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09 January 2015

Frigid Faves


I think most of us have probably had some very cold weather this past week!!

Here in eastern NY, we saw temps in the single digits at night, and one day it was only 7 degrees Fahrenheit on my way to work!  But...it's winter!  And with this wintry weather, I do have some blessings that I can share with other bloggers today as we link up at Susanne's and share five faves from our week.


Can you find at least 4 male cardinals in this photo?

male and female cardinals share some breakfast

  • CARDINALS!  On Saturday, I refilled the bird feeder and then noticed on Sunday morning that we had a LOT of cardinals, blue-jays, nuthatches, and black-capped chickadees enjoying the feast. At one point during mid-morning, we counted NINE male cardinals and 4 females, along with 4 male blue-jays.  I tried to get some pictures with out spooking the cardinals and only have a small digital camera so hopefully you can see some of the cardinals in the photos.  I have always enjoyed watching the variety of birds we get at the feeder...this winter, the cardinals have been particularly numerous. They have always been one of my favorite birds. It's a blessing to be able to see some of God's handiwork right here in suburbia.

  • EASY START:  We also started back up at work/school.  Claire has made the bus every day this week and I was worried that she would have trouble since she stayed up so late every night during Xmas vacation and then slept in so late!  But she did well and I had a good start...and an easy one...back in the kindergarten with the special needs children.  They all seemed to make some progress with language this week and that's always a fave!

  • FUN EVENINGS: The girls and I have had a couple of fun evenings watching Netflix.  My husband and I used to like this television show when the girls were little and asleep. Well, Courtney, our oldest, discovered that the entire 10 years series is available on Netflix and since we do instant streaming, she and I (and sometimes Claire) have had a blast watching it.  I'm really going to miss our fun evenings when she heads back to college on Monday.  It's a blessing to have had her home for the holidays.

family room is cold...these come in handy for movie watching

  • FLEECE BLANKETS:  I am so grateful for the fleece blankets we have on our beds, and the 2 we have in a large wicker basket in the family room to curl up with on these cold nights.  We also have a quilt in the family room that gets a lot of use.  I never want to take warm blankets for granted!

  • 2 HOUR DELAY:  Many of the schools around my area had a 2 hour delay yesterday due to the negative temperatures (-7 on my way to work!) because of the fierce wind chill.  In one outlying area, in the mountains, it was -24!!  That's cold for this part of the state!  So, Claire got to sleep in an extra hour (I got up the normal time and did some laundry :) ) and we had a leisurely breakfast followed by steaming mugs of coffee.  Because with a 2 hour delay, our kindergartens are closed (we are a half day kindergarten program here unless the child has special needs and we only have 8 special needs kids this year)  I'm thankful the children didn't have to wait at the early morning bus stops in that frigid weather!
Those are just some little blessings that God threw in to my week.

What about you??  Can you share at least one blessing from God? Please do share in the comment section!


Dianna said...

Seeing your bird feeder with the birds indulging makes me want to start feeding the birds!

Fleece blankets are so soft and warm!

Reading about how you were going to miss your daughter when she goes back to college brought back memories. :)

Cups of hot tea would be a blessing I'd share here with you...one of those "little" things that God sends our way.

Melanie said...

Alas my bird feeder is empty. I need to buy more seed. We have a cardinal couple who come to visit and some other little birds (I don't know what they are). I enjoy Netflix too, get the DVDs in the mail though. Have a warm day.

Simply Linda said...

Yep, cold here too. Snow here too..awww on missing your daughter, that bought smiles to my face. Blessings

Joyful said...

My grandmother just returned from Arizona, she said it got down to 32 in the Pheonix area a couple nights! Frigid in most of the US. So glad you are getting some good times with your girls! :)
Luckily our school didn't close during our below zero temps this week. They are usually the first to close!
Hope you have a blessed weekend!

Gattina said...

I am happy that we are back to normal life ! It's cold here too and on top buckets of rain falling from heaven and a strong wind, in no time you are wet like a cat !

Country Wife said...

Enjoyed reading about your list and spending time with loved ones.

Barbara H. said...

It's been really cold here, too: 7 degrees one morning, which is super cold for Knoxville.

We use throw blankets (though not fleece ones) in our family room, too - so warm and cozy. I imagine fleece is even cozier.

I just refilled my bird feeder so hope to see some visitors return soon. We had a family of cardinals last summer - so neat to see them grow up.

Susanne said...

I love the pop of color the red birds and blue feeder are against the background. Must be so nice watching them. I've always wanted a bird feeder but we've always had cats so that was a no go.

It is crazy cold here right now too and I very much appreciate our throw blankets and the nice warm quilt on the bed!

I miss my girl already, too! It was so nice to have her home. I totally relate to Claire..I stayed up way too late every night and slept in each morning.

Deb said...

I love the Cardinals and the fleece blankets! We have a lot of fleece blankets around here too and - yes- we wrap up in them while watching movies! Stay warm and enjoy the weekend!

Jerralea said...

I'm thankful for fleece throws and blankets, too. In the cold weather we have been having, our regular throws are not warm enough. We have two heavy duty fleece ones we use exclusively now.

2 hour delay days sound nice! I like the thought of doing laundry, then going to the office.

I never watched the Friends shows before, but I'm thinking I might start now they are on Netflix.

Willow said...

I am thankful for warm blankies even though I don't have the cold temperatures you have. Even so, I love to wrap up in a fleece or wool blanket.

I wondered how you fared in the cold/snow since I knew that my little ones were on late schedule too.

I'm glad your week went well at school!

Mia said...

How fun to cozy up with your girl(s) and watch Friends! :) Our family room/play room is freezing too so we have a whole stack of blankets and a space heater for especially cold nights.

Those birds are lovely! We saw our first cardinal this last week- it just popped with its bright red against all the snow! Glad the snow let you guys ease back into school schedules. :)