"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

21 November 2014

Mid-November Fave Fives

Where is this semester going?  I mean it's crazy.....it's going by so quickly!!  First quarter (10 weeks) report cards arrived in the mail yesterday and it's Thanksgiving here in the States in less than a week!

I'm thankful for many things this week...the biggest?  The fact that I no longer live in western NY (lived there from 1978-1982 during undergrad college days, and again from 1984-1985) because here in eastern NY we have no snow and out there....about five hours west of me, they have FIVE FEET of the white stuff in some places.....less than that in other places....THAT IS A LOT OF SNOW!  Sadly, there have been some deaths and damage......so  our prayers have gone up for friends we have out there......despite all of that craziness, I'm counting my blessings from the week with other bloggers by linking up at Susanne's. and counting this as my Praise Post for Jerralea.


  • CHURCH I loved the praise and worship music last Sunday at church.  Our new worship arts director is amazing.  He is fresh, young, and full of energy...along with excellent keyboard and vocal skills.  I miss being a part of music ministry but it was a lot of work.  At our former church I did that kind of thing just about every week for years.  At this church, our "new" church (even though we've been there 8 full years), I am doing other things so it is a huge blessing to just be able to worship and praise with my husband and daughter by my side.  I never want to take my church for granted.

  • GLORIOUS SUNRISE.  This was what I saw when I was getting ready to pour my first mug of coffee on Tuesday morning.  It was just glorious.  I quickly stepped onto my deck and used my iPad to get this shot.  God does great work, doesn't He??

  • MAIL!  Yeah, I know...we all get mail everyday. Usually it's bills or junk, right?  BUT on Wednesday, I received a book in the mail from Susanne!!  YUP...our FFF Susanne!!  What an awesome blogger friend.  She sent me a book she had reviewed and it sounded really good so  I thought I would look for it at our town library.  Now I won't have to!  I am hoping to pay it forward when I'm done reading it.

  • RECONNECTION!  I had to call an old friend of mine Monday evening as I needed the answer to a question.  Well, she wasn't home so I left a voice mail and she texted me the next morning and then we started emailing again.  I love reconnecting with good friends I haven't heard from in awhile. We're planning on getting together at some point this winter.  There's nothing like old friends!

  • HIGH HONOR ROLL! We received Claire's first quarter 10th grade report card yesterday in the mail.  She made High Honor roll again with a GPA of 95.25.  We are very proud of her!!  Her highest grade was a 98% in Latin 1 and she got a 96% in Russian 3.  Her lowest grades were 94% in Honors Chemistry and a 94% in Honors Algebra 2/Trigonometry. AP English, Orchestra, and Honors Global History were all 95%.  And she got a 95% in Life Fitness/Yoga (her phys ed requirement).  It's a blessing to have a hard-working daughter who also manages to stay active in 2 clubs, youth group, orchestra and 3 ballet classes a week plus serving with the junior high teens at church on Saturday evenings.  Do I sound like I'm bragging? I don't want it to....I am just so stinkin' proud of this girl!!  Just like I was always proud of her big sis. hey...it's a mother's right, right??  She isn't perfect by any means....I often have to remind her it's her turn to dust, or it's her turn to empty the dishwasher, or to water the plants, fold her laundry, etc.  But when she is active AND getting high grades? I'm a gonna give her a big shout out and say THANK YOU GOD!!!
Well that wraps up my week......it's been a long one......but next week is Thanksgiving and we will be going to my husband's side of the family in Plymouth County to have our  big feast and family time.

Whatever you do, have a great weekend and take some time to practice the presence of God.


Melanie Cook said...

I can certainly understand why you were bragging on Claire. How neat to take Russian in school! I grew up near Albany and saw lots and lots of snow. I heard that Buffalo was really hit bad this week. Hope you are having a great. day. Enjoy your book from Susanne!

Jhona Oberholtzer said...

Oh, poor Buffalo NY...that is a lot of snow! A Christ-filled church is a great blessing! I'm glad you found a church you love. That is one beautiful sunrise, too! Have a blessed weekend!

Melanie Lopata said...

I am praying for those in the Buffalo area, I have a good friend who lives out there and my cousin. Cannot believe how much snow they got!!

That sunrise is gorgeous, I love a good sunrise though I'm usually not up early enough to see one.

I love getting mail from friends or family....anything besides junk or bills!!

Yay to Claire's high honor roll and yay for reconnecting!!!

Barbara H. said...

I'm glad you haven't gotten as much snow as the other part of the state. I don't know how I would function in such a situation!

Congratulations to Claire!

That is a beautiful sunrise.

Hannah Leslie said...

How wonderful about your daughters grades!
such a blessing i'm sure to you as a mom!
And how sweet of Susanne to send you that book!

God Bless You!

Jerralea said...

So sorry to hear about the folks in Buffalo. I heard before it is all over there might be as much as 60 inches! Yet it will be warm by Sunday and melting. Praying that damage and flooding does not happen ...

I'm glad you love your church. It is a great blessing to worship where it feels like family.

Congrats to Claire. You have raised some talented and beautiful daughters!

Willow said...

Claire seems to have a gift for languages. Russian and Latin high scores!
Yeah, I hear you on not loving climates with all that snow---there's a reason I live in Southern California, and it's called 'weather'. :)
Isn't it great to reconnect with friends?
Have a great Thanksgiving week--I'm glad you will have Wednesday FREE!

Susanne said...

Congratulations to Claire!

I was really thinking of you when news of the snow came. That was unreal.

God really is the best of artists!

So glad you got the book already. I love getting "real" mail. Enjoy.