"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

16 January 2015

Mid-January Faves

Can you believe it hasn't even been a month since winter began??  (December 21st).

But yet with all this arctic cold, ice and frigid wind, it seems like the 3 months of winter  have gone by!

However, reality is that we still face a little over 2 months of this, so let's curl up with a steaming mug of coffee or tea and reflect back on the week.

I'm sharing FIVE of my FAVES by joining with other bloggers over at Susanne's.  Please feel free to join in.


  • SAFELY BACK!  Courtney left our home while we were all at work/school on Monday during falling snow and texted that she made it safely back to the north shore of Boston for her very last semester of college. It took her 4 hours but not because of the weather (which turned to rain once she got to the Berkshires)...she had to pick up a guy friend as he needed a ride back to campus).  I'm so thankful for God's protection on the highways and Mass Pike.  How I miss her....but also so thankful that she has had the privilege of this top-ranking Christian college. 

First Driving lesson
  • FIRST DRIVING LESSON!  Well, our "baby" turned 16 on the first day of winter, got her permit 2 days after Christmas, and had her first driving lesson in our very large church parking lot with me on Sunday afternoon.  She did pretty well.  I had her practice going forward, going in reverse, driving straight, making right turns, left turns, and then driving in and out of the lot and parking.  Then she drove around the block in our neighborhood.  She's not anywhere near ready for the main roads but it was rather fun to be doing this kind of thing again with a daughter.  I'm thankful we had a good first lesson, after a difficult weekend which you can read about here.

  • RELAXING EVENING.  I had a most unusual relaxing evening on Tuesday because Claire had a Russian Club meeting after school and volunteered to take the late bus home so I wouldn't have to pick her up.  I ran to the town library to return mine and my husband's books and discovered a book I've been waiting for was available!  (the latest Mitford book!). Once I got home, I did a load of laundry, did some Scripture reading and had a wonderful steaming mug of coffee, prepped dinner, did a 20 minute step aerobics workout (because I didn't wanna go back outside to the gym!) and then had dinner with Claire because Dave was volunteering at an inner city soup kitchen and wouldn't be back until after 8 pm.  After dinner dishes were put away, I vacuumed 2 rooms of the house and then called it a night.  I was able to sit and read blogs, read the Mitford book, and just relax with a wonderful balsam scented candle.  I really needed this work night rest.  I'm thankful for smooth evenings!

  • FLEECE LEGGINGS!  BRRR.....On Wednesday morning, as I drove to work, the car temp said -9 degrees F.  My car has never (it's almost 8 years old) recorded a temp that low.  I was so thankful that back in the autumn months I purchased 3 sets of fleece leggings (one for hiking, and 2 for work in black and brown).  I usually wear them with long tunic shirts or sweaters but that day was so cold I wore them with a short wool skirt and a thick chunky sweater and low boots.  SOOOOOO warm!!  If you live in the northeast or northwest, get yourself a pair of fleece leggings.  They are amazing.

  • SUNSHINE!  Yes, here in the Capital Region of New York State, despite the bitter, arctic temps, we had sunshine just about every day this week. Sunshine really does help make the cold days go by a little bit faster, I think.  I love getting home from the school, relaxing in my living room on the couch with the afternoon sun coming in the window.....I try to pretend it's almost spring.  And with being thankful for the sunshine, I really liked this quote I saw and that I posted on Facebook:

yup...with out the chill of winter we won't appreciate the warmth of summer!

Keep warm this weekend, everyone!!


Melanie said...

I'm glad your daughter made it back to Boston safe and sound. I remember teaching my kids to drive. I didn't enjoy it at all! LOL I have two more of the Mitford books to read before I'm ready for book 10. Our library has it but it's spoken for by several people. Have a blessed day.

Simply Linda said...

Wait a minute, FLEECE leggings???? I will have to find some. I am glad your daughter made it back safely.--snowing here in western NY. Stay warm. Blessings

Dianna said...

I'm so glad that Courtney made it back to school safely. I remember those days.

And your first driving lesson with Claire brought back even more memories...of our daughter coming in from her first and only driving lesson with her dad...and then mom became the driving instructor. Such fun memories of that experience with our daughter!

I'm so glad you had a relaxing evening, Faith. We all need those times when we don't have to rush here or there and can just enjoy the comfort of our home.

Love the quote by Steinbeck! It really is true!

Susanne said...

Teaching my kids to drive stressed me right out. In fact, they still bug me about pumping imaginary passenger side brakes and grabbing dashboards and door sides. I think they're exaggerating slightly, myself. ahem.

Unexpected time to yourself, how nice! It just slows things down to get a breath, doesn't it?

-9 can be the norm around here for a lot of our winter unless the chinook comes through like it is this week.

Gattina said...

Learning to drive is fun ! I too need leggings under my trousers it's rather cold outside !

Joyful said...

Glad to hear Courtney got back to school. Wow, last semester. That's big!
Another big is that you are helping Claire with driving! I couldn't do it. My hubby had to take that one on.
Tuesday must have been THE night. I also really enjoyed my quiet evening.
The weather is beginning to turn here. It has been below zero for too long. And the sun was NOT shining. It is now however and even cold it feels so much better. By Saturday we should be almost 55! It's going to be a long winter if I keep talking like this! :)

Barbara H. said...

I'm so glad Courtney got back to school safely. Wow, senior year! Hope it all goes well for her.

My husband had to do the driving lessons as well. I was nervous riding with them driving even after they'd been at it for a while. I'm glad, too things have smoothed over after some trouble spots with your teen. It happens - they are human, and we are, too, and that makes for clashes sometimes. I applaud you for taking a stand and then sticking to your guns. And then to see ourselves when we discipline our kids - so many times when I have dealt with mine, it's almost as if I feel the Lord tapping me on my shoulder about my issues as well.

We're having our first day of sunshine after several days of clouds and rain - so refreshing.

Hope you enjoy the latest Mitford book - I loved it!

Jerralea said...

I'm with Melanie - I didn't enjoy teaching my children to drive at all. I learned I have some control freak tendencies. (I actually did not realize this until then!)

Kudos to you in doing so well with Claire - and actually calling it a favorite!

I don't have any fleece leggings but am beginning to think I need them!

Sunshine makes any day better, in my opinion, even the cold ones!

Willow said...

I didn't mind teaching my kids to drive on regular roads or in parking lots. But freeways were a different matter! Especially SoCal freeways with my youngest. Shudder.
I'm glad you made headway with your girl and she learned how to deal with her emotions and words better for the future. (And kuddos to you for sticking to your word!)
Sunshine! I need it too!