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28 July 2014

2014 Book Review #29: Unlucky 13

Just finished the latest in the Women's Murder Club series.

This is written by the same author as the Alex Cross series.  Both series are easy reads.....with lots of action and drama....always a mystery, always a touch of romance....always a page turner.


Lindsay Boxer is a homicide detective for the San Francisco police.  She has just had a baby, 6 months previous, named Julie and husband Joe is a former Homeland Security employee who now works from home.

One day, the FBI sends her a chilling photo....of a psychopath woman named Mackie Morales, who, along with her partner, Randy Fish, killed many people.  Randy is dead but Mackie, presumed dead, has turned up in the Chicago area and may be on her way to San Francisco to get revenge against Lyndsay.

Cindy, one of the members of the "Women's Murder Club" is hoping to get the story of a lifetime by interviewing Mackie.  Cindy is a journalist and always getting into scrapes.  She is also heart broken over the breakup between her and Richie (Lindsay's partner on the squad).

Meanwhile, there are people who are dying after eating burgers from a local fast food chain.  They are eating little "belly bombs" and Lyndsay and Richie, along with other members of the SFPD, must try to stop the killer or killers.......who wants to hurt Chuck's the most popular burger joint in town?? and why are they killing people with belly bombs??

Meanwhile, Yuki (a high profile lawyer and another member of the Women's Murder Club) and her newlywed husband Brady, (Lindsay's boss) are on their Alaskan cruise honeymoon when it is taken over by pirates!!

What happens to Yuki and Brady?? Will they survive the pirates' demand of killing one person per hour until the cruise company gives them money?

and will Lyndsay and Richie stop the belly bombers??

Does Mackie Morales find Lyndsay and what will happen when she does??


This book was easy to read, fast-paced (as usual) and a pretty good plot. I didn't really like the 3 stories running at the same time in the same book but the author made it work.  I especially liked reading the adventures of Yuki and Brady.  It was different.........and a little scary to think that maybe pirates really could take over a cruise ship in American waters!

The story kept my interest but I just am not as big a fan of the series like I am the Alex Cross series.  The character named Cindy drives me crazy...she is portrayed to be such an air head.  I can't stand it!! and somehow she always ends up ok, which, in my opinion, is not reality.....but...it is fiction so.......!

The plot line involving Mackie Morales was very disappointing.  I expected the book to be focused on that and it wasn't....it was more focused on the belly bombs and the fast food chain.  

I guess I need a break from this series.

In my opinion, this book is appropriate for ages 17 and older.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I rate this a 7.

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Susanne said...

That's too bad you didn't enjoy it so much. Maybe the next in the series wi be better.