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14 August 2015

Mid-August Faves

Can you believe it is mid-August?  Only five more weeks until Autumn and only 3 more weeks until school begins. My baby will be a junior in high school! I will be in Kindergarten again and am quite happy about that...although it will be interesting to see how the new "all day kindergarten" plan is going to work. (our district is now joining all the other districts in our region of NY (minus one) of going to all day kindergarten based on voters preferences.  I'm actually kind of against it.)

For now I'm looking back on the week and trying to find some blessings....Five Faves as put forth by our lovely hostess, Susanne.  How about joining in with us?

Garnet Lake as seen from Summit of Crane Mountain

From summit of Crane Mt
overlooking the Wilcox Lake Wild Forest
in the Southern ADKs with the
Mts of the Central ADKs in the background

along the trail up Crane Mt

the trail going down!

  • CHALLENGING HIKE!  Oh my goodness.  I knew this mountain wouldn't be too high based on the fact that families have done it....people with children.  And I knew there would be a few rock scrambles. I knew there was a short ladder and a 30 foot ladder nailed into granite and that the only way to the summit was by climbing it unless we took the even steeper approach around the pond but that would mean climbing DOWN the ladders.  So of course we hiked UP to the summit first and then down to the pond, around the side of the mountain and back down this descent pictured right above these words. Oh.my.goodness. Although this mountain is only 3,241 feet in elevation, this hike kicked my butt.  And to top it off, I was hiking with a sinus infection that turned into an ear infection and didn't even know it at the time...I just knew I had had a headache all week and thought it was just sinus pressure. (my clue should have been that nothing OTC was working!!).  Needless to say, it was a great adventure with my long time friend Cheryl and a new hiking friend we met on the trail...a woman who has done this mountain every year since youth and she is in her 60s. I told her this was not a mountain I was repeating!! But the experience was awesome. Look at what God has made!! I only have one photo of me on the summit that my friend took but she hasn't had time to email it to me yet.  Take my word for it...I hiked this. And my shoulders, upper back and chest are feeling it. Thankfully my legs and lower back have been fine! (click on the link I highlighted and scroll down to read about this mountain and see the photo of the ladder..it was scary!). I'm thankful for adventuresome friends!

  • ANTIBIOTICS:  yup. I'm on one. Has been a long time since I've had a sinus/ear infection. And I have never been ill in the summer! In fact, I didn't feel sick at all other than the constant headache for a week.  My doc gave me the Rx and I think it is finally kicking in. I'm thankful for medicine.

image courtesy of amazon

  • GOOD BOOKS:  I've been doing a lot of reading in the early mornings, late afternoons, and evenings.  I love summer because I can read all day if I want!  This book pictured above is one I've gone through quickly but this week I've been reading certain sections of it...the history of some of my beloved mountains.  It's fascinating!  I've also been reading an excellent devotional book, the book of Micah in the OT, and a novel (pictured on the sidebar).  I love to read and am thankful for good books.

  • BONFIRE NIGHT:  Wednesday evening I lit a fire in our firepit and invited my neighbor over as it had been a long time since we've had a good chat.  She is also a Christian and we like to hike together.  We shared memories of past hikes, made some tentative plans to do more this fall, and just enjoyed time together.  It was a gorgeous night...perfect summer weather...a little chilly once the sun went down and very low humidity.  I loved it!  The evening was just so peaceful and I'm thankful for that.

photo courtesy of Claire
  • OUTSIDE DINING/CRAFT FAIR:  On Thursday, Claire had a pointe shoe fitting in this amazing city just 20 minutes north of us. And because it was near lunch time, we decided to eat outdoors at this awesome and fave place.  If you are ever in Saratoga, you must stop in to eat here and sample one of their cocktails. So yummy!  My sister Joy joined us as well.  Afterwards, we strolled down Broadway, on a perfect summer day (the temp was only about 76 and sun!) to this park where a craft fair was going on.  We purchased some ear rings and had fun looking at all the handmade items.  The ear rings are made with antiques.....and the price was less than $20.  We watched the woman make a pair while we were there.  I am thankful for these spontaneous activities on beautiful summer days and time spent with my ballerina  girl.

What are some of your faves this week?  Please share!!


Simply Linda said...

Always a (your posts) enjoyable read, Faith. I think the public schools here in western NY start back right after Labor Day. I start back to college on the 31st.

Have a beautiful day, friend.

Susanne said...

The views from the summit of that hike are glorious but I'm afraid that ladder would have done me in! And that rock scramble going down would have had me very nervous! Good for you for taking it on.

Fun day trips like your short city trip are so much fun.

I really, really would like to have a fire pit but we would have to bump out a fence and reconfigure to get it away from buildings. One of these fine days!

Gattina said...

What a beautiful landscape ! Hiking is nothin for me, I am too lazy, lol !

Willow said...

Minus the infection, this was a perfect summer week--hiking, bonfires, street fairs. How blessed you are to live so near your family.

Susan said...

You definitely should be pleased to have accomplished that hike. I know the ladder and rock scramble would have scared me silly. Ever since I broke my shoulder (hiking) I have been very tentative in what I'll done hiking-wise. But hurray for your tenacity, strength and courage.

And perseverance - oh my - a headache, sinus infection and ear infection. I hope you are feeling so much better now.

A fire and chat with a Christian friend sounds like a wonderful way to spend an evening. I think I love (contained) fires as much as I love the ocean.

The next book I am reading is Emma, I am waiting for it to come in at the library. What a fun idea that two daughters collect Austen books.

Jerralea said...

I can well believe that hike kicked your butt! Kudos to you on your perseverance. Love your photos taken on the mountain!

I'd love to chat with a friend on a summer evening in front of a firepit and also your day with the ballerina girl sounds enjoyable. You are blessed!

Karen said...

Saratoga Springs is indeed a beautiful place. I always love a Friday Fave that includes a book! Your photos are beautiful.

Barbara H. said...

Oh wow - that trail going down looks intimidating! Glad you were able to take that hike and that antibiotics are kicking in. Your bonfire night sounds just lovely and the excursion with Claire sounds very fun!