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12 July 2015

2015 Book Review #22: A Hundred Pieces of Me

I read this book in 3 days.  Most of it was read at Hardings Beach on Cape Cod!

It's excellent.  It's the 2nd novel I've read by this British author who is funny, serious, thought-provoking.  I loved the first one I read and I loved this one even more.


Gina Bellamy is in the midst of getting a divorce from her husband Stuart. She is in her early 30's.

They live in a village in England and near London.

Gina is trying to figure out how to live on her own again.

She also is trying to pare her material goods down to just one hundred things that really mean something to her.  She is moving into a flat that is sparse.....minimalist.  And this is all new to her.  She is a collector and leaving a very grand home filled with all the best things money can buy.

What items from her life are worth saving??

Gina needs to let go of the past so she can face her future. And her present.  She is on a quest to learn to live in the moment.  Her best friend, a new friend, and another new friend and client all help her on this path.  She has to encounter her first love, a man named Kit who ended up in a wheelchair and she always blamed her self.  She has to come to terms with Stuart and his new pregnant girlfriend.

She discovers things about her self, her mum, and the dad she barely remembers.

She also discovers an abused greyhound dog that is starting to respond to her in a positive way.  But she isn't really a dog person.  Or is she??

When she realizes that she must "seize the day"....live in the moments.....she learns that magic happens.


This was a wonderful  book.  I highly recommend it. 

It showed me the feelings of a woman who battles breast cancer.  And the death of a daddy early in life. It showed me things about my own relationship with my daughters...my oldest one, specifically.  It reminded me that life is short and that we really do need to live in the moments.  The story made me laugh (the author has a great sense of humor and writes very well.....connecting the past with the present and connecting comedy with drama).  It taught me:

We need to let go of the past trials or things that weigh us down.

We can overcome obstacles when good friends and family are walking alongside us.

And we can learn to live simply. and look for the special moments in the every day.

In fact, because of this story, I have a new goal for the summer.  I am going to try to give or sell or throw away one hundred items.

And I'm going to try to go through my "stuff" and pare them down to the one hundred things that really mean something to me.  That I really can't live without due to its beauty, or special meaning, or special memory.

I dare you to read this.

It will change you!

In my opinion, this book is appropriate for ages 17 and older. (due to some content).

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I rate this a 10.


Susanne said...

This sounds good. Going on my list. I see you're reading the next Lisa Genova book. Just finished and reviewed Still Alice on your recommendation. Loved it.

Faith said...

I met Lisa Genova in downtown Chatham while we were there this past week!!!!! she signed the book Im reading!!!!

Melanie said...

This sounds like a wonderful book! I have been doing this for about a year - paring down and getting rid of things. It is really very freeing and I, too have had to face memories while doing this. Thank you for the review.

Deb said...

Yep, this looks like one I'll have to get my hands on and read. Thanks for the review! Looking it up on my Kindle now...