"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

23 October 2015

Simple Autumn Things

What a week!  Work was busy every day..........home life was busy every evening except for one.........the week felt long in some ways, and short in other ways...............

I'm ready for a night of staying in, relaxing with a good book and reading the FFF posts of fellow bloggers..........this is the day we set aside to find FIVE FAVES from the past week and share them with each other, giving thanks to God for the moments, places, people...........join in by linking up at Susanne's space!  My faves this week are all simple things that I appreciate in the autumn months.


golden sun on a frosty October morning

frost on the fire pit, grass, and deck

  • FIRST FROST!  Last weekend (Sunday) we awoke to the first frost of autumn 2015.  Wow....it was so pretty!  It did quickly warm up after church but the early morning sun shining on the backyard was so pretty.  I love the look of the first gentle frost.

image courtesy of google

  • CINNAMON SPICE TEA:  I'm a coffee drinker. Everyone who reads this blog knows that...or you should by now!  BUT.....come mid to late autumn, and throughout the winter, I do like a cup of tea in the evenings after dinner a couple of times a week.  I discovered this via my oldest daughter Courtney and it is heavenly!  Finally!! A hot tea I really like. It has cinnamon, a spicy anise, and orange.  Oh my......dunk a piece of dark chocolate biscotti in it, and it makes a great dessert on a chilly evening.

image courtesy of amazon
  • SLOW COOKER:  I'm a huge fan of my new slow cooker (bought last winter).  This is the model I have (pictured above) and I love it!  It's the perfect size for my family of 4 and I like that there is a simmer feature as well as a "keep warm" feature.  This is much needed 2 days a week at my house because on those days, we all eat at a different time due to ballet classes, Bible studies, my oldest daughter's job at $tarbucks, and my husband getting home late.  This past week I made homemade bison-veggie soup in it as well as homemade chicken stew.  I get a lot of use out of this all year round but especially during the very busy school year.

  • HUSBAND'S HELP:  this time of year I often feel overwhelmed with too.much.to.do.  I have felt this way ever since going back to work full time in 2011.  I miss my part time hours!  I have to intentionally ask for help around the house during the work week and on weekends, otherwise I'm doing it all.  And ladies...we CANNOT do it all.  We can't manage working full time, doing the housework and errands, paying the bills, overseeing a teen's schedule and volunteering in ministry plus socializing and finding quiet time all at the same time.  So....this past week and last weekend, my husband did help out a bit more.  He put up the storm door and took down the screen from our front entrance.  He did all the yard work while I did groceries and laundry. He even helped clean the kitchen after dinner one evening.  It's the little things...........

image courtesy of Target
  • SWEATER PONCHO:  I used to wear ponchos all the time in the 1970s in high school (yes, I graduated from high school in 1978!!)....and now they are trendy again!  I found one very similar to the one in the above pic at a great price (mine doesn't have the fringe) and I wore it last weekend when running an  errand in Saratoga and wore it to work one day when it was cool in the morning.  I love it!!  It's so versatile...looks great with my skinny jeans, cropped pants, and leggings. I love getting new sweaters in the autumn months for the chillier mornings and crisp, cool evenings.

Those are just some simple things I'm thankful for in these cooler months.
What about you?  Do you have a fave from the past week?  Please do share!!

and enjoy a weekend of recharging your body and soul...and relaxing...........


Kathie said...

Ponchos are back in?? I should have kept mine from the 70's. I had some really cute ones and they are probably the only type of clothing that would still fit ;) Your's is very cute! And you're right - they would be great over skinny jeans and leggings.

We had our first heavy frost too - lost quite a few of my flowers but a few remain. Now I need to get my tulips in.

Hope things settle down into a manageable routine for you soon - I remember fall being exceptionally busy when I was teaching. Hope you find some down time this weekend!

nikkipolani said...

Love your list of simple gifts from the week. We're all longing for that crystal clear morning with a touch of frost in the air ;-)

I know what you mean about the luxury of a quiet evening to read (FFF reading, too). Glad you've had help from your husband this week.

Barbara H. said...

I graduated in the 70s as well and I do remember ponchos! It's funny how everything comes around again. Glad you found a hot tea you like. So far I haven't yet, but I haven't been inspired to try. I love my slow cooker but need to expand my repertoire for using it - only have a few recipes for it. You're right, we can't do it all. I love when my husband just sees what needs to be done, but sometimes he either doesn't realize or thinks I have it covered, so when I ask it helps him know what's needed.

Gattina said...

We didn't have frost yet ! fortunately ! We have always shared household scores since we are married and that since 46 years! We were both working the whole day so why should the wife do all and the man nothing ? That's only valid for stay at home women !

Ann said...

Another 70s graduate here. Beautiful poncho!! Wow, those were the days.
Does your crockpot have hinges to keep the lid on? Always a nice feature if you are taking food somewhere. I want one of those.

Susanne said...

Yup 70's graduate here as well. I've had my eye on a couple of ponchos but have to decide which I like. Love my crockpot! I made borscht in it this last week and it was lovely having dinner already to go right after work. I want to try putting together some freezer crockpot meals where you just dump the contents of the frozen bag into the crock in the morning. I think it would be worth the little bit of work on a Saturday to put that together.

Simply Linda said...

Ponchos are back? Cool!!! I love those and I have seen some students wearing them and I thought, "Their back?" Yes, friend, as mothers and wives, we can not do everything. I am lucky to have a husband who takes care of things during the week--albeit, not to my liking, but I do have to let go. wink