"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

09 October 2015

It's Really Fall Faves

Well, it is really fall (autumn) here!

The temps continue to be mild (which I love!) but the nights have that crisp, cool, clear feeling to them and we have had to put on the heavier quilt.  I'm loving all the colors I see in our town and the surrounding areas of NYS. and the daylight hours are definitely shorter. I'm starting my daily power walks typically around 6:15 but it's darker by the time I end at 7!!  I guess it is really fall!

Let's take a few minutes to share FIVE of our FAVE moments/places/people/events this past week and then link the post up with Susanne  our gracious hostess.


  • HOUR HIKE:  Saturday late afternoon, my neighbor and I drove the 5 miles from our homes to this state park where we love to do an hour hike.  It was a bit overcast although the sun kept peeking through.  We saw a beautiful doe in the woods eating but didn't grab the iphone quick enough to snap a pic.  We saw many squirrels, jays, chipmunks, another deer before completing 2 of the loops and heading back to our homes to cook dinner. I needed the break from housework and errands....so thankful we live so close to some great state park trails.

The Mohawk River at Peebles Island State Park

Beginning of one trail

trail along the river

  • SUNDAY DRIVE/WALK:  After church on Sunday morning, I drove out to central New York State to where my dad lives on the premises of my sister Hope's house.  Her husband Donny made a very nice apartment off their little house in the big woods for Dad.  They live about 80 minutes from my town in eastern NY.  It was a beautiful day and a gorgeous drive.  They are pretty much at peak color in central NY whereas out here in the Capital Region we are not yet at peak color.  In fact, many of our trees are still green and JUST turning red, orange and yellow.  Here are some photos I took on my drive into their property and on my walk with Dad.  For 83 years old, he is doing fairly well.  I'm thankful I had this afternoon with him.
the road into my sister's house

fall foliage near my sister's home in central New York

beautiful tree near my sister's property
central NYS
4 October 2015

  • PATCH ARRIVED!!  The Adirondack Mountain Club sent me my patch for completing the Fire Tower Challenge.  It's fun to get real mail other than bills and I can now sew this on to my backpack!  What a fun challenge this was!!  I'm now attempting to finish up another challenge but it will have to wait until spring as some of the trails are not doable in the winter months. I'm thankful for being able to hike and for fun hiking partners I've had over the years.

  • SAFE TRAVELS:  Dave (my husband) had to fly out of Albany on Sunday morning for Ohio due to work and came home late Tuesday night.  I am very thankful that he had safe travels to and fro and that he could be back in time to attend our daughter's high school open house last evening.  

  • AUTUMN AFTERNOON COLORS:  I love the colors of autumn....I always have, ever since growing up in Central NY, then moving to western NY for college and a couple of years beyond, then moving to eastern NY for grad school, career and marriage.  I love living in eastern NY the best because of all the mountain ranges we are near by....and for the somewhat milder autumns and winters we get here.......the colors on a golden late afternoon are some of my very faves. I'm thankful for our Creator and the marvelous gifts He has given us.

our front stoop decorated for harvest time

That wraps up some special fall faves for me.....how about you?? 

What blessings can you find in your week??

Please share!

Happy Weekend!


Barbara H. said...

What nice views for your hike and walk! I had a hubby traveling this week, too - so glad for safe travels. Congratulations on receiving your patch! We're staring to get a bit of fall color but we're still looking forward to more.

Susanne said...

Congrats on your obtaining your patch. The feeling of accomplishment must be very rewarding! It is Indian Summer where we are right now. We've had a gorgeous warm week, today is supposed to get up to 24*C, that's 75.2*F! Pretty much the weather we have in May and June! At night though it does get cool, one morning this week it was -2*C when I got up and then it rose a good 20 degrees by afternoon. I love all the colors too and crunching through the fallen leaves when going for a walk. So nice that your Dad has a little apartment on your sister's property. Have a nice long weekend!

Jerralea said...

Congrats on completing the Fire Tower Challenge. It is certainly nice to receive something in the mail other than bills!

I'm unable to link up today with the FFF crew due to my blogging commitments at the 31 Day Challenge, but wanted to pop in and say hello. My Fridays don't seem the same without stopping by!

Gattina said...

That's really a beautiful park where you went with your neighbor. Nice that your Dad still can live alone. I don't enjoy autumn at all ! The trees loose there leaves and the air smells winter ! (which I hate too, lol)

Simply Linda said...

The colors here in western NY are just about peaking--oranges, purples, yellows, beautiful. I hope to get out and about today to take pictures. As always, enjoyed your post. Blessings

Susan said...

Your front stoop looks lovely decorated for autumn. Is a stoop the same thing as a porch?

It is evident that you love hiking and walking. I am starting to think seriously about making that a part of my life, too (in part b/c you've talked so favorably about it). In fact, I just talked with a gal on the phone about meeting up to walk. My daughter put up a "walking partner wanted" sign at my apt complex. We will have our first walk this week. I hope it works out.

Hurray for your patch and for the reason you got it!!

Willow said...

I think you love NYS like I love the West Coast. I've lived other places, but I love the Pacific Ocean. However, if I lived in NYS, I'd live by you so we could hike :)
Congrats on receiving the patch!