"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

18 August 2015


I love getting new clothes, don't you?

I usually get a couple of new things each season as I like to stay trendy(I love the new 1970s look that is so retro right now...the longer flowing tunics, paisley prints), yet I also like buying classic items as they are always "in".  Polo shirts, classic black skirts, black pumps. You get the idea.  Yesterday, my daughters and I did a little "back to school/work" shopping and it really is fun to get new things, even on a budget :)  It's fun to put them on...to try them...to wear them.  But they are just temporal things...........

This morning I was reading in Isaiah and these verses jumped out at me:

I started to meditate on just what this portion of Scripture means.

We need to be joyful!!  We should not be complaining, griping, anxious, stressed.....but rather....rejoicing in our Savior!

WHY?  Because of the saving grace of salvation!  For those of us who are Believers, if we just show the world we are joyful (different from being happy!)...that we can be joyful and at peace even during trials and times of grief....what a picture of Christ they will see in us!

Then I started thinking about what "covered with robes of righteousness" means.

I'm not a Biblical scholar by any means....I did do my undergraduate work in a 4 year private Christian liberal arts college.  I did take Old Testament and New Testament courses.  I even took a Bible Literature  class in my public high school back in 1977!  And I read the Word of God daily.  However, I am just starting to really STUDY  what I'm reading.....really sinking my teeth in to become more Christ-centered.  I have a long way to go!

So, this morning when those words popped out at me, I sat and just pondered them for a bit.  And then I looked up in Ephesians chapter 6 that takes about putting on the "breastplate of  righteousness".

Breastplates, to my understanding, were used to protect the chest area......where our hearts lie.  These were put on to protect from the enemy.

And so.....we are "covered in righteousness" meaning once we are washed clean of our sins...once we have embraced Jesus as our Savior and Lord, believed on Him, we are made new.   Our hearts are changed.  Our soul begins to take on the fruits of the Spirit as we grow and mature in our faith; in our walk with our Redeemer.

How exciting to think that we are clothed with newness!!

He has covered us with His blood; and the Holy Spirit, when we are walking closely with Christ, is there to protect us from the enemy (Satan).

But we can't put on these clothes by our selves!  Yes, we accept the gift of salvation but God is the one who gives us righteousness.  We can't buy it.

I'm encouraged by this Scripture today.  I think sometimes, in the midst of our busy lives, in doing for others, in leading a ministry, in guiding our children, in loving our husbands, etc etc, we forget that our core reason for living is to glorify God and what He has done for us. 

He has given us a garment of salvation!!  That alone should make us smile!

He clothes us....He puts righteousness on us!!  We can't dress ourselves with it!

Cling to Him today.......seek Him....you will find Him.....

and smile, knowing you are covered!


Simply Linda said...

A beautiful post. Thank you for sharing...Blessings

Susanne said...

Wonderful way of putting into understandable thoughts what this scripture means! Needed to hear this today!