"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

29 June 2015

Daybook for Last Monday in June

Joining in with other friends for this writing exercise
 hosted by Peggy.


Outside my window - it's a little chilly and cloudy, although the sun keeps breaking through even though there was a light misty rain falling. Temps are in the high 60's.

I am wearing:  black capri pants, a black/white flowered shirt, silver hoop earrings, 3 alex and ani bracelets ("tree of life, bicycle, dragonfly), tangerine polish on my bare toes

I am thinking - about all the items I need to get checked off the "prepare for vacation" list.

I am praising God for - my husband and the 25 years we have had as husband and wife (tomorrow is our 25th anniversary!!)

I am in prayer for -  a few close friends who have some monetary issues, illness, and a prodigal child they are dealing with.

I am thankful for - the cooler temperatures as we finish up re-painting our shed.

From the kitchen - dinner tonight:  grilled honey mustard chicken, roasted sweet potato wedges, steamed peas,cucumber salad, watermelon.

I am creating - a photo book of my daughter's graduation from college.

I am going to be - cleaning, packing for our Cape Cod vacation, running errands, helping to strip old paint and slap on new paint (shed)

I am excited that - my husband and I will be alone in a rented cottage on Cape Cod for 4 days before our daughters join us!

I am hoping (trusting) that - my daughters will be safe on the highways this upcoming week

I am looking forward to - our vacation alone AND with our 2 daughters, exploring a new to us part of Cape Cod and re-visiting some fave spots

I am learning -to just lay everything at the feet of Jesus BEFORE trying to do things on my own!

I am reading - I'm finishing up You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity, beginning a personal devotional book titled Restless (because you were made for more) and just beginning a library book titled Descent about a family of hikers.

One of my favorite things - listening to Vivaldi as I clean the kitchen

A few plans for the rest of the week - groceries for the cottage, putting stops on the newspaper and mail, finishing up the packing, dinner out tomorrow evening as we celebrate 25 yrs of marriage, finishing up the shed project

A favorite quote for the day -

A favorite Scripture thought:

A picture thought:

Have a wonderful week!!


Joyful said...

Contgratulations on 25 years!!! And it is so much fun packing and planning vacation. Sounds like your's is going to be awesome!

goodnightgram said...

Beat wishes on your anniversary! Many more. Sounds like a wonderful vacation too. Have a great time. I liked your Emerson quote.

Ceil said...

HI Faith! Happy Anniversary, and have a wonderful holiday with your husband and daughter. Celebrations are so fun, and it sounds like you'll have a great 4th celebration too :)

Love the tangerine toes!!

Jessy Skehan said...

Happy 25th wedding anniversary! That's something to celebrate! Enjoy your vacation together! I should have come for dinner! LOL

Paula Kaye said...

Your dinner sounded amazing! Happy 25th wedding anniversary. That is very honorable!! I would love to go on a Cape Cod vacation. Have a wonderful time

Jodi said...

Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your time at Cape Cod!!

Amy said...

Happy anniversary!! Have a great trip. =)

Those books sound intriguing, I will have to check them out.

Barbara London said...

Faithe - Happy 25th anniversary (we went on a cruise in 2008 for ours and my husband's sister and her husband's 25th...we are celebrating 32 years in August!!

Love the "Gold in the clouds" quote and the blog is really nice and easy on the eyes!

Thanks for sharing!! Stopping by from Simple Woman's Daybook...enjoy your anniversary dinner or whatever!!

Melanie said...

Happy 25th anniversary! Enjoy your Cape Cod vacation. I lived there for about a year, at Otis AFB. Pretty area. I long for the sea and I'm only about 2 hours away from the ocean - it's just so hot out right now! Have a blessed day.