"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

04 September 2015

End of Summer Vacation Faves

Can you believe it's September??

Summer break is almost over and in a couple of weeks Autumn begins! My teen goes back to school for her junior year of high school on Thursday Sept 10th and I return to work on Wed the 9th. My kindergarten students come in on Friday the 11th.  It's going to be an exciting new year. I'll save that for another post :)

I missed you all last week while we were in the northern part of NYS....we were up about 2 1/2 hours north of our home here in the Capital Region renting a cottage outside this little village.  By the last day, we all had horrible head colds and I'm still kind of wiped out to be honest.  So I'm sharing just FIVE FAVES through photos.  Maybe I will write more later this weekend. 

I'm joining in with Susanne and other writers as we share blessings from the past week........

Little Wolf Pond from the town beach
25 August 2015


Little Wolf Pond from our Cottage
26 August 2015
Cathedral Rock Trail
26 August 2015
behind our cottage on the lake
Last morning paddle
29 August 2015

  • JUST ME AND MY KAYAK..........and 2 loons!!

morning loons glided by our cottage every morning
from the haunting cry of the loon in the early morning mist over Little Wolf Pond and our quiet cottage to the quickening steps of the teens as they hiked up Mt Arab with me, to the smooth glide in the kayaks over the quiet waters, to the scents of pine and balsam and my husband's laugh around the bonfire...and trips into the village to eat yummy food....and walks along the Raquette River...and deep woods hikes........and bright, sunny days and crisp, clear nights........we say Thank You, God.

You created a wondrous world.


Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a lovely week - minus the head cold. Hope you're feeling 100% soon.

Susanne said...

That looks like a lovely and peaceful spot! Just perfect in my mind to close off summer. Sorry you all came back sick!

Simply Linda said...

You're so brave to kayak, smiles. Lovely photos, thanks for the smiles. Hope you get to feeling better. Blessings

Willow said...

Your pre-school break sounds wonderful! All those hikes :)
I hope you feel fine by the time you start back to school. Ready, Set, GO!

Gattina said...

That all sounds so nice that I would have liked to share that with you ! camp fire a dream ! Normal life has started again school began on September 1st.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

What a beautiful and peaceful place to spend time.

Linda said...

Beautiful photos. You have a lovely blog. :)

Susan said...

Lovely way to list your FFF's even if it is b/c of not feeling very energetic. It always amazes me how much a cold impacts my energy lever. I hope you feel tip-top soon!

My fave moments were the solo kayak ride and the fire time (with laughter even made it better). What a wonderful trip to end your summer as a family.