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21 May 2015

Graduation Faves

I missed everyone last week but oh what blessings I had....I'm going to share FIVE of them by linking up with Susanne's FRIDAY FAVE FIVE ...how about joining in with us and sharing what God has been blessing you with in the last week?

Mine is all about my oldest daughter graduating from Gordon College!!  Yes, I shared a lot of photos. It was so memorable in so many ways.  I have given you just a tiny glimpse.


Dave and I with Courtney shortly after her graduation ceremony
Saturday 16 May 2015
  • BACCALAUREATE:  Last Friday evening was the Baccalaureate service for the Class of 2015 at Gordon College.  My eyes filled with tears as I saw my daughter march in to Pomp and Circumstance wearing her college cap and gown, along with the other seniors and graduate students.  We loved every part of the worship, the Word, and the message given by the former "first lady" of the college who happened to retire (she and her husband, the president) the month Courtney began her first year there.  Sadly, he passed away about 6 months ago but his legacy lives on and heaven has gained a saint of a man.  After baccalaureate,  we took many photos and then went out to dinner.  So.much.fun!!
Courtney (on the right) with 2 of her apt roomies
Kami, Rebecca

A J Gordon Chapel
Gordon College, Wenham, MA
This is where Baccalaureate was held

Proud Dad!

  • GRADUATION!! It was really awesome when the president announced at Baccalaureate that Graduation would be held on the Quad (the Green) the next morning even though the weather called for possible rain. The entire senior class cheered. And the parents started clapping. God totally blessed the campus community. It did not rain!! The president of the college had a wonderful speech and it wasn't too long!  Here are some photos after graduation:

with Grandparents T------
(my inlaws)

with 2 good friends:  Ben and Skinner (Nate)

with her little sis Claire

with her Advisor and Art Professor
Professor "Z" a well loved man

We are so proud of her hard work, dedication, and 2 degrees!  She earned a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts/Design Concentration) and a BS (Bachelor of Science in Math).  She has an amazing Portfolio/Website and hopefully will start to get some interviews for a job!

She graduated in a class of 403 undergraduates, which is the largest class in all of the 125 years of Gordon College history!  Last weekend marked the end of the 125th Anniversary Celebration.   We thank God for the privilege of Courtney being able to attend this outstanding Christian college. (if you click on the link and see the grad photo on the webpage, Courtney is the one in the very center, walking in the Recessional with her back to us.). 

  • DISCOUNT!  Upon checking in to our hotel on Thursday evening, we discovered that we could get a discount based on the fact that we had a child at Gordon College.  Apparently, any of the times we stayed there in the last 4 years, if we mentioned the college, we could have had a room for only $70 a night!!  (it's typically $135 a night!).  We laughed and joked with the hotel staff that we were JUST learning of this discount and she was graduating in 2 days...we've stayed there 4 times.  He told us whenever we come back to that hotel, just say the name of the college and we'll get the discount.  SWEET!  (especially since our youngest now wants to do a couple of visits as a prospective student).

  • ONE LAST WALK!  Dave and our teen girl left the campus with his CRV fully loaded with Courtney's stuff at about 11 a.m. on Sunday.  Courtney and I still had some stuff to pack up and get into her car. It took until about 4 pm. Once the car was packed, we took one last walk around the main part of campus.  It was bittersweet.  Oh how she will miss the Gordon community.  Oh how I will miss visiting her there.  One last look at:

back of Bromley Hall
where Courtney lived in a 2 bedroom apt for her senior year

Barrington Center for the Arts where Courtney spent most of her time

Back of Winn Library looking down hill at Barrington
Walking down the Quad (Library and Research Center on the right)
Frost Hall (Adsmissions and Financial Aid)
my fave building on campus

walkway at "top" of Quad along the Ken Olson Science Center

Center Walkways and Bookstore

Lane Student Center
and back around to the quad

Facing the Academic Buildings/Library as seen from the Quad walk

walking along the quad back to Bromley apt
my fave pathway on campus

Time to go back to Bromley parking lot

Back at Bromley
Courtney's bedroom window is the one on the main floor between the 2 trees.
she loved looking out on to the quad

"Good-bye Gordon College"
  • CHRISTIAN UNITY:  there is NOTHING..and I mean NOTHING...like the Christian college community.  I am so thankful that I got to attend a 4 year Christian college for my undergrad days (Roberts Wesleyan College in Rochester, NY) and that now my oldest daughter has graduated from the top Christian college on the East Coast.  The unity there is amazing....between the students, the staff, the professors, and the administration.  It was a tough year for them in many ways...but their faith, their perseverance, their integrity, diversity and strong character will speak volumes for years to come. Thank You, Jesus.


Susanne said...

What great memories and a big congratulations once again to Courtney!

Gattina said...

That was certainly a very special day for you and your daughter !

Joyful said...

Congrats on your COLLEGE graduate!!!!!! That is so awesome! :))
Hope you all enjoy your Memorial Weekend.

Jerralea said...

What a beautiful campus! I loved the pic of the chapel best.

Kudos to your graduate! What an amazing opportunity she has been given!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

congratulations to your daughter.

Barbara H. said...

Congratulations to Courtney! What a wonderful experience making great memories.

Willow said...

Congratulations to your graduate!
I feel the same way about my college and about (three of) my children's college, Biola University.