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18 June 2015

Almost Summer Faves!

Only two more days until Summer starts!!  YEAH!!

And only 3 more days of working in the Kindergarten.  Bittersweet time as I will miss those special kiddos.  Although I'll most likely go visit for one of the summer school days when I am in town :)

For today, though, I am taking some time with other blogging friends, and listing my FIVE FAVES from the past week.  We look for the blessings in the week, whether big or small and share them.  Please consider linking up with us over at Susanne's.


  • MOM-DAUGHTER TIME!  I loved it on Saturday evening when my oldest gal suggested we make a fire in the new pit and have cocktails together. It's so much fun having a child now be a young adult.  I'm enjoying our time together and am looking forward to what God has in store for her as she begins to look for a Design job.  Claire was out with her boyfriend and a bunch of other friends so it was just Courtney and I (Dave had something else going on).  It was so relaxing to build the fire, have a drink, chat and read together.  I really needed Saturday evening to be relaxing and it was, thanks to my daughter!

  • BLUEBERRIES!  I finally bought a really good batch of blueberries from a local market.  Oh my. Heaven!  I've put them on my oatmeal, cold cereal and mixed with some blackberries and watermelon for a fruit cup at dinner this past week.  LOVE that there will be many more of these locally grown berries!  It is a definite fave of summer!

  • DANCE SHOW!  Claire, our teen ballerina, had her annual Dance Show with the Dance Academy last Friday evening.  She was in a lyrical ballet with her other classmate (just two of them in the class) which is the video you should see above this. The name of the number is "Will You Dance with Me" and my husband mistakenly cut off the first 20 seconds of the ballet.  And she was also with her advanced ballet class doing 2 different ballets.  One was "Clowns" all done on pointe which is a number from The Nutcracker Ballet, and they opened the 2nd Act with La Pariesienne which was a 28 minute ballet featuring all the advanced ballet students (3 on pointe) and 2 younger girls who danced in their regular ballet shoes.  Claire did a fantastic job on pointe and had 2 pointe solos.  We are very proud of her!!  I will try to post the Clowns number sometime in the next week or so. NOTE:  in the above video, Claire is the one on stage left (your right) and the one who does the split at the end.

  • KITCHEN HELP:  Claire had Tuesday off from school as she has the NYS Regents exams and local exams this week and next.  She had no exams on Tuesday so helped me with some housework after getting home from a study group.  The fave is that she actually volunteered to help me cook dinner!!  I was so happy for the help as I needed to man the grill outdoors AND she even set the table without me asking her to do so.  (this tends to be rare at my house).  I was super thrilled and it IS a blessing to have older kids in the house for this stuff.

  • DESSERT NIGHT!  What a great time of fellowship and desserts we had last night as we wrapped up our Bible study book and meetings for the year.  We will start up again in September with a whole new study. We will be getting away from parenting issues and focusing on a new study titled "Becoming the Woman Whose God is Enough".  I am losing 2 members who have conflicts but we will still be in touch.  They have been with me for the last 4 years and are very dear to my heart. One of the friends, Monica, gave me a beautiful wall hanging for my kitchen...it is Psalm 16:1 in the shape of a cross with the word "Faith" going across it at the top.  I just love it!!  Monica and I have been friends for many years so this  gift was super special to me.
I hope you all can find some blessings in your week!

Enjoy the weekend!!  I plan on doing a hike up a mountain in the northern part of the Adirondacks tomorrow!!  Super excited!


Simply Linda said...

I think the schools are out here, in Hornell. I have not seen anyone at the high school in a few days. Thank you for sharing and yum on the rum and coke. DO BE BECAREFUL tomorrow, I know you will be. Blessings

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Oh how wonderful to have that special time with just you and your daughter. My daughters are in their twenties now and are busy with their own lives...so I don't get to see them as often as I would like to. When we do get together it's usually with boyfriends or other family members and rarely just the two or three of us. Cherish those times.

Dianna said...

First of all, Claire did an amazing job! Thank you for sharing the video. I will look forward to her performance in The Clown when you are able to post it.

How fun to have a quiet evening in the backyard with your daughter! I have loved every phase of our children's lives from the time they were born, but I have to say that there is something extremely special about the relationships with our adult children. I'm glad you find that, too!

Have a great weekend, Faith!

nikkipolani said...

Wow, what a fun start to summer! An especially tasty batch of blueberries is amazing, isn't it?

It's great to hear about the connections you have with your kids and the enjoyment that's obvious in your times together.

Susanne said...

The fire pit looks like a wonderful place for summer evening relaxing. I'm still working on talking my hubby into getting one. Nice that you had time with just your oldest. Our wrap up to ladies study group is in a couple of weeks. A little late this year. In a way I look forward to the break but in a way I really miss it all summer. I found the biggest and tastiest blueberries ever a couple weeks ago at Costco of all places. We've been enjoying them. Especially love them in Greek yogurt!

Kathie said...

Mmm I'm eating blueberries as I'm reading about yours :) Ours aren't local though. Everything is behind this year. Our strawberries haven't come yet.

I love our little firepit too - only with a glass of wine. My girl and I have spent many a lovely evening out there together. and we sing if we're in the mood. :)

Congratulations to Claire - she's a very graceful dancer!

Happy weekend Faith!

Barbara H. said...

Schools here get out at the end of May - your school year seems really long! But maybe you start later than we do. Glad you're finishing up and hope you enjoy your summer!

Reading by the fire pit sounds so cozy. I've wanted one, but so far none yet.

Claire did such a nice job on her dance!

It is really nice when kids volunteer to help.

Your dessert night sounds fun!

Jerralea said...

I love fresh blueberries!

Claire did a beautiful job in her dance. I don't blame you one bit for being proud.

Your friend's gift sounds so thoughtful. How neat your name was on it.

Jessy Skehan said...

Fires, drinks, friend...sounds perfect! We have lots of fires here into the cold months especially....but with 5 kids 9-16 it's more animated with S'mores! LOL Blueberries are in season here in August. We're getting strawberries today. Thoughtful friend! Bible study sounds like a great way to learn and have fellowship.