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01 May 2015

Middle of Spring Faves

Wow....here it is already the month of May and the middle of Spring!  And thankfully, here in eastern New York, it has finally FELT like spring!  It's been a beautiful week of 60s and low 70s (F).  I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  Windows open after work, sunshine, windows opened for sleeping, lighter-weight  clothes, iced coffees, flowers opening more and more all faves of mine which leads me to  find FIVE FAVES from the past week and link up with other writers from Living to Tell the Story.  Click here to find out how to join us!


bye bye swing set
  • CLEAN-UP!  While I was out running errands with Claire on Saturday morning, my husband took down the swing set that we've had in the backyard since 1995.  It's the end of an era for sure.  When our oldest girl graduated from high school in 2011, we took down the slide to make room for the huge party tent for her grad party.  Well, this spring we decided, if our youngest was ok with it, to take down the swing set and purchase an adult swing..the kind you find here.  We haven't bought it yet but it's on the "to do' list for this month. It's a blessing to have a husband who can do this kind of labor.  (and he and his dad made the swing set when our oldest was just 2 years old!)  After he took down the swing set, he helped me move the furniture in the family room so I could do a thorough spring cleaning in there.  It's a blessing to be able to get all this work done before the summer begins.

  • SPRING SALES!  On Sunday, I took Claire and her friend C and we went to this place (I'm not a fan of it but the teens love a particular store located there).  While the girls were doing their thing, I wandered over to this store, and then to this store. Both places had spring dresses on sale for excellent prices so I bought one at each place.  Now I have something new for work and our summer vacation as well as for Courtney's college graduation.  I think it's a huge blessing to get clothing at 60% off!  Now, if we could just get rid of our NY taxes!!

image courtesy of google
  • NEW SLOW-COOKER!  Our old crock-pot bit the dust 2 weeks ago and since I use one at least 2-3 times a week in the winter and once a week in the summer months, I had to purchase a new one.  I did some research and read on Consumer Reports which was rated well and this one kept popping up.  I decided NOT to get the huge one so ordered the 3.5 quart one which is just perfect for our family of 4. (when everyone is home).  I love it already!! I've used it once so far this week and it works great and has a feature my former one didn't have:  a SIMMER setting.  Perfect for slow cooked sloppy joes and homemade soups that feature chicken already cooked. I'm never taking my slow cooker for granted again!

  • MORE BLOOMS!  Yesterday I came home from work to discover more flowers (the yellow ones) had bloomed during the day in our front yard under our cherry tree.  We have 2 cherry trees in the front and the one closer to the road has hosta growing around it which is just starting to come up.  For some reason, the tulip bulbs I also planted there did not make it. I am thinking a squirrel or rabbit got to them this winter.  But, the cherry tree closest to the house features 5 different kinds of flowers in the early spring and this year all of them are now up  (except the hyacinths, which around here, tend to bloom later in May and early June) and the tulips are ALMOST open!  The soft colors of spring are a fave of mine.....I love the yellows, pinks and blues.

image courtesy of green mountain coffee website
  • NEW FLAVOR!  Ok....I'm hooked.  For those of you who visit here often, you know how much I LOVE coffee.  I have one brand of coffee in particular that I just love, as does my husband. We think Green Mountain Coffee (from Vermont) is THE best coffee. ever. ( we do like other brands, though).  So, I discovered this past week that GM came out with a new flavor in a k-cup called Summer Sunrise Blend. Well, those of you who do know me well, know I LOVE the summer sunrise...I love getting up early in the summer, grabbing a cup of my fave coffee and sitting on my deck meditating and reading the Word.  I've had this coffee every afternoon after work this week......oh.my.  Smooth, light, and a teeny weeny bit citrus-y and flower-y.  It's hard to describe so get your self some and try it!  It's a medium roast so I like it in the afternoons/evenings but I'm guessing once I'm on vacation, I'll be having some in the morning, too!
That sums up my week.......I'm sure the weekend will also be full of special moments and hopefully more spring cleaning!

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


Susanne said...

It certainly is an era when stuff like a swing set come down. Very bittersweet. At my house I haven't had the opportunity to face that yet. And my youngest is 20! But that's because of my dayhome. LOL. Sometimes it feels like I'll never have a life that doesn't involve tripping over children's toys.

I've had to switch to decaf in the afternoons when I want a coffee. Just can't sleep the same if I drink coffee too late. But if I absolutely have to have a caffeinated one, I pick the darkest roast we have at home because it has less caffeine than a light roast. There are a couple companies here in town that roast their coffee right here and they are absolutely delicious!

So nice to have a handy guy that is willing to help out when those big jobs come along like moving furniture! And yay for the deal on dresses and crockpots. I can't live without my crockpot!

Jerralea said...

I felt sad when our swingset came down ... that's how you know your kids are truly grown up when they don't care about swings anymore.

I love reading you guys suggestions about coffee and tea flavors. For instance, I didn't know Green Mountain was a good tasting brand. I will have to try your fave for sure.

I love it when the weather is mild enough to open windows, too. Fresh air is so invigorating!

Barbara H. said...

We've never had a swing set, but we've had a tree houses and sandboxes, and it's bittersweet when those things have to go.

I know what you mean about slow cookers - must-have appliances. I'll have to look for the simmer feature next time I get one!

Glad you got some good sales on clothes!

Joyful said...

Oh how sad, the end of that particular era! But oh the excitement of the beginning of a new one! :)
I wish my crockpot would bite the dust! My sister got one for Christmas that actually stirs! You set how often...cool!
I love flowers around the place but I just don't have time to take care of them. Looking forward to the day that I do!
Hope you have some nice days this weekend! Blessings!

Deb said...

Such a great week! Thanks for writing to Josh. He will love hearing from you! I love shopping at J C Penney - on of my favorite stores - love their men's clothing too - got lots of Josh's missionary stuff there. They have great coupons and sales. I want a slow cooker like that one! I need one that is a bit smaller and has a simmer setting, so things don't get overcooked. Have a great weekend.

Dianna said...

Sounds like a lovely week of blessings, Faith.

Simply Linda said...

Aww...I do understand about the swing set. It sadden me to leave the tree fort behind when we moved here to NY from Alabama. Yes, finally spring here in western/the Southern Tier of NY! Blessings (and I agree about the taxes)

Melanie Lopata said...

Oh I'll have to try that new coffee type!!! I'm always looking for different types to try :)

I cleaned my back porch and all my closets this past weekend and it feels SO GOOD!!!

I love a good sale! I can't wait to go garage sale hopping

Willow said...

Having had a very very busy weekend, I am just now getting around to say hi. Cleaning up in the spring is so---refreshing!
I noticed no hike was on your fave list. I haven't been out this week, either.