"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

03 July 2014


We are on vacation in Boston.............

I am on a blogging break until early next week!!

I hope you all take a few moments,
 with whatever you are doing
 for the holiday weekend,
and reflect on the freedoms 
we enjoy in this country.



Deb said...

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy your time in Boston! I would love to explore Boston one day. Thanks for your last book review. That book sounds like one I would like!

Faith said...

Thanks Deb!! Boston is my fave city!!! Well, my fave in the USA. 😄 yes that book was excellent, I'm finishing one now that is really good too. I love to read. I read on the T going in to the city all week as we are staying out near Harvard so have about a 15 min T ride. Enjoy the holiday!!

Mrs. C (Paula) said...

Happy 4th to you and yours. Enjoy your vacation!

Jerralea said...

I hope you are having a wonderful time in Boston!

God bless, and looking forward to hearing about your adventures in next week's FFF.