"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

12 November 2014

Praise Post #12

I'm  joining Jerralea's Journey blog as we number gifts He's given us during the month of November.  Each day I'll be sharing five things that I am thankful for.  Doing that for 30 days will produce 150 things we are grateful for...and it's easy to find those gifts if we take a moment to look.  You are welcome to join in!  Just head over to Jeri's!

Today I am thankful for:

  1. Brisk Walks...a great way to work out after work!
  2. Improved Academic Skills in the special needs kindergartners!
  3. Nutella.  For adding to apple, pear and banana slices.  For a spread on flaxseed bread.  For an ingredient in homemade brownies.
  4. New recipes.  I love trying new recipes.  Tonight for dinner, I am making a tossed salad with chunks of chicken, walnuts, and apples and a raspberry-walnut dressing.  Just adding slices of garlic bread to each plate, along with some melon cups and voila!  Easy.
  5. Understanding ballet teachers.  I picked up Claire from school as she had to stay after for a class and she said she wasn't feeling great...thinks she has the beginnings of a cold and feels stressed out about a Global History project that is due tomorrow.  I called the ballet studio to inform them she wouldn't be at pointe tonight. NO problems.  Thanking God for this!!  (they tend to be very strict).

What things are you thankful for today??


Dianna said...

Your salad for tonight sounds delicious...especially the raspberry-walnut dressing!

I hope Claire is feeling much better by morning.

Joyful said...

I too am thankful for new recipes AND Nutella! :) My morning walks with my doggy are becoming very brisk! I want to get back inside ASAP!
Yes, we must be thankful for any academic improvements from our special needs kiddos!

Simply Linda said...

Loveeeeeee Nutella!!! Hope Claire feels better. Blessings