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22 July 2015

2015 Book Review #24: You and Me Forever: Marriage in Light of Eternity

I just finished a book I bought Dave for Christmas.  Yes, I started reading it over Winter Break.  No, I didn't finish it until this morning.  But I have also read novels, the Bible, a Bible study book, magazines, hiking books, etc.  And this book needed me to focus.  I did a lot of high lighting.  And nodding of the head.  And praying.  It's awesome.  I'm glad I savored each chapter.  In fact, I'm going to go back through the book and do some journaling about the parts I've highlighted!

  The book is written by the author of Crazy Love (which I LOVED!) and his wife.  His wife takes part of the chapter for her thoughts.  Each chapter then has some questions for you to meditate on and perhaps journal about or discuss with your spouse or children.

The book talks about how we say in our marriage vows (many of us) "Until death do us part".  And that there are eternal rewards...or regrets...depending on how we actually conduct/spend our lives.

They talk about how it's great to not let things destroy your marriage but that we also can't let our marriage distract us from the greater things God has for us.  

When I first chose the book as a gift, I honestly thought it was going to be an actual marriage book to help your marriage or give you ideas on how to better communicate, serve God, etc.  I was NOT expecting that it is really about your marriage relationship with Christ.  We are the Bride!!  And I was so happy it was about this.  Because I needed the reminders in the book and I needed some of then new ways of thinking about my marriage that the authors point out.

God is a jealous God. He wants us to pursue Him first and most!  It is the first Great Commandment ("love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul, and mind")

The authors point out that love, laughter and intimacy were created for us to enjoy.  But that there is also a way to love our family in deeper ways without also ignoring heaven.  And that it comes down to our focus.

Here's a quote from the back of the book that I really like:

"Jesus was right.  We have it all backwards.  The way to have a great marriage is by not focusing on marriage."
Marriage is great.  But it is NOT forever. 

I learned something from every single chapter.  Here are the chapter titles:

  • The Secret to Happily Ever After
  • Marriage Isn't That Great
  • Pursue the Perfect Marriage
  • Learn to Fight Well
  • Don't Waste Your Marriage
  • Is There Hope for Us?
  • What's Really Best for the Kids?
  • The Amazing Race
and then a wonderful prayer that really spoke to me.  It brought tears to my eyes.

You will discover that the most important relationship we can ever have, is the one with God.  And that no marriage is complete with out God in it. You will learn the importance of serving God...together....and to have joy in your life....complete joy!  You will learn what is really what children need from their parents.  It isn't what you think!

Live out the gospel in your marriage.  It's the most important thing we can do for our family.

I firmly believe that this book should be required reading for any Christian engaged couple.  For any married couple, no matter how long you have been married or how long you have been a Believer/Christian.

In my opinion, this book is appropriate for ages 17 and older.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I rate this a 10.

NOTE:  this book can be downloaded for free by going to www.youandmeforever.org


Barbara H. said...

I've seen this book but haven't read it. Sounds very good! I actually haven't read any of his yet but have enjoyed a couple of videos I have seen of him.

Susanne said...

Now that really surprises me too. Interesting. I started Crazy Love I don't know how long ago and have just gotten distracted by other reads. I think I may have to start it at the beginning again.