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13 July 2014

Weekly Dinner Plan

I like gazing at the daisies along the neighbor's fence in my backyard.....I planted a bunch of wildflower seeds and the daisies are especially pretty....so simple......

unlike my thought processes for dinner menus.  I'm getting kind of tired of cooking dinner every night...you know??  If I was single, I'd probably live on salad, fruit and bread. Seriously. It's no longer simple...and I'd rather be sitting on my deck reading my book.

But....with a husband, college girl and teen girl, I have to have dinner planned.  The teen does about 3 ballet classes a week...this week she has 4....and she burns through calories like crazy and is always hungry!

The college girl has weird work hours this summer...sometimes she needs to eat dinner at 3 in the afternoon and sometimes she doesn't get it until 9:30 pm...it makes life interesting in my kitchen.

And on hiking or kayaking days, if we don't go out for a meal afterwards, I need to come home and prepare something for my husband and I...or let the crockpot do the work (which I enjoy!).

So...I decided Sunday afternoons, like today when it is raining, will be a good time to go through my recipes and begin to make a weekly dinner plan like I used to do.

SUNDAY:  Claire has a Youth Group Summer Party thing at church so the rest of us are going out to Panera's for a late dinner.

MONDAY:  Rigatoni with Meat Sauce; Spinach Salad; Fresh Fruit Platter

TUESDAY:  Grilled Salmon; Garlic and Basil Cous-Cous; 3 Bean Salad; Brownie Sundaes

WEDNESDAY: Grilled BBQ Chicken; Panzanella Salad; Steamed Mix Veggies (left over cous cous for the girls as they don't care for panzanella); Melon Salad

THURSDAY:  BLT Wraps; Tortilla Chips; Berries and cool whip (real bacon for everyone.....except me....I will only eat turkey bacon)

FRIDAY:  Chef Salad; Garlic Bread; out for frozen yogurt and a possible game of mini golf.

SATURDAY:  Slow Cooker Sloppy Joes; raw Veggie platter; ice cream/almond ice cream

and tomorrow I need to stock up my kitchen and fridge!!

I had a relative ask me once why I bother posting a menu for our family....who cares?  well, this blog is also a journal so I can refer back to it and not waste paper!! 

What kinds of foods are YOU cooking up this week??


Dianna said...

Your meals sound delicious, Faith! I love making almond ice cream! It is so yummy.

I'm not familiar with Panzanella Salad...sounds interesting.

Melanie Lopata said...

What great meals! Joe has been cooking (heh, I just don't cook often) and he has been making very healthy meals and altogether we've just been eating healthier :)

Mrs. C (Paula) said...

Looks like a perfect summer menu to me. ;)