"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

16 October 2015


I truly can't believe it's Friday already!  This past week just flew by but I think it's partly because we had Monday off....due to honoring Christopher Columbus. 

 It is definitely autumn here now...the nights are much cooler, although we haven't had frost yet, and the sun is setting much earlier...some people like that...and although I do enjoy the 4 different seasons, I am not a fan of the "darker, earlier" thing.  But as in all things, there are always blessings to be found, so let's try to find five of our faves from the past week and share them by linking up at Susanne's site.


  • BONFIRE!  Last Saturday evening, Dave and I hosted a Wine and Cheese Bonfire for Couples.  We invited some members of our church who happen to belong to a social group I organize.  What fun we had!! Every couple brought a bottle of wine to share/sample from, and I provided the cheese and crackers and hot drinks for those folks who don't drink wine.  The evening was perfect for a fire in the backyard!  I love these kinds of casual events with good friends and am so thankful for all the laughs and good conversation.
Claire and Noah at his house before the Homecoming Dance

  • HOMECOMING!  For some reason, our school district scheduled Homecoming for the long holiday weekend but everything worked out.  Claire (now a junior!) and her group of friends went to the game together on Friday evening after she marched in the parade representing Russian Club.  Then Saturday evening was the Homecoming Dance which she went to with her boyfriend and other friends.  They all looked so nice in their semi-formal dress.  (a rule in our high school is that they dress up for Homecoming). AND...our football team won the game the night before, 40 something to 0!!!! The reason this makes my fave list though is because all of us moms decided to take turns with the driving.  I was the mom who drove the gang to the parade and game. Another mom brought them home.  I drove Claire to her bf's house the next night and his folks got them to the Dance and another mom brought them all home.  This helps because even though Claire has her license, it is just a junior one as she is under 17 and NYS law says she cannot drive past 9 pm.  The dance got out at 10:30 so everything worked out for everyone.  I'm very thankful for this group of moms and friends. 

Side view of National Museum of Dance
Saratoga Spa State Park
Saratoga Springs, NY
11 October

lawn at National Museum of Dance

  • QUIET TIME!  On Sunday afternoon, Claire had her first Nutcracker rehearsal at the School of the Arts (National Museum of Dance) on the grounds of Saratoga Spa State Park in this city. Her rehearsal was one hour long so I had brought my book, blanket, an apple and my water bottle to relax under the maples on the lawn.  The other moms either ran errands or just sat in their cars but the day was so gorgeous at 72 degrees that I just had to be outside!  What a lovely spot and I'm so thankful I had that time to read a good book and relax before having her practice driving the route home.  

overlooking the Vanerwhacker Wild Forest Region of the Central ADKS
from the summit of Moxham Mountain
12 October 2015
along the Moxham Mountain Trail

Central Adirondacks from summit of Moxham

From first overlook on the ridgeline across Moxham Mountain

  • COLUMBUS DAY HIKE! Since Monday was a holiday, my friend Kathy and I hiked a new-to-us trail up Moxham Mountain.  Moxham's trail is relatively new...it was built in 2012.  Previously, people would rappel up the cliff sides to get to the top.  The weather was absolutely perfect!  Temp was about 74 degrees in town and about 70 on the summit.  The hike was a total of 5.4 miles so was a perfect work out and we enjoyed lunch on the summit, lingering to talk to other hikers.  The fall foliage was at its peak up in the Adirondacks this past weekend so after this week, those same colors are going to look very muted.  I'm thankful I had this day to hike and for all the great photos we took!!

  • SCRIPTURE!  I just love it when I'm reading in the Bible and a Scripture jumps out at me or causes me to think.......to really "chew" on the meat of it.  This happened twice in the last week and I'm so thankful for God's words to me.  He is so faithful.  I can't imagine my life without walking with my Savior.  (If you're interested, the post I wrote based on part of the above Scripture can be found here.)

Can you find five blessings from your week??  Please do share one in the comment section below!!

Have a restful weekend!


Kathie said...

Oh wow Faith - I clicked through and your pictures are stunning! I've been to New England in the fall - we lived at GCTS for 3 years - and it's so gorgeous. The mountains are so majestic.

I love your wine-tasting party. I'm going to plan one.It's so much simpler than a full meal. and relaxing.

Claire looks lovely in her pretty dress!

Happy weekend - hope you get out for a hike!

nikkipolani said...

Wow! Those Moxham views are breath-taking. And you got to be there in perfect weather, too. Definitely a fave.

You're so right about Scripture. It is alive!

Barbara H. said...

What a great week! I am not a fan of early darkness in the fall and winter, either, especially after Daylight Savings Time ends. It's good there were a number of moms willing to help taxi the kids around for Homecoming. Your quiet time under the maples sounds lovely. I so agree about Scripture - it is always beneficial, but there are those times when it just really grabs you in a special way.

Susanne said...

Such gorgeous fall colors abounding in your mountains! That would have been an incredible hike! We've had some days in the 70's too but we've also had some nights that dipped into the freezing zone. We've been outside every chance we get because we know it could turn at any moment. Fun to share the driving for a youth event, so much easier.

Karen said...

I love the idea of a wine and cheese bonfire party. I'm not a fan of the day getting dark earlier either. I left work a few minutes late yesterday and was all prepared to put my sunglasses on... and the sun had already set!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Sounds like you had a great week. the weather this fall has been just beautiful for hiking or sitting out of doors with a good book.

Simply Linda said...

Thank you for the many smiles this Saturday morning...quite brisk here in western NY, wink. Blessings

Susan said...

I clicked through to your Scripture post about peace - your photos and words helped remind to keep on taking that one foot step after another in His direction.

Love the bonfire and party. People that bring laughter and connection sure add a lot of warmth to our lives. So glad you got to experience that last week.

Your hike sounded perfect. Do you keep a hiking notebook?

Phoebes World said...

Beautiful photos...Thank you for sharing
Phoebe X