"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

12 June 2015



It's Friday! And I'm so busy with the "end of the year"  field day today with the entire elementary school (grades K-6) out on the field and playground having games and competitions.  And tonight is my teenager's annual Dance Show.  She is dancing in three ballets this year and is very excited to be doing another pointe solo.  I have not seen ANY of the dances, so I'm excited to see her perform. One of her dances is a lyrical ballet duet.  Please do pray for her if you think of it today.....pray that she and the other girl will be perfectly in sync. If all goes well, she may do some of this piece for a college admissions audition.  Thank you in advance!

For now....let's take some time to reflect back on the week and find FIVE FAVES that God blessed us with.  You can link up at Susanne's site.


  • PRODUCTIVE WEEKEND!  Last weekend was very productive for my husband and I.  We ran over to a city west of us to pick up our bikes (and our teen's bike) that had been there since the previous weekend, getting serviced for our trip to Cape Cod.  We plan on riding most of the Cape Cod National Seashore trail.  The bikes look great and now all we need to do is buy new helmets as ours are WAY past the time for replacement.  We also got a lot of lawn work done as we divided up the chores for that. Dave then made a plan for doing some repairs on our shed and in our basement. I managed to get quite a bit of housework done on Saturday, which was good as I woke up Sunday with a sore throat so tried to rest for most of that day. Here is a photo my oldest daughter took, of me relaxing late Sunday evening on my swing.

  • LUNCH DATE:  Dave surprised me with a spontaneous lunch date on Saturday.  Soon after leaving the bike shop, he turned into a little deli that he likes and goes to for work lunches sometimes...I had forgotten it was in the same neighborhood as the bike shop.  I had only been to this deli twice before so I was thrilled as they have the BEST chicken salad sandwiches around.  It was fun to just sit for a few minutes and chat with each other over lunch.  We rarely get to eat lunch together!! 

photo courtesy of Courtney E T

  • Rainy day:  this makes my fave list because we really needed a steady rain for the grass and flowers and we finally get one on Tuesday.  It rained HARD at one point and a small village to the west of us had a small tornado pass through!  I was driving in pouring rain as I left work, but as soon as I got to the high school to pick up Claire and her friend, the temps had cooled down and the sun came back out!  It lowered the humidity too so we slept with the windows open.  I love a good, soaking rain!

  • NEW PRODUCT!  So don't laugh at me, but.....I LOVE trying new beauty products and I discovered a new one this week while shopping at T*rget.  It is this shaving cream.  Now, with both girls home again, we go through shaving cream like crazy.  We like our legs smooth! I typically buy 1 of 2 fave brands, whichever of the 2 are on sale.  But when I saw this new item, I had to try it!  Oh.my.goodness.  It is the best!!  I got it in the lavender jasmine and the scent is just heaven.  And my skin is so smooth and moisturized! I know it's just a small thing but.... I think the 3 of us found a new fave! (we all love their lip balm, too!)
image courtesy of EOS website

  • An Excellent Post:  now, the topic of the post I am linking you to is very serious.  There are so many reasons this makes my fave list but the main one is that she is a very dear friend of my oldest daughter from back in their elementary school days and she is the daughter of a good friend of mine.  She also has a very similar background of something I my self went through as a teen.  Her writing is very good.  I encourage you to read the article.  But please privately email me your thoughts regarding it, if you want to comment on it.  Thanks!!  Here is the link: Sin and Crime:  Stop Defending Criminals in the Church

That wraps up my week.  Only one more full week of school/work left for me and then just 3 days until SUMMER VACATION!!!!

I hope you enjoy a restful, refreshing weekend.



Simply Linda said...

Good Luck and keeping your daughter your in prayer. Boy, did it storm here as well, however, it did not lower the humidity for long. Oh, please take me with you to the Cape (whineeeee). Lol---Have a nice day, Faith. Blessings

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Sounds like a wonderful vacation riding bikes through the Cape. I like a rainy day once in a while too. It's good for the greenery and I seem to get a lot of housework done too.

Gattina said...

I used to have a bike when I was a child, but then I discovered cars and it was finished with bikes ! It's good to find a good Deli !

Barbara H. said...

Glad you had such a productive weekend, and the surprise lunch sounds like so much fun! My husband and I rarely eat lunch together weekdays, either. Glad you got some good rain.

Dianna said...

Hello Faith,

God did remind me this morning that tonight was Claire's ballet performance and I prayed. I am excited to hear how it all went!

Your list of faves this week are a blessing, as always. I love it that your hubby took you on a surprise lunch date on Saturday. Those are the best kind!

I know you are glad that the school year is slowing down. I wish you a pleasant summer break.

Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.

Deb said...

You did have a nice productive week! Sounds busy like the end of school always is. Enjoy the coming summer. Your trip to Cape Cod sounds wonderful! I am sort of kind of thinking of making a trip back there to visit my sister, who lives close to you. We'll have to see what develops, but if I am there on a weekend, maybe we could meet for lunch on a Saturday. I'd love to meet you in person! I'll let you know - just thinking...

Susanne said...

That sounds like a vacation I would really like! Fun to plan, isn't it? A surprise lunch out is always nice. Your swing looks so comfy. I'm afraid I would be spending way too much time there with a good book. Will read your link a little later after I've visited the FFF group.