"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

24 October 2014

October Blessings

I'm kind of glad it's Friday!

It's been quite a week.  My dad ended up in the hospital with a sudden illness but glory to God, he will be OK and is going to be on some medication that I have been praying about and hoping a doctor would prescribe for him.  And I had to take a sick day from work on  Tuesday after having a nasty virus Monday night.  Thankfully, it was only a short lived illness and by Tuesday afternoon I was feeling pretty good.  The down time at home gave me some time to just rest.  Which apparently my body needed.  The rest of the week was ok, kind of mundane, but with some blessings thrown in.  I'm going to share five of them and other bloggers share their five faves by linking up at Susanne's.  Feel free to join in with us!


  • NEW OLD STUFF:  When Dave and I were at my dad's a couple weeks ago, he gave me the old cabinet I've always admired.  My mom used it in their front foyer, but I decided to put it in my dining room to store the seasonal tablecloths in the drawer and the underneath part is for miscellaneous items like our opera glasses, a digital camera, extra candles, and some old photo albums. I placed our ivy on top, a Max Lucado blessings book in the middle and the autumn basket of cloth napkins.  BUT...I've since moved the plant and replaced it with a kerosene oil lamp we use in the colder months.  It is a huge blessing to have this piece of my childhood in my own house.  I love new old stuff!!

all set for the Homecoming Parade
Claire is behind the girl on the left holding the banner.

Ready for the Homecoming Dance 2014
  • HOMECOMING!  Claire (10th grade) had Homecoming activities all last weekend. Friday night was the big game against our main rival.....and we won!!  Before the game, the high school clubs and organizations parade with the team and the marching band.  Claire marched with the Christian club "Expansion" (formerly known as "Life").  Claire is secretary of the club this year.  She is also in Russian Club but decided to march with her friend M and the other Expansion members.  She said it was a lot of fun!  She then chose to take the PSAT exam the next morning and had to be at the high school by 7:30...and she did it!  That night, she and 2 other friends got all dressed up to go to the dance.  She used a skirt from an older friend who said she could keep it...and wore the leotard from the Phantom of the Opera Ballet that she performed in last spring.  I was thrilled that she could put together her own outfit.  Our school has a "semi-formal" dress code for Homecoming.  The teens all looked great!  The blessing is that everyone was safe, had a great time and there was no problem with the Christian club marching in the parade!!  I am so thankful for our public school district that recognizes ALL students!

  • SURPRISE BLOOMS!  On Sunday, I noticed that this flower was finally blooming!  It typically blooms in early July and lasts until late September. For some weird reason, it didn't bloom at all this summer! I was so surprised, I grabbed my iPad and snapped this photo.  A little touch of summer in the midst of a rainy week....a real blessing!

  • GOOD BOOK  This past week I finally started a book that I could "get into".  For the last month, I have started 3-4 books that I just could not get into!  They were either "too creepy" or just badly written.  The current book for fun I am reading is listed on my side bar....and it is a page turner!  I've had 2 evenings this past week where I quickly finished housework and could spend time reading.  It's a blessing to have those evenings!
  • SALE!  I was absolutely thrilled when I checked a website my oldest daughter likes, to see the item she had put on her Christmas wish list.  It was on sale!  YEAH!  So thanks to bringing my iPad to work, I was able to quickly order the item and it is in the process of being shipped.  It's a blessing to have found a sale AND the item in stock that she desires.  Notice I am not mentioning what it is, as she sometimes checks out my blog. :)
That wraps up my week..........did you have any blessings in your week?  I know we all do....sometimes we have to look for them.........or sometimes they crop right up in our faces.....feel free to share one of yours in the comment section!



Willow said...

You are SO much better than I am about buying gifts ahead of time. I'm no shopper so Christmas shopping is super stressful for me.
I'm glad your dad is OK. What an autumn you've had--first Dave and now your dad.
Claire looks adorable!

Barbara H. said...

I'm sorry about your Dad! But glad he is finally on some helpful medication. Glad you're on the mend as well.

I am glad all the Homecoming activities went well.

So far we don't know what anyone wants for Christmas. Glad you were able to find a just right present this week.

Susanne said...

Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Sometimes rest is exactly what our bodies are trying to tell us it needs. Glad to hear your dad will be alright.

I can't believe you're so on top of the Christmas shopping. I haven't even thought of anything along those lines yet.

Love the little cabinet from your parents.

Melanie Lopata said...

Claire looks so grown up! So beautiful, both of your daughters are :)

Love that furniture piece. Great to have something from your childhood.

I'm glad your dad is going to be ok. I just love him.

Yay for good books and a Christmas sale! I have a few gifts already for Christmas