claire and I went to see the musical at this place 2 weekends ago (I had neglected to include it in last week's faves!) with another mom and friend from ballet class.  It was phenomenal! If you've never seen the musical, I highly recommend it. The music and dancing were superb. The main reason we bought tickets is because the advanced ballet class was performing for regular ballet, the song "Music of the Night" for the Dance Show last weekend.  Sadly, blogger wouldn't let me upload the video of ANY of Claire's ballet numbers. My oldest took the videos on my iPad and they came out pretty good....she is going to try to tweak them so blogger will let me upload them. They danced en pointe as well to selections from the Ballet "La Bayadere".  Each advanced ballet student had their own pointe solo. Claire also did a surprise number which is another fave below.

Dave and his new toy!

Me in my new toy!

Moreau Lake
S Glens Falls, NY
  • KAYAKING!  Dave and I had a kayaking date last Saturday late afternoon.  We arrived about 3:15 pm and paddled the entire lake, exploring the back parts where the beaver dams are. We paddled for close to 2 hours and then went and bought iced coffees and sat and chatted for a few minutes before heading back home to grill a late dinner.  It was such a fun day.  And the weather was perfect.  Moreau Lake is located in Moreau Lake State Park.  It has been a fave park of ours for about 23 years.  We used to camp there all the time and every summer I take the girls and friends there, usually twice a week.  Because it is only a 40 minute drive from our home, it makes for a perfect day trip. I'm so thankful Dave and I share this activity together and I'm thankful we had the time to do it.  I really needed it.

  • PRAYER!  I am so thankful for praying friends. Last evening, I had my small group but as a leader I was dreading it because I knew I had to be honest and just tell my mom friends that I was not feeling well at all. I have been dealing with an e coli infection (UTI) and it is my 5th one in 18 months. I was discouraged, felt crappy and scared because it seems like the antibiotic was not kicking in as quickly as it should be. I was having chills, a low grade fever, pain...ugh. So I have an appointment with my gynocologist later today but I was very discouraged last night. Well, we all prayed for our teens and their upcoming high school exams and then I shared what I was going through and realized that it is ok to be weak and ask for help!!  My friends are awesome....the moms gathered and laid hands on me, just like we did to another mom at the last meeting.  And I did get some better sleep with less pain so Glory to God!!  I am SO  thankful for friends who pray and for the presence of God even in a little group of intercessors.  My fears are ones I have to keep bringing to the Cross and leaving at the feet of Jesus but today I am not as fearful or anxious because I am trying to lean on Him. 

  • ENCOURAGING NOTE:  Our 15 year old, Claire, volunteers most Saturday evenings at our 5 pm church service, in the junior high room where they have their own service with one of the youth leaders.  Well, someone from the church youth group sent her a very encouraging note worded as a thank you for her service.  It is so encouraging to be in a body of believers where even the little things are appreciated. It is good for our daughter to see that even though she is just a greeter for the younger teens, that her volunteer work doesn't go unnoticed.  We have no idea who sent it, other than the return address said Grace Fellowship Youth Group. It was very special to me to see her receive such a thoughtful and kind note.

  • "AMAZING GRACE"  Claire totally surprised me with her lyrical ballet solo.  I found out at dress rehearsal that she was dancing to "amazing grace" for the Dance Show.  It was breathtaking. Again, I can't get the video to load...blogger is saying it's too big....as soon as my oldest gets a chance, she says she can edit the video so it will upload.  Dave and I were so proud of Claire for this solo. She was the only one on stage...the dance mistress doesn't usually choose spiritual type numbers so it was such a pleasure to have on the program 2 Christian songs. (the other one was a Negro Spiritual that one of the advanced tap students...a teen boy...danced to). The surprise was also that Claire ended the program. The dance academy usually reserves the last number for the most advanced group of students or student. This was an honor that she chose Claire to end the show (before the Finale where all students come out to take their bows, etc.) by performing a lyrical solo. Hopefully I can post it soon.  For those of you on FB, I do have it on my page but you would have to friend me as I keep it private for just my friends' list.  I am so thankful for the gifting Claire demonstrates and that God gave us the gift of dance.
That wraps up my week....I am home sick today to try to get this infection under control.  It is also Father's Day weekend so we are driving out to see my dad on Sunday and take him out to an early dinner.........prayers are appreciated that I will be well soon and can be with my dad.

I hope you all have a restful weekend!


Dianna said...

What special blessings you've enjoyed this week, Faith! I love it that you and your hubby have a common activity! And your Claire sounds like she really had a wonderful year in ballet! I was also blessed by the fact that someone reached out to express their thanks to her for her volunteer work as a greeter with the younger teen group. That is definitely a SPECIAL!

Susanne said...

I think it's perfectly ok for a leader of a group to be vulnerable and ask for help. It allows the ladies to step up and exercise their faith and take a leading role themselves. But I totally get how it's sometimes a scary thing.

Kayaking looks so peaceful and fun. I think it's a sport I would enjoy.

Joyful said...

First I want you to know that I am praying for you! That you will be healed in the name of Jesus.

How awesome to see Claire ballet to Amazing Grace! I'm sure that was a very proud moment for momma! :)

Go glad you got to have a kayak date with your hubby. Yikes, I don't like the water but the scenery is awesome!

Gattina said...

In Belgium the schools and University end on 30 June. For the moment the kids are all in exams Fortunately not me ! I loved the Phantom of the Opera, it's a very nice musical

Karen said...

This is a great list. I love Phantom, it's an all-time favorite. Your daughter's dance to Amazing Grace must have been beautiful. I think I would have bawled.

Jerralea said...

Oh your new kayaks are so colorful and look so pretty on the water! If I lived near you, I'd be sure to visit Moreau Lake, too.

It is always great to have a a church home where people will pray and also encourage each other, which is what the body of Christ is supposed to do! Glad you were prayed for and that Claire was appreciated for her service.

I don't know much about dance, but I think it is very special indeed that Claire was able to close out the program with such a great song as Amazing Grace! Kudos to Claire!

Barbara H. said...

I'd love to see Phantom of the Opera live some time. So glad you got to!

Wow, the schools here get done by the end of May - it's hard to imagine still being in school through June.

I sure hope you feel better soon! It's odd to have that many infections so close together - hope the dr. can figure out what to do. So glad your group rallied around you with prayer and support.

The dance show sounds just lovely, especially Claire's solo. I look forward to seeing it.

Barbara H. said...

Oh, an I meant to add that the note of encouragement was such a blessing.

nikkipolani said...

Wonderful faves to list among your blessings this week! Your friends' encouragement when you are feeling unwell is a special gift.